“Vanilla was AWESOME!” by Desk and Error1 – World Premier at EVO 2011

By on July 14, 2011 at 11:18 am

Desk and Error1, the game-breaking master technicians, quickly gained notoriety for creating some of the most clever and exciting combo videos in recent memory. We’re excited to announce that EVO, Desk and Error1 are teaming up for the ultimate 3-hit combo – a world premier of his latest insane combo video “Vanilla was AWESOME!” only at EVO 2011. Check out the trailer below!

The concept takes us back in time to 2009, an era when Street Fighter IV was king. Desk and Error1 take the game into the lab, gets their hands on it and, how do I put this eloquently… they basically straight up rip it a new one. Expect to see some of the most clever game-breaking glitches, hilarious situations, and some of the most creative combos you’ll ever see.

Can’t make it to EVO this year? Be sure to stay tuned to our live stream provided by Team Spooky and iPlaywinner to catch the premier, or you can find it on Desk’s YouTube channel beginning in August.

Big shoutouts to Desk and Error1 for putting this together!