Sanwa Releasing Clear Pushbuttons

By on July 16, 2011 at 11:37 pm

Techtalk readers and arcade stick lovers, take notice! Sanwa is finally releasing a set of clear and half-clear pushbuttons. Previously, players who wanted clear buttons only had Semitsu as an option. Those that prefer the feel of Sanwa were just out of luck. Look forward to the release of these in September.

[info via d3v, SRK tech talk, and images fromΒ Gremlin solutions]
  • Victormaru


    • Man Town Mayor

      I’m really happy about this because Semitsu buttons get VERY spongy after time.

      However, because of the way Sanwa buttons are designed, you will not be able to take these apart and put pictures in them.

      There is a little pillar in the center of each Sanwa button that goes all the way to the mocroswitch, so pictures inside will be impossible.

      • NightPirate

        i think you are wrong.


        They don’t get spongy, that’s just the dirt and grime from your hands collecting under the buttons. You have to routinely clean them.

        • Man Town Mayor

          I routinely clean all my buttons, I know what I’m doing.

          Semitsu’s microswitches crap out and cause the button to feel spongy long before Sanwas do. Why do you think Sanwa is the arcade standard?

          Semitsu gets by (in America at least) because of people that either want clear buttons, or people that see everyone with Sanwa parts and want something different.

          Semitsu buttons are both less responsive and more sticky. People who complain about Sanwa buttons activating too easily need to get their meat fingers away from them when they don’t want them to press.

          Sanwas activate every time no matter how hard you press. That what you should want if you’re a serious player.

  • SNK_Forever2001

    YES! i’ve been wanting these for awhile

  • Mno


  • Prototype47


  • Maxoplata

    I still prefer the feel of Seimitsu buttons. Probably from having them as my only choice for the clear buttons made me get so used to them.

    • Ajtucker22

      I’ve always had a preference to seimitsu. I tried them once and instantly fell in love with the way they press down.

      • Schweedy

        same for me, i bought the clear ones to look “cool” and realized i actually far preferred them. So i gave their sticks a try, to realize i prefer them as well. they look like they’re lower quality sticks when compared side by side, but the feel is so much tighter, and i really prefer it.

  • Yoshioka

    I’m really glad that I held off in buying buttons!

  • Ap0llo


  • Honzogonzo

    holy jesus

  • Serge

    Awesome! Was considering a seimitsu build for my next stick, basically so I could incorporate the clear buttons. Now I might just keep it Sanwa!

  • Analogic

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you

  • Osirun

    I am happy to see this! Should help art modders who prefer Sanwas. I had gone with Seimitsu clears back when I did an art mod, but after switching over I now prefer Seimitsu buttons.

    GS though : )

  • Shoryu Reppa


  • CommonerChaos

    Wow, those buttons are sick. I really like that clear blue button. It’s really hard to find blue buttons with such deep, rich color. Most blue pushbuttons are navy blue, or light blue. VERY impressed. I’m actually thinkin about modding my Round 1 TE bc of these buttons….

  • Phreakazoid187

    People should also check out the Rollie clear buttons too if they’re interested in snap ins with great performance. They’re not getting enough love for what they have to offer.

    • Svenuser

      ^Truth. And Rollie products come at a great price, too.

      However, I can’t resist the look of those “half clear” sanwas. I want, I want so badly T_T

    • Schweedy

      Never heard of them Clay, I’ll check’em out!

  • Scaffa


  • Roid Rage Panda

    Boner. I has one.

  • ed1371

    tech talk front page FTW…

    Button PRON!!! cant wait to buy so many…

  • Mosque

    Wow this is pretty big. Probably won’t buy them but this just shows, what could come next?????

  • Yin

    Personally I can’t stand Sanwa, they activate when I rest my hand on them. So I’ve always been going with Seimitsu clears.

  • KST

    LOL…… about fucking time?

  • Peter B

    yes yes i do prefer the feel of sanwa. I dont always like to use an arcade stick, but when i do, i prefer sanwa.

  • dantemustdie

    This is fucking awesome news

  • DevilJin 01


  • Prince

    Very nice.

  • Schmidtnurface

    Yes. Just in time for me. I am just making my first stick with LED’s so this couldnt have come at a better time.

    • HazHeat

      if your doing this can you message me I have some questions about that… im using mcz te stick

  • FrankenZtein


  • Takeshi-sama

    I literally just bought $50 in buttons last night….Well, looks like I’ll have an excuse to build another stick when these come out, lol.

  • NicoleB

    My clear button(well, light up buttons) hitbox with Sanwas can finally be a reality!

  • 6ixx

    Been waiting for this forever! No longer will I have to endure with seimitsu buttons for new stick designs ( well it wasn’t that bad).

    Can we get some mesh buttons? I’d like to see how that comes out

  • Vernon



    oooo that is awesome!!!

  • EDPMustang

    niiice. and i really like the ones in the second picture.

    i guess i’ll be getting a Q4 Stick in August (or settle for a TE -_-) and these buttons will be mine in September! =]


    Dat Black!!!!!1

  • Fearless

    If there’s no screw-in type, then I’m out. Although they look pretty good, I still prefer Seimitsu over Sanwa.

    • TheGreatReptar

      I’m actually glad that the pictures aren’t screw ins. I changed out the original buttons in my TE for screw-in Seimitsus, and I’ve continually had to open my TE back up and tighten loose buttons.

      • Fearless

        Well, maybe is because you are using them in a very thin panel, but for my sticks (with at least 8mm of thickness) I prefer the screw-ins, they fit and stay there without any problem.

  • AzureRevolver

    NICE! My friend is going to have fun with his stickart now that he can make get clear sanwa buttons πŸ™‚

  • deadfrog

    As a business manoeuvre this is completely transparent.


    • Rizhall

      I see right through your puns…

      • deadfrog

        You’ve really put my work under the looking glass here. I was not expecting to have my methods brought to light like this.

  • FiveFingerDP

    finally I’ve been looking for semistu clears but couldnt find any. now sanwa has come to my rescue.

  • CSword123

    Those look like the cleanest pushbuttons ever… until you get your paws on them.

  • Expiriment Kow

    As long as you can still pop art into em, I’ll be switching over my disco stick into sanwas

  • Wa1rior

    I Hope They Got Clear Purple i Want to make a juri stick πŸ™‚

  • Hente

    Oh man, if you can stick art into them i’d be so happy. This’ll give me more motivation to make a new stick and waste money! πŸ˜€

  • R3N

    Those look so clear. Can’t wait for these to come out.

  • MastererBetty

    I can’t really tell by the picture but can you put custom art inside the buttons?

    • D-Proto

      that is the point

  • blackwolf

    Nice.. I cant wait. to add some to my te stick

  • Mufasa2

    i approve lol. def. nice

  • d3v

    Credit should go to b15sdm for actually pointing these out to us.

    • Nerrage

      A little credit to Gremlin Solutions by not cutting out their text for originally reporting it would be nice, too. They could have watermarked it, but didn’t wanna ruin the picture.

  • Squared


  • Roque

    Good news, Seimitsu is going to release a new clear button in a few days.