Evo 2011 Panel and Announcement Roundup

By on July 16, 2011 at 10:00 am

In case you missed any of yesterday’s numerous Evo 2011 announcements, we’ve gone ahead and compiled links to all of them below. Each of Evo’s 8 panels has now been detailed, and with priority seating going to Evo registrants, you may want to take the time you have left to register. Registration closes on July 18th at 11:59pm PST.  No on-site registration is available, so this is your last chance.



Tweet #evo2k, Feed the Hype!

Japan Invades Evo!

Godsgarden to Hold Public Viewing Party of Evo 2011 Stream

The Evo 2011 3rd Strike Invitational Event

Evo Panel #1: Feed the Stream Monsters: A Guide to Broadcast Fighting Games

Evo Panel #2: Skullgirls: A New Age of Heroines

Evo Panel #3: Inside the Mind of the Beast: Daigo Umehara Exposed!

Evo Panel #4: Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Past, Present, and Future w/ Ryota Niitsuma (producer) and Hidetoshi “Neo_G” Ishizawa (battle designer)

Evo Panel #5: THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII: Panel and Discussion

Evo Panel #6: Street Fighter III: Online Edition, Reinventing a Classic

Evo Panel #7: Namco Bandai – Get Ready For The Next Panel!

Evo Panel #8: New Directions in Street Fighter X Tekken

Wakeup, Shoryuken E065 – Pre-Evo Special Part 1 with Viscant

See you in Vegas!

  • ColdBrand

    MvC3 past? You mean like when it was called MvC2 and was an actually good game that was entertaining to both watch and play?

    • btfu88


      • de BLOO

        Must suck to never like anything new.

  • colony84

    You sound really mad that it isn’t 2000 anymore. Move on grandpa.

  • Killey

    Do you need an EVO badge (as in registered) to view any of these panels?

    • Windsagio

      it said in the earlier posts that people with badges get priority seating, which implies that you don’t, unless it fills up.

  • skipperxyz


  • The Savage

    MVC2 was a good game?

  • New Era Outlaw

    So, yesterday were the panels, right? How come nobody’s uploaded what was said as yet?

    • factory9

      The panels are at EVO, silly.


    Will some of the convention staff be there to help check weapons? I’m bringing a Buster Sword replica for my Cloud Strife cosplay but I’m not sure if it meets the safety standards of the convention. Also will there be a lost & found area in case someone loses their badge and it gets turned in?

    • factory9

      haha godlike

  • Ellipsen

    This just in – Daigo won EVO, that is all.