UMvC3 – All Twelve New Characters Leaked

By on July 20, 2011 at 6:12 pm

Taken straight from Capcom’s own webspace today, you’ll find images for all 12 of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3’s new characters below. Sorry Mega-Man fans. He is a no-show once again.


Doctor Strange

Ghost Rider


Iron Fist


Rocket Racoon



Frank West


Phoenix Wright

Strider Hiryu


  • Logia

    As much as I love the Resident Evil series, who the hell gives a shit about Nemesis?

    I’m just gutted there’s no Psylocke/Rogue/Gambit/MegaMan. =[

    • ifridflame


      Well, Maybe Nemesis colud be in. But firebrand? Who gives a shit about it!!!??? ยฌยฌ

      • reverze

        who ever played snk vs cap (aka me), he was mad beast

    • Ajtucker22

      As much as I love the X-men series, who the hell gives a shit about Gambit?

      I’m just gutted there’s no character that “hasn’t been relevant since the 90s”/”that hasn’t been relevant since the 90s”/”that hasn’t been relevant since the 90s”/”that hasn’t been relevant since the 90s”. =[

      • Diernes

        How is Psylocke not relevant, last I checked she was in X-force with Deadpool wolverine and X23. Characters all in this game…

        Psylocke also was top of the poll for SRK’s vote. Nice to see capcom doesnt give a fuck about there most hardcore playerbase…

        • lesiothain

          Capcom doesn’t give a fuck about anyone nowadays just look at Megaman Legends 3.

        • RayK

          did anyone even really like psylocke for anything besides psyblade? you know they wouldn’t give it the same invincibility in mvc3, right?

      • Logia

        And you’re telling me Rocket Racoon is? Go eat a dick.

        • Valkerion

          The latest Thanos arc says hi. Hell I don’t know if im more mad that Thanos himself is not in after adding 2 characters from his last run in the comics (Nova and Rocket Raccoon) or no Ms. Marvel. But seriously, people need to leave those old 90s cartoon memories alone half the characters they keep asking for are nothing like they were now a days.

          How many people knew Rouge has pyrokenisis now :/

          • Elliott Spook

            Its spelled Rogue. Rouge is red in french. What are you, a WoW player?

        • reverze

          nova is meh, so is dr. strange, BUT ROCKET POSSUM IS TRASH, or he may be good

  • Catoplebas

    Out of the entire Marvel Universe to choose from, Dr Strange and Iron fist, really ?
    Pretty sure there could have been better Capcom characters aswell, but at least most of the new 12 looks promising. Especially loving firebrand and racoon !

    • Logia

      Dr Strange makes sense since Dormammu and Shuma are in the game.

    • Huey Freeman

      dr strange has really been a long time coming

    • Missing Person

      I can understand them more than Rocket Raccoon. Seriously, WTF?

      • Namiriel

        ^this. Why RR over virtually anyone else. I would prefer squirrel girl to RR

  • Goatbot

    No love for the ladies? I was hoping for some Rogue and Roll.

    The characters arent really tempting me at all here. Maybe some real netcode this time round might.

    • Logia

      Shit, I just realised there were no female character. Doesn’t MvC3 already have loads of dudes in it?

      • VietGeek

        Perhaps Capcom has looked over SRK and noticed the general hate for female-dominated casts.

        So they intend to reverse that trend. For us. Isn’t that sweet? *shrug*

      • Caleb_G

        Ultimate cockfest 3

      • reverze

        SAUSAGE FEST ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • janoDX

    Main team 1: Wesker-Strider-Sentinel
    Main team 2: Frank-Virgil-Nemesis

    I got mah team!

  • Robo-mitsu

    Any roster that has Strider is good, but adding Rocket Racoon elevates it to the level of greatest roster of all time.

  • IceKitsune

    Rocket Raccoon and Nova! Yes! this is the best news ever I don’t even care that Megaman isn’t in it.

  • 818Jin



    can’t wait to see what Nemesis can do. S.T.A.R.S!!! and finally DR. STRANGE in a vs game. still waiting for doc oc. never heard of nova or rocket raccoon but he looks familiar. and IRON FIST…damn.

  • MuayGio

    Phoenix Wright? Holy fuck is that a joke! I’m maining him!

  • NuSix3

    They actually put Phoenix Wright in the game.. I don’t care how bad I am at Marvel I’ll be dedicating myself to this game as soon as it comes out.

  • .dub.

    Doctor Strange, Iron Fist and Phoenix Wright are excellent choices.
    Especially can’t wait to see how Phoenix Wright plays.

  • TemperaryUserName

    Well, it’s good to know that the character poll on Capcom Unity meant absolutely fucking nothing. “But Strider is in the game!” Of course he is. We didn’t need a poll to figure out fans wanted Strider.

    Out of the 12 characters they did bring in, I guess my favorite one would be go fuck yourself Capcom.

    • 818Jin


    • Diernes


      Comment of the year .. sig worthy. This roster is more disappointing 10 fold than the original one was. it’s a fucking sausage fest and has 0 interesting character’s in it for me.

      Thanks for listening to the retards capcom….

      • Dedemaru

        Lol, both of you CRY SOME MOAR

        • reverze

          lol….rage…. SUCK A COCK!!!!!

    • Arakune

      >Meant nothing
      >Five of those characters in the poll are now in the game
      Sure thing bro.

  • whodatninja

    relax, there’s still UMVC3AE after this one.

  • Cylith

    I wanted Onimusha. He would be great. And not oni 4 but Samanosuke from the Onimusha 1.

    • wilkins36

      Nothing against Virgil, but I think Samanosuke would have been a better pick. Between no Onimusha characters (although I knew it would be a long shot) and no Spidey villain, I have no incentive to buy this game. Green Goblin for DLC!

      • RaiiN

        ^THIS! Seriously? No Venom, Carnage, Doc Ock, Lizard, Scorpion, Morbius, Kraven, Goblin, Kingpin, Tombstone, no one…hell they could’ve added Black Cat or Toxin, or even Anti-Venom since they have him in the new Spider Man game coming out. But then again this ‘IS’ Capcom we’re talking about, really thought we were gonna get what we wanted (-_-) ~smh~

        • Namiriel

          or Mysterio, Rhino, Electro, the Shocker, Bullseye,… the list goes on and on.Eh, i’m sure they’re already holding back some for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 DLC.

        • Blacksonic21

          By we you mean you. Plenty of people got what they wanted, Strider, Vergil, Phoenix, Dr. Strange, Frank West , Ghost Rider fans are all happy. Based off the polls Capcom delivered on their end. If you’re not liking what’s on the Marvel side blame them, not Capcom.

    • CitizenCIA

      They won’t put in Samanoske or Jubei because their likeness is licensed from real actors. Soki was already in TVC, and I didn’t think he was a very good fit for that game, as much as I liked him.

  • s3anmik3

    No Megaman? Ok Capcom I understand you must have a valid reason but, where is Captain Commando? C’mon do screw me over that hard.

  • Ender

    I wanted Dr Strange or Mr Sinister but didn’t expect it since we’ve already got Dormammu. Pretty happy Dr Strange got in. Hawkeye was another I was hoping for but didn’t expect on account of no real movies and a smaller fanbase, so glad he got in too. Hopefully they’re both good – it’ll be interesting to see how they differ from Dormammu and Taskmaster respectively.

  • Jandek

    Nemesis that shit is SILLY! (in a good way!)

    he has a spot on my team!

  • Kyo_Vandit

    this game is getting worst and worst

    • b3nz0r

      As is grammar skill, apparently.

      • thatandyguy

        These comments are incredible! lol

  • MrSoada

    these kinds of things kill hype for a game so quickly. Good, because this roster is ass and Capcom deserves fewer sales. With that being said, I’m buying both a copy for PS3 and XB360 at launch.

  • Sweeternity

    Now somewhere in the Keystone Quadrant, in an abandoned colony
    There lived a young boy named Rocket Raccoon
    And one day his woman ran off with another guy
    Hit young Rocket in the eye Rocket didn’t like that
    He said I’m gonna get that boy
    So one day he flew to tokyo
    Booked himself a room in the local saloon.

    Rocky Raccoon checked into his room
    Only to find Yoga Book Hyper
    Rocky had come equipped with some guns
    To shoot off the head of his rival
    His rival it seems had broken his dreams
    By stealing the girl of his fancy.
    Her name was Tron Bonne and she called herself Tron
    But everyone knew her assist me.

    • Smoothjazz101

      de da de de de da, c’mon rocky boy

      • b3nz0r

        You guys are awesome.

    • Sweeternity

      Now she and her man who called himself Mega
      Were in the next room at the hoedown
      Rocket burst in and grinning a grin
      He said Megaman this is a showdown
      But Rockman was hot-he charged up and shot
      And Rocket collapsed in the corner.

      The doctor came in sminking of gin
      And proceeded to lie on the table
      He said Rocket you met your match
      And Rocket said, Doc it’s only a scratch
      And I’ll be better I’ll be better doc as soon as I am able.

      Now Rocky Raccoon he fell back in his room
      Only to find Yoga Book Hyper

      Then Mega checked out and he left it no doubt
      He won’t help with good Marvel’s revival.
      Story of Mega is now over.

      • Sweeternity

        lmao you could do a few of these

        We all lose to a yellow wolverine
        a yellow wolverine
        a yellow wolverine

        Dark Phoenix singing in the dead of night
        Take these broken wings and learn to fly
        All your life
        You were only waiting for this moment to arise

        Dark Phoenix singing in the dead of night
        Take these 5 meter and let it be
        all your life
        you were only waiting for this moment to be free

        Dark Phoenix fly, Dark Phoenix fly
        Use your xfactor and make them cry.

        Heeeeeeyyy Thor
        Dont be so bad
        Take a dropped combo and do a reset
        remember to make use of your super grab
        then you can sttarrt
        to be a bit better

        too bad theres no dr octopus’s garden

    • reverze

      there was a young boy named rocket raccoon. who i ran over again and again with my motorcycle, and then used it as a rug cover

  • Ultros

    Thank you Capcom. I think the roster is great. I don’t understand why so many ppl want this game’s roster to be identical to MvC2.

    • reverze

      because mvc2 was pro as hell and mvc2 was pro as hell, thank you

  • Gill Hustle

    What?! No Mega Man X?! REALLY?! All the people saying he’s the same as Zero yet Hawkeye and Taskmaster are together?! I MEAN REALLY?! Phoenix Wright gets in but no X?!


    • TemperaryUserName

      Obviously a Japanese lawyer makes more sense in a fighting game than a battle robot.

      Oh wait…

      • CitizenCIA

        :/ Megaman was so weird to use in both MVC2 and TVS. He’s not a good fit for a fighting game, AT ALL. Maybe Phoenix Wright isn’t either, but its time for him to get a chance.

        • RaiiN

          true, but MvC2 was that scrawny Mega Man, & TvC was Volnutt. We’re talking about Mega Man X, not scrawny Mega Man, we’re talking about X. Hell X would kick the shit outta 8bit, Volnutt, & that battle network w/e Mega Man.

          • BarSoap

            I agree. Mega Man X is supposed to be Dr. Light’s final and ultimate creation before he died.

            X would massacre the hell out of all Mega Mans.

          • MegaMettaurX

            @BarSoap, No he won’t. He might beable to destroy his inferior classic self, but his ZX incarnate will destroy him.

            Also, I liked playing Mega in MvC1, and 2. He wasn’t bad in TvC either. In fact TvC’s Mega Man was the best feeling version of him IMO.

  • Makchaka

    out of all 12 characters NOT A SINGLE ONE IS FEMALE !!!!!

    marvel and capcom have soo many sexy women, but noooo we get a racoon, a zombie, a magician and some atourney who likes to obejct to everything

    • Ocedic

      Bros before hos

      • thezippiggy

        ahahahah you’re hilarious

  • MowatMan

    I can’t wait for Phoenix Wright.

  • Gill Hustle

    @ TemperaryUserName

    No ill will to to Phoenix fans. You guys obviously wanted it more. But this still doesn’t sit well with me WTF?!

  • grap3fruitman

    I would have double-dipped if this added some awesome characters but I only care about Frank West and Phoenix Wright. This is looking pretty weak. I may still pick it up when it hits the bargain bin at $10 but I wouldn’t consider it otherwise.

  • MaikkyWin

    No OmegaRed / Marrow / Spiral

    **** Capcom!

  • MaikkyWin

    Also we already have Dante why Virgil ==;

    Also Hawkeye.

    • Mooglesniperz

      virgil actually makes sense, hes absolutely nothing like dante. Their fighting styles are very different

      • MaikkyWin

        Ehhhh I still feel as they could have added another brand new iconic character from a series that hasn’t been in MVC yet.

  • Green Ice Dragon

    It’s not bad. No one should really be expecting any of their characters to come on the scene. The only ones that should ever be counted on are the iconic characters (Ryu, Chun Li, Wolverine, and Spider-Man). Anything else is really just a bonus.

  • Rhio2k

    Shoulda been Sheva instead of Nem…and I STILL no can has Tigra???

    • reverze

      sheva would just be a weaker chris, don’t cha think?

  • OrehRatiug

    I have never heard of Nova and Rocket Raccoon before. Were people actually requesting them? If we’re going animal character obscurity, why not Squirrel Girl? At least people asked for her. And you know, its at least one female.

  • MrBGuy

    yo i bet $10 to anyone filipino champ’s gonna main phoenix wright, real talk.

  • AAK

    Think you mispelled “Vergil”

  • okutabareo

    Why Nemesis? It should’ve been Sigma. Sigma has like 8+ forms they can possibly choose from, but Nemesis….? *Sigh*

    • reverze

      because sigma would be come another [I CAN’T CONTROLL IT]

  • SugaFree

    Uh, who asked for Firebrand? Who asked for Virgil?

    I wanted ONE POWER STONE CHARACTER. One, I dont care who, but Capcom just doesnt care about that game. Instead, we get another DMC character and a character from a game that hardly anyone has played.

    Bitter sweet decisions. I like Phoenix, Ghost Rider, Strider Dr. Strange but I question the other characters. I would have expected one more girl and Megaman X to be in it.

    • wilkins36

      What if we got a WHOLE Powerstone game???

      Ahh dream world.

      • SugaFree

        It would be a dream come true.

      • reverze

        power stone is brawl without the bullshit

    • Hap3niz

      only comment worth commenting on.
      i agree, any single character from there would be lovely!

    • voodoochild346

      hardly anyone has played ghosts and goblins? are you sure about that?!?

      • reverze

        i played, never beat it tho, might get it again for my psp

  • Guilty

    No Domino? No Squirrel Girl? Well, there’s always DLC or Amazing Marvel Vs Capcom 3.

    • Ocedic

      The DLC model is dead. Jill and Shuma didn’t sell well, hence the move to an expansion-style update.

  • Gill Hustle

    This feels like the political season all over again!

    Phoenix was SELECTED NOT ELECTED! Mega Man X! Mega Man X!

    This isn’t OVER! Time to rally the troops! (and a few high powered attorney . . . DOH!)

    This AIN”T OVER! :p

  • bholc79

    To anyone wondering who Rocket and Nova are, go read annihialtion and then conquest. You will then understand why I’m more hype for them then any other video game character ever.

  • Yatcho

    wtf is a Rocket Raccoon? No Cyclops or Venom??

  • GreenJester627

    I’m psyched for all of these, but the lack of Megaman is really starting to tick me off. I thought “oh well maybe he’ll be DLC.” Then “oh well maybe in Ultimate.” Now I’m just praying that he and Doc Ock will be the Jill and Shuma of Ultimate and somehow get in as DLC.

  • DevilJin 01

    Most hype for Doctor Strange and Vergil. They have his bad guys in the game might as well throw him in to fight them. I can mess around with Vergil and see if I like him better than Dante who I already love.

    • hexidecimal

      I am with you on this. Doctor Strange is such an awesome additon.

  • hexidecimal

    Soooo much bitching….seriously.

    • The Hebrew Hammer

      Seriously, it’s ridiculous just shut up and get hyped.

  • Eileithyia

    i might finally get u-mvc3. it looks alot better than mvc3. hope Virgil is good.

  • okutabareo

    Capcom should’ve added Gill to counter Phoenix / Dark Phoenix.

  • MarceloAbans

    I think it’s really think it’s cool that they are using other Marvel Characters aside form the expected Venom, Juggernaut and other already used characters. I remember people had opinions about how stupid taskmaster looked, including myself, and turned out to be one of my go tos and aesthetically he’s real cool. Similar thing with Capcom, I know people have their favorites from MvC2 but if you want those, play MvC2. I don’t mind change but apparently lots of people do mind. Meh..

  • Kynrr

    people will whine regardless who was included/excluded from the game. think the cast has bunch of unexpected characters that i can’t wait to see in gameplay. i would barely play with mega man anyways if he was in game so i wouldn’t care.

  • Perfektdar

    lol at Nemesis holding a rocket launcher. Resident Evil = you get a gun, even if you’re a zombie

    • Missing Person

      He had one at one point in the game.

      • reverze

        re 3 was hard as fuck,true shit

  • Diernes


    • Dedemaru


  • Super Justin

    only capcom fucked up

  • Da Boogeyman

    With dare devil having a fully detailed model in his stage, i think that he will end up as dlc or in the game already.

    I am still confused about why no bishop, apoc, gambit, or venom.

    Hawkeye, Ghost Rider, Firebrand, Dr. Strange, frank…cool stuff

    Firebrand with crest based weapon switch is cool

  • Arcas V

    I’m surprised no one wants Blade… I mean come on, three movies! …. well two. I like to forget about the third one.

  • Numakie

    What? No Roll?

  • Da Boogeyman

    I still think there will be more dlc in this game or there are more characters. Dare Devil will be a lock for dlc or the sequel in january lol.
    Seriously hope dd gets confirmed like tronne.

    Also we needed a black guy. Come on bishoP, blade, or black panther ๐Ÿ™

    • reverze

      or…[BADASS FUCKING MUSIC]….chief Bryan irons (oh wait he died)

  • dancingphlower

    I’m so hyped for Iron Fist, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, and Vergil.

  • Sf Gen

    BULLSHIT… Best thing about this roster is Strider… Where is Cyclops? Ms. Marvel? Captain Cammando? lol… Strider & Vergil I guess…

    • Wasted

      Marvel has final say over which of their characters get put in this game. Capcom couldn’t put Cyclops in even if they wanted to.

  • 2dfightermf

    this list is bullshit. where is every character ever conceived in any past present or future marvel comic or capcom game?


    derp. i dont know when you people are going to learn to not have expectations for stuff like this. if you’re upset, you deserve to have your feelings hurt. speak with your money folks, not with whining posts. obviously capcom couldn’t care less about those.

    …ghost rider looks cool. also waiting for gameplay of phoenix wright, dr. strange, nova, and iron fist.

  • Mrjoemama

    Capcom side is fine…

    Marvel side is so ass, I don’t know where to begin….Ghost Rider and Hawkeve are alright, rest is trash IMO

    And where the F are the ladies?

  • TheNestoRox
  • sumoslamman

    Loving Iron Fist and Hawkeye’s gameplay looks sweet! Can’t wait to harness the chi of Shou-Lao the Undying!

    • guambo

      Finally! It was NEEDED!!!!111

  • sandwichofdoom

    I actually requested all the characters on the marvel side(except Rocket Raccoon,but he is awesome so i don’t care) the only person i asked for but didn’t get was Loki or a spider man villain.
    As for the capcom side I got Firebrand,and I am okay with the rest. I may be the only person completely content with the roster.

  • Prototype47

    is anyone else concerned about midair xfactor activating?

    • reverze

      YES, now [RAPE CANCEL] can be activated in midair, take your right hand and wave goodbye to your left

  • Bratty C.

    I was lookin’ forward for Thanos, but I am MOST pleasantly surprised with tha love docta’ strange.

    i might’ve found 2 new mains tonight if assists play out well :]

  • Zidago

    To me, the Marvel list looks like it was aimed at the Japanese demographic. Each character is similar to what children grew up with over there in terms of super heroes (I’m mainly thinking Power Rangers and Gatchaman). Plus we all know how much the Japanese love those raccoons and their balls.

  • ShinnyMetal

    you know, I decided to not care about who was coming out next. yeah, I’m really happy that phoenix wright got put in, ecstatic even, but everyone else is ok. No one person will be happy so you’ll buy it or you won’t. Wanting “iconic” characters gets boring. playing as the same characters over and over isn’t fun in many sequels isn’t super fun (one of my complaints about Super Smash but they’re library is limitedish). just stfu and try out the characters for yourself.

    also people hatin on firebrand. My best friend is so super stoked about him bein in and I think it’s kinda cool. Super GnG was a highly overlooked game and also. You can kinda of think of things like this. MvC3 is also a way to gain recognition to games. Phoenix Wright is much more popular in japan but relatively obscure in america. People will see this character and be interested possibly and ,maybe buy their game.

    a win for capcom

  • Angrynord

    You know what I see when I look at this roster? 10 characters who have never been in any VS game, and as far as I can tell, any fighting game either. People are always whining about how we keep getting the same rehashed characters in fighting games, and when a company actually takes a chance and throws in new faces, they’re given a bunch of shit for it. Obviously some sense of nostalgia needs to be maintained to keep long time fans happy, but new faces are needed as well. I think capcom has done a nice job of that so far. Most of the iconic characters from the VS series are present in this game. Sure, some old fan favorites aren’t there, but that’s what the old games are for, right?

    Oh, and on psylocke: did any actually like that bitch? She was a boring ass character in MvC2, and was only put on teams because she had an amazing assist.

    Now, I’m not exactly elated about some of the selection…but seriously, what will make or break this cast is their options. If at least half of them are good and fun to play, I think everything will be fine.

  • LuMaLo

    No hating here, i am just honestly surprised that, ou of 12 characters, not a single one is female. That does surprise me, and makes me even think its a “false leak” as in purposefully leaked by capcom to create confusion and then hype. Which it obviously ISNT, i know it, but thats just how surprised i am by no female at all out of 12 characters.
    Im so happy Strider is in, i just think its a shame ouroboros is lvl 3… but it does seem to last longer than in mvc2… Hopefully Strider Doom works as good as it did in mvc2. Lets wait and see ^_^

  • code.vtek

    Now that we know what characters are coming WITH the game. Its safe to say that Capcom has us by the balls. With UMvC3 announced. The DLC is gonna be insaane. Saving the best for last while lauughing all the way to the bank, FUUU ( -.-)

    Megaman, DOc Oc, Green Goblin, Venom..more DLC to come

  • UrbaneVirtuoso

    The unparallelled amounts of ungrateful tears are delicious.

  • Lulu

    BTW it was a poster from Gamefaqs who found this.

  • Shinkada

    Why the fuck do I not see Gene.

  • Da Boogeyman

    Dare Devil mocks me i wanr has in game.

    I need matt murdoch in this bad, dd has a fully rendered model he will be in, or capcom is just baiting us like with firebrand

  • Hotobu

    I bet Rocket Racoon is trending the FUCK out of Google with people trying to find out who he is… seriously… WTF? All of TWO people saw THAT coming.

    • reverze

      i had to look it up, i really did

  • Majinhurricane

    i am sooooo upset at the marvel side.

    Really no females? Fuck you marvel.

  • Majinhurricane

    might as well add, I’ve been reading comics for the last 3 years (marvel specifically) and i’ve never heard of nova or rocket raccoon.

    • Majinhurricane

      Really they could have had the duck, or they could have had hellcow if they wanted an animal.

    • reverze

      i heard of nova, he’s awesome, but rocket possum OH HELL NO

  • Freebyrd

    Phoenix Wright, Thor Odinson, and MODOK in the same fighting game… 1 word: HYPE!

  • J.Scogz

    Needs more Cable.

    • Dedemaru


  • kedawa

    Why does all front page content fade completely to black at the bottom? I can’t see a fucking thing.

  • Unreallystic

    Man I feel sorry for Capcom, no matter WHAT they do they are fucked by ‘us hardcore fighters’. GTFO. “z0mg they didnt put <insert random character in it'. sorry, too bad so sad. The comic book and Capcom universe are both way too large to appease anyone. I'm not bitching that Death's Head II or anyone from Marvel UK hasn't made an appearance in ANY of the Vs Series. I'm not bitching that Juggernaut didn't make it. We ALL have characters we would have liked, but bitching about it won't make it happen. Get the fuck over yourselves.

    I'm actually a little excited to see Firebrand & Nemesis, Firebrand looks like he'll translate well,, though I'm curious how Nemesis wil lbe implemented…he looks like a large character – but how slow wil lhe be? I'm not sold on PW – his 'Objection' assist should be gdlk, but I'm REAL curious how he would translate. I'd love to see "I can't control it" *OBJECTION* hahaha. The one character I wish they had was plain ol Phoenix, like Phoenix without Dark Phoenix and the life bar of boh added togetrher – putting her at close to normal. I think I'd rather have a Onimusha character as opposed to a DMC character – and I'm a bit surprised at Vergil over 'Neo-Dante' since this would be a good launch pad for him.

    • Razing Phoenix

      Objection should be a counter hyper. and make it a level 3 people will feel even more salty for getting bust by it. This game really needs more counter hypers. How else can I get my “empty sky form: Winter’s Reposte” fix in?

  • Mr.Chang

    Are you fucking serious? Phoenix Wright and not Gene from Godhand??? This crap is also $40. This deserves a Patrick Stewart facepalm

    • Razing Phoenix

      In Capcom’s defense, God Hand got a lot of bad reviews (though after seeing gameplay of it, it looked great to me). They don’t want to stir bad memories.

      • TheWretchedCrow

        In Capcom’s defense… They’ve got Phoenix Wright! That’s defense enough ;}


    So…Gene still isn’t in this game? They picked Attorney at Law over God Hand?

    Fuck you, Capcom.

  • xS A M U R A Ix

    I don’t know why they chose frank west… seriously? Does anyone actually like that dude? That slot could have been better served for just about anyone. Not only is his character design boring but so is the way he plays. Megaman or Jedah would have fit that slot so much better.

  • Darth Bain

    All in all im ok with the new characters, Except where the hell are Venom and Carnage ?

  • Ex-Zero

    LMAO……I know there all about balance and whatever. But of all the Marvel figures, why the raccoon. Down with Stryder of course, and Vrigil seems cool. But WTF Capcom.
    Out of all the polls that I saw, not once did that raccoon show up. Seems like a wasted character slot. I’m sure he’ll appeal to someone though.

  • Vidness

    As we all know, I’m very familiar with getting Strange…

  • Capcom Warrior

    I can’t believe how many cry babies there are. I swear people bitch about EVERYTHING now days. It’s an absolute joke. Capcom has been running the fighting game scene for over twenty years. I’m pretty sure they know what they’re doing. Plus, if they did put some of the old cast in the game people would bitch about them not having new characters. Developers can never win.

  • Finkledoodoo

    no megaman, but raccoons are ok?
    screw this game…

  • angelpalm

    We got Phoenix Wright instead of RockMan? This dude gonna throw the book at people? We should have got Rock with all new boss weapons man.

  • Doc Strange

    Other than my SEVERE reservations about Nemesis and Wright I love this roster. So many of my all time favorites are up there I feel like this was almost made just for me. And anyone who who isn’t completely stoked on Rocket Raccoon is clearly an anti-semitic child molester and should be ashamed of themselves.

  • UltimateKisame27

    Although some of these characters in this list are some which I care nothing for, I think it is fine. What is more important, is fixing the look of the life bars cuz it sems like its gonna be hard to tell how much life your other characters have (like Maximillion stated in his youtube preview). For the one wondering about air X-factor, just think of it as Baroque since capcom is taking the time to fix what was wrong with the old x-factor. If some of you are bitching that the DHC glitch is now gone, well too fuckin bad people! That glitch was just NONSENSE!

  • Super Sonic

    OMFG, Nemesis? I came!

  • CowboyBebopCrew

    For some reason it’s strange that they didn’t include any female characters in the new 12. (Unless, of course, Rocket Raccoon or Firebrand are. lol) I imagined they would throw Psylocke in for old times sake.


  • xIROCx

    Excited about Spencer’s new Dive Kick. I’m looking to main Strider, Jill and maybe Ghost Rider… But will see. Also, hope they add Arch Angel. They should make him strong enough to take down Dark Phoenix.

  • Hollow

    Love how the majority of characters people want, they’ve already played. If they brought back everyone you all wanted, wouldn’t it just be more of the same with a fresh coat of paint?

  • KimSunIL

    Twelve more reasons not to play this piss poor excuse of a gayme.

  • spideyman


  • d3f1anc3

    Pretty hype for the CAPCOM side, not gonna lie.

    What the fuck is a Raccoon doing in this game? I guess I could say the same about that flaming bird-beak… o_O

  • Dwin

    Is this game going to have rollback netcode?



  • araider08

    @ #54
    Phoenix Wright is clearly a Jewish name

  • odin


    Yeaaaa boiiii

    • guambo


  • BORS

    If somebody wanted Megaman, Psylocke, Gambit, Captain Commando, Jin, Venom, Cable, Cyclops, Rogue; or any othe MVC2 character back, is welcomed to continue playing it if hasnยดt yet realiced that this is a new game…..

  • MegaMettaurX

    I love the fact that Dr. Strange is finally in a fighting game. Cant’ wait to see his gameplay. As for the rest, glad Hawkeye is in. He might fill in for my 3rd character in my team. Strider’s a beast as well. I love how Capcom is trying to remove mega man from their arsenal of anything though. So much love for that Zero. Oh well. Hopefully they actually COMPLETE the game this time instead of giving us glitchy bullshit.

  • destinydmm

    Funny thing Capcom could just turn around and say forget it we’re not releasing anything. Its a lose-lose sitch. You can’t please everyone. We are all going to buy the game. Even me who bought the Special Edition for like $80. Which is now worth $27 if bought used. LOL!!!
    Once UMvC3 was announced vanilla’s value dropped faster then the housing market.
    Just buy the game and stop Trolling.

  • HASJ

    All the rest of the new comers should go away.
    Frank West (I can understand he was half complete before MvC3, still, wtf?)?
    Hawkeye (IN THE DISC COVER? [b]WTF WHO IS HE?![/b])?
    Rocket Raccon? Phoenix Wright (biggest mistake ever)? I can’t understand Nemesis either, cool character and all but… keep-away? He’s way too slow for even that.
    Also people, this is my opinion so say you opinions instead of dissing someone you don’t even know and could care less about your opinion (doesn’t mean you shouldn’t state it).

  • miyodarius

    I feel like I had a poor childhood now. I don’t know any of the characters from the Marvel side. Thats why I’m not hype. Capcom side is cool, but what up with this sausage fest? Really not one chick? What about Black Cat? she would have been a cool addition.

  • Exalted-1

    the game will still be shit. the online will still be shit. they will take your money and give you shit

  • Speed 08 rACEr

    These Marvel characters are retarded… Minus Ghost Rider. Rocket Raccoon seems cool too, I guess.

  • obey

    Strider/Doom anyone?

    • reverze

      mvc2 anyone?

  • ibeatu

    venom and carnage woulda been dope

    seems capcom hates mega man now every 1 asking for him and they cancel the new mega man game that was gonna come out

  • kevbrown313

    Who cares to use Nova, Rocket Raccoon and Iron Fist? Where are Cyclops, Gambit and Apocalypse or another Marvel villain? And if the game didn’t already have enough projectiles you add Hawkeye and Ghostrider with his chain that probably reaches full screen. Now I’m really done.

    • guambo

      FAIL for you sir.

      Iron Fist and Nova were my most requested….LOL AT YOU.



  • GrantLe

    No wonder Cacpcom doesn’t listen to us, no matter what, people on SRK are always like “They didn’t add said person!” or “Go fuck yourself, Capcom.” They can’t add every little character that you bitch about them not having, even though I am torn up a bit about no Mega Man/Cyclops/Gambit, I don’t bitch about it. Grow up, SRK

  • Incienso

    Please people, stop your moaning. On the Marvel side, Capcom doesn’t get to decide who is in. Marvel is up to that. Avengers movie es coming up, so they are adding Avengers characters. Bitch to Stan Lee. On the Capcom side, I’m glad that Capcom are breaking their heads to bring up riveting, refreshing, and new characters. Instead of opting what we saw for 10 years on MVC2. Megaman? Who needs megaman when you have Zero? UMVC2 brings an interesting roster, to say the least. Want those characters that you listed? Go play MVC2. It’s odd really. Nostalgia idiocies people.

    • Shinkada

      I’d agree but that still doesn’t answer why the hell Gene isn’t in it.

    • reverze

      ummmm no offence but [FUCK THAT SHIT SON] i’m with you on megaman, but i would have loved to see venom,gene, charlie, a REAL us agent or at least ken

  • collinbot

    New characters for the win. Sure there are a lot of characters people wanted to add from earlier games, but if I want to play MvC2 I will just play MvC2. Couldn’t be happier with the new cast.

  • guambo

    Look fools.

    Sure, Apocolypse, Archangel, Cyke, Psylocke, Doc Oc, Rockslide,Onimusha etc etc etc

    Woulda been nice…but we got alota awesome characters.

    I too bought the SE and I’m HYPE for this.

    This will be AWESOME.


    • reverze

      onimusha chars? didn’t even think of that, off some true shit…*ponders* WE NEED THIS GUY AT CAPCOM

  • Super Scrub

    Vergil and Strider. I jizzed my pants and I’m still jizzing days after the leak/announcement.

    Team DMC ftw ๐Ÿ˜€

  • kinetic-1

    dr.strange-cool…lookin forward to him

    ghost rider-uhhh coulda done better than him…i mean dormmamu already took the flaming skull position ๐Ÿ˜€

    hawkeye-awesome…just awesome

    iron fist-i heard he was cool and i look forward to seeing him

    nova-never heard of em

    RR-lol wut?

    firebrand-from his gameplay i think he looks awesome

    frank west-never play the game hes from and honestly i expect him to be another chris…

    nemesis-really? another resident evil character?

    strider-well we all knew that was coming

    pheonix-lol wut? seriously how is he even going to fight? like deadpool’s taunt but as an entire movelist?

    vergil-fuck yes…pure win…dante/vergil/trish ftw!

    and i dont really see why people want venom…he would just be another shuma gorath. i love these new characters except for RR(like seriously…who the fuck) and im just happy that were getting spectator mode to be honest.

  • Silverhat

    I would buy this game just to see Phoenix Wright’s Hyper Combos but then again I could just watch videos….

  • BlessMeUltima

    SICK! lots that I don’t give a shit about and that should NOT be on the rosta, but some interesting ones. Nemesis looks kinda cool and Virgil should be a counter to Dante, if Dante is OP in this one. Here’s to hoping psylock/Gambit/Venom happen.

  • reverze

    does anyone even know who firebrand is I MEAN CTFO you can see him in the demon world stage and play him in super plus

  • Kony

    are you kids really that deprived of females from your life your complaining about the lack of virtual females? absolutely fucking pathetic. “NO FAP MATERIAL? FUCK YOU CAPCOM IM NOT BUYING THIS SHIT”

  • Blitzkriegexe

    Capcom should include Megaman and make him a complete garbage character. Thus, anyone enough of a fanboy to use him gets decimated in matches.