AngryBananas Skullgirls Interview from Game Night 5

By on July 21, 2011 at 2:33 pm

The crew from AngryBananas spoke with Ian from RevergeLabs about Skullgirls during Game Night 5. Ian talks mostly about things we’ve seen or heard about before, but fans following this game’s development will probably want to tune in anyway.

  • RaHavic

    Wowza what a mashed up ass interview, good answers at least.

  • Juri Licious

    Skull Girls is gonna rock!


    People still care about this game?

    • Scifiwasabi

      Troll account is fail.

      • PunkPunk

        LOL! Good call.

    • Kloakenstein

      Why, yes we do. Also you do if you took the time to post here.

    • LuMaLo

      @winback: ur a sad, sad idiot :/
      @intelligent posters: Everytime i see something new about skull girls i get more and more hyped about this game… I think it will seriously be the best fighter of 2011. I hope they can really keep it up with character variety, the one thing i LOVE about the guilty gear series is how every character has a completely different playstyle, and thats the biggest reason im so hyped for Skull girls, it looks to be going in that exact same direction.
      MikeZ does come from a GGXX background, so im pretty sure hes shooting for that. I cant say how excited i am about playing this thing… custom assists, ratio system, oh god this will be awesome ^_^

  • pootnannies

    not looking forward to the marvel style gameplay but i’m buying it anyways cuz it looks purty.

  • WickedElement

    Love this game already. 🙂 Was playing the hell out of it at that Giant Robot event.


    Not my cup of tea, but I’ll buy it anyway…..I’ll get use to it!