Evo Panel #3: Inside the Mind of the Beast: Daigo Umehara Exposed!

By on July 15, 2011 at 10:30 am

In our third panel of Evo weekend, Seth Killian from Capcom will interview Daigo Umehara, probably the most famous street fighter player on the planet.  Priority seating for these panels will go to registered Evo attendees with a badge, so register today!

Here is a summary of the panel, which will be held Friday, July 29th at 2:00 PM.

Seth Killian sits down with EVO 2009 and 2010 Street Fighter champion MCZ Daigo Umehara for an in-depth discussion and review of past match highlights.  They will talk over and explain the tactics, player reads, moment-by-moment thought processes, and even the mistakes Daigo made on the road to his championship victories.

In addition to the panel, a new “Beast” shirt from Meat Bun will be available for the first time on site at EVO in Vegas.

The design features several elements including the mythical “Hakutaku” figure (a beast!) with six buttons, and “98”, representing the year of Daigo’s first international challenge where he fought against Alex Valle (this battle was just recently named one of the Top 10 moments in Pro-Gaming history). This will be an extremely limited-run edition shirt, sold at $20.

  • noodleman

    wow that looks fantastic! DO WANT.

  • DigitlSamurai

    How can I order a t-shirt if I can’t get to EVO? Will they be sold only to attendees?

  • thejohnsonrock

    i like that shirt but i’d totally feel like daigo’s bitch if i got it. it’s like it screams “i’m pre-owned for free” and not in a good way.

    maybe if i played him my opinion would change.

    • Cillranchelllo

      This is even more relevant given the “Umehara Shinsha” right over the heart. Shinsha= Devotee

  • del1rium

    Would like to hear him commentate one of his prior matches … sort of get inside his own head. Interviews with him tend to be so many of the same “how are you so awesome” questions …

  • Unek

    That shirt is dope i gotta get one but they should have made it a v-neck

    • de BLOO

      V-neck is insta-douchebag.

      • il0veb00ty

        LOL, +1

      • DeaDshoTs

        It’s ok if you can’t rock the V.

    • Super moose

      Never trust a man with a V-neck that’s what my pappy would always say.

  • KenSaysCHAR

    I want that shirt. I hope no one goes on ebay and sells it for more.

  • ddrt

    We need release dates if they sell these after EVO

  • Windsagio

    Wow, suck-up panel and T-shirt for sale! It’s a perfect expression of the fucked-up-ness.

  • Jazz

    if you buy a daigo t-shirt….you are a fanboy

  • SVN4

    Is it how we also should judge the purchase of products related to american players?

    • Windsagio

      Yes, absolutely.

      The sadness crosses all national borders.

  • simon_

    I like it. its ridiculously nerdy without looking nerdy.

  • Stuart Hayden

    It’s easier to wear a shirt than suck a dick I suppose.

  • alphaqsilly

    Sorry but what is wrong with V necks? They are a good look.

  • awesoman09

    100% agree with #3.. lol

  • NickGuy0320


  • jaib83

    Looks like a japanese baseball T shirt,,, it’s OK