EVO 2011 Streaming Details! Watch online July 29 – 31

By on July 13, 2011 at 9:25 am

The biggest fighting game event of the year is just a few weeks away.  For those of you not lucky enough to attend in person, we’ve been working overtime to provide an incredible online viewing experience.  If you‘ve watched the EVO trailer, you already know that we’ve teamed up with the incredible combo of  IPW X Team Spooky to deliver our online stream.  Now, I’m happy to share some of our streaming plans for EVO weekend.

We know lots of you want to see as much of the “big two” (Super Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs. Capcom 3) as possible, and others of you want to see the full breadth of games on the EVO roster.  For the first time this year, EVO is providing multiple simultaneous streams to truly provide the full EVO experience to our viewers.

EVO Stream 1

Our flagship stream, produced by Team Spooky, will broadcast Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition on Friday and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on Saturday.  The stream will cover these tournaments start to finish, from the qualifying pools to the quarterfinal and semi final brackets, culminating in the top 8 players of all tournament games on Sunday.

EVO Stream 1 will feature a 100% all-star commentary team with vets like Ultradavid, James Chen, the WakeupSRK crew, Ryan Hunter, and Seth Killian.

EVO Stream 2

Offcast and FinestKO are teaming up to bring you our second tournament stream, which will broadcast the Mortal Kombat 9 tournament on Friday, and the Tekken 6 and BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2 tournaments on Saturday.  Here too you won’t miss any tournament action!  We will stick with each tournament from the qualifying pools all the way to the top 8 players.

EVO After Hours Stream

Of course, there’s a lot more competitive juice at EVO besides the official tournaments.  To give you the full EVO experience, Iplaywinner.com will bring you special after hours content, featuring grudge matches between top players in a special, invite-only event.  This stream will start shortly after our offical broadcast ends, and run until the IPW crew conks out or when we run out of alcohol, whichever comes first.

But wait…there’s more!

Live Marvel vs. Capcom 3 East Coast vs. West Coast Draft!

This year rivals from the east coast and west coast will square off for bragging rights in our 5 on 5 Marvel vs Capcom 3 exhibition.  Thurday July 28th, IPW will host the live draft, where west coast team captain Justin Wong and east coast captain Nerd Josh will announce their picks for the east and west teams.


  • takeurlife2

    this sounds fucking epic. Thanks guys

  • ScrubPad

    NEAT! The afterhours should be good too!

  • BigMovement

    My body is ready.

  • naGoo

    Draft?! YO UGGGHHHH


    not gonna leave my house the whole weekend

  • Skone

    No fucking sleeping….lets go Im ready!

  • The_Third

    Congratulations again to sp00ky. Though it does feel weird for the team to be streaming the most popular games coming from “The Kings of Poverty.”

  • Drakonvlast

    No Adam Sessler? 🙁

    • starmine92

      sad days indeed without the sessler. we can always just get mike ross to do sessler impressions which works just as well if not better

  • philanthropy


    • Aukmaud

      I believe Yipes died along side MvC2. As far as going to tournaments and doing their thing

  • Samuelio

    Rowtron for Team West Coast

  • Sledge

    going hog wild

  • Jandek

    So stoked, very interested to see who is on the 5v5 teams, there is one player that BETTER be on the east coast team!

    also stoked to see tekken and blazblue being streamed in their entirety

  • UrbaneVirtuoso

    Team Sp00ky? Sold.

    • Snivy

      Could you possibly ride Sp00ky’s dick any harder?

      • UrbaneVirtuoso

        Of course.

      • Cillranchelllo

        In this guy’s defense, Sp00ky’s chat tends to be more stream monster friendly.

        • Lock1991

          Ya thats why I got banned for one dance party

          • Dragon Of The East

            One Dance Party usually leads to more dance party & it is considered SPAMMING. You can TROLL all you want & Spooky usually let it ride but the SPAMMING will get you temp. BAN. Simple Rule.

      • MrSoada

        Dunno what you have against Sp00ky, but you should leave him out of your suicide note.

        • mc-fine


  • Arcuri

    The commentators besides Seth are AWFUL, goddammit…

    • Clawww

      needs some more

    • CrownBear

      UltraDavid brings nice unbiased commentary, unlike James Chen. Never heard Ryan Hunter commentate so I can’t really say much about him. SRK guys are kind of irritating in my opinion.

  • Kapwan13

    Congrats to Offcast. The After Hours stream should bring some great moments.

  • Katt

    I thought mk9 pools where all on Friday and the finals on Sunday. No pool play at all saturday. ??

    • Ponder

      This is correct. I’ve updated the post to reflect the correct schedule.

  • FLStyle

    East Coast commentators! No Adam Sessler. At all. Ever again. Let G4 just embed the streams on their site and use recorded footage like the MK9 Nationals.

  • Sakurai

    Otakon on the same weekend as EVO makes me SO ANGRY..

  • TamaThps

    Good stuff, I can’t wait. Minor typo btw, “We know lots of you want to see as much of the “big two” (Super Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs. Capcom 3) ” should be listed as AE, not original super.

  • Brennan

    Stream 2 > Stream 1

  • austinb03

    No Chris Hu, Yipes, or Jaha? Ok maybe not Jaha, but there definitely needs to be more east coast commentators especially for Marvel.

    • Yannick

      Sweet Heaven, PLEASE no JaHa.

  • Nuts

    FUCK YEAH!!!! Can’t wait

  • Shifty Nevers

    I want mad shit talk on that EVO After Hours Stream

  • Mr.PaVy-RD

    Thank god theres a 2nd stream cause im sure a lot of people dont want to see that shit

  • Phillpro1

    forget about Yipes! What about chris hu and ultrasilk!!!

  • FrankenZtein


  • Blacksonic21

    Ok what about the east coast commentators? James Chen is cool and all but WNF evo edition, no thanks. East coast brings the hype to commentary.

    • PurpleLemonadeGGPO

      Ryan Hunter technically is East Coast

  • Outkast

    Will the stream be archived?? At least the first 2 days?

    I am going to EVO and would like to watch when I get back home.

  • fABIIO

    Ryan Hunter and Skisonic are Eastcoast >_>

  • IceWilly

    Without the desire to sell DVD’s or do the IGN pay to watch deal, hopefully the streams are archived for a bit. I know I will get home sunday morning, so I’ll have to catch up on all the action before finals begin sunday evening. Really hoping the archives are there to let me do that…. even if they are removed later to get the youtube hits/revenue.

  • Divine Tenken


  • GoddessBracelet

    a draft? this is becoming huge 🙂

  • TrueWu

    I might take a half day on monday…hmmm

  • CHomes

    They prob couldn’t do Yipes etc cause of possible swearing and Evo is a family thing, as amazing as it would be things slip and Evo are legit that way I understand even though it hurts me to see them not doing it.

    Or what ever the case may be, who knows maybe they have their pocket of people they want to commentate only for Evo, seth’s on that shit so it won’t be so bad.

    I’m glad sp00ky was able to stream AE amd Mahvel all that hard work paid off. Not only that dedicated stream for other stuff for different games is a good idea, I will definately want to watch the MK9 tourney, I have high hopes for Chris fucking G and Sabin to blow it up.

    All in all I think Evo is going to be great this year, alot of hype has been built up with alot of upsets and new commers in the making going to Evo, 2010-2011 has built up to an expense so thick it’s not even real. This meme has been over used but it’s so fucking true MY BODY IS READY FOR EVO. Definately taking 29th and Monday off for recouperation cause I’m watching evo stream in the UK all fucking weekend mah boi.

    • TheGreatReptar

      They had Dogface and Yipes commentating last year. I really don’t think they’re not going to let anyone on stream for fear of cursing. People can censor themselves. Yipes will more than likely pop in.

  • ploftkaploft

    I’m sure other commentators will pop in during the tournament. And I hope EVO makes a youtube channel (kind of like seasonsbeatingsgdlk) and upload the individual recorded matches from now on. Someone will always upload it, better be from an official channel so they can get some $ from youtube ads.

  • Danger317

    the big 2? everyone hates MvC3 lol. i guess people hate MK9 a little bit more tho.

    • ahdonye

      In like em both,, I suck at both, but still have fun ignoring my wife and kids as I play

  • grechzoo

    i repeat the question of

    Will the stream be archived?

    I know IPW usually archive all their stuff on justin.tv, but team spooky dont always.

    im in the UK, its hit or miss whether i will be able to stay up that long.

  • 10021985

    What about the 3rd strike invitational? Won’t it be streamed?

  • Yar1n

    According to the EVO schedule Blazblue is supposed to be on Saturday and not Friday.

    Is there a mistake in this post or the schedule has been changed ?

  • ReLianZe

    Good, keep all the less popular games on another stream.

  • Fivec

    Wait, why is NerdJosh the captain of the East Coast team? He shouldn’t even be on the team. Wow, this is gonna be free.

    • Blacksonic21

      Blame the community they voted for him. I personally think Chris G should have gotten the captain position but the masses disagreed.

      • Unable to Connect

        @Fivec too – ChrisG is solid, but he’s been slipping lately and not doing nearly as good. As for NerdJosh, again check the rankings. He’s not really winning anything, but he is constantly 3rd-4th place and sometimes 2nd. It’s no surprise he got east coast lead.

        • Fivec

          Chris G just won a major. Using EVO majors as my measuring stick, NerdJosh doesn’t really measure up. I haven’t really kept up with Guard Crush results, maybe he’s done better there.

  • Wil

    Will the streams be run on twitch.tv or ustream.tv?

    • MrSoada

      Pretty sure Twich, no one even uses ustream anymore…

  • Grimbear13

    I hope Yipes rocks the mic for a period over the weekend I love his commentary. He’s got the perfect blend of comedy and knowledge that makes him the perfect commentator. I’m not sure if he’s gonna compete I hope he does cause I also love watchin him play. Besides that though I’m super hyped for the event, stream organization sounds so tight it’s awesome!

  • Fivec

    East Coast should be Chris G, RyRy, and Jago for sure. I would go Noel Brown and Josh Wong for the other two.

    West Coast should be Justin, fLoE, Combofiend, Marn, and Filipino Champ.

    • Koenigg

      Nah. Viscant needs to take either fLoE or Marn’s place.

      • Fivec

        You’re right. Marn’s.

        • JeighJeigh

          I think we need Rowtron in there somewhere.

    • kylednotm

      Marn is irrelevant.

  • vagabond999


    This is what the stream viewers have been crying out for a long time now. No more “when’s Marvel/Tekken/SF on” inane requests. THIS is how it should be done for the flagship fighting game tournament in the world.

    I’m in the UK, so it’s going to be crazy times for me, but I’m grateful I won’t have to sit through Tekken streams (no offence, just not my bag) knowing that I’ll be missing AE or Marvel.

    Good shit. Get hype. This is going to be the best Evo yet.

  • vagabond999

    Also to add to other requests: PLEASE ARCHIVE THE STREAMS. At least for a day or so. Some of us in Europe will find it hard to stay up and watch everything.



    • tempbast

      Streams are always archived nowadays. And highlight matches are usually re-posted on Youtube. There will be enough Evo footage to last for two weeks.

  • KYJellyDonut

    EC…NerdJosh, Chris G, RyRy, Josh Wong, Jago….Hell No to Noel Brown.

    WC…Justin, floE, Combofiend, Marn, PR Rog….Hell no to Fil Champ

    • Fivec

      Just because Noel Brown and Filipino Champ are the dudes everyone loves to hate doesn’t mean they’re not good at the game. If not Noel Brown, I would say Remix deserves it over NerdJosh too.

      Also, PR Rog is West coast? News to me.

      • MrSoada

        No, the difference between filipino champ and Noel Brown is that people recognize that Champ is a good fighting game player while Noel Brown is pretty mediocre by competitive standards.

      • b3nz0r


      • Unable to Connect

        Tell us how Nerd Josh doesn’t deserve it. He has stepped it up and done well lately.

  • LaserRain

    God dammit I work most of that weekend. Guess I won’t be sleeping so I can watch the after hours shenanigans.

    Also I hope Sp00ky can archive it so I can watch it at my leisure at night or something.

  • starmine92

    needs more adam sessler guest appearences. also i expect all ipw commentators during the afterhour stream to be drunk, biased and obnoxious (aka top-notch norcal commentary)

  • Streye

    I guess a lot of people like shit talk in their commentary cause I personally like Keits, Skii, James Chen, and Ultra David as commentators. They may have some offbeat humour, but they give solid info about the matches. I feel like I learn something every time I listen. When I was listening to the NCR and ECT commentaries, I could find myself counting the seconds/minutes between any relevant info thrown out between the trash talk about players or random yelling. I ended up just turning down volume all together eventually or tuned somewhere else like Shadowloo showdown.

    • Cyonys

      ^ This exactly…

    • cliffeside

      imo best of both worlds would be james chen and yipes on commentary. so we get some info and laughs at the same time. and throw in some chris hu every now and then.

  • vagabond999

    Totally agree with the above Skii (+Keits), James Chen, Ultra David, and of course the might Seth K are the top tier commentators.

    The kids who say otherwise and just cry for DSP and the like in chat are just that, kids. Who want to be ‘entertained’. Personally, I enjoy the analytical approach of the guys above, and they have their own humour as well. It’s just a far more mature way of presenting these great events to the masses.

    And come on, can anyone really compete with hype levels more then ski? The guy is a hype machine.

    • Windsagio

      I think I’m the only person in the universe who thinks Chen is a bad commentator. He’s just so lazy with the facts >>

      • jchensor

        To be honest, you are most likely not alone. It’s easy to rub people the wrong way and it’s just one of those risks you take when you put yourself out there.

        I’m not challenging you at all or questioning your opinion, I’m more just curious myself: I try my best to always be as accurate as possible, and when I don’t know the real answer, I usually say so on the streams. For one, it’s impossible to know all the facts off the top of my head at any given stream, so it’s easy to make mistakes. And for another, you can’t possibly imagine how many distractions there are when on a stream, so a lot of the time you are talking while thinking about 3 other things so things come out of your mouth that make no sense. I think I was trying to talk about something amazing about Arturo at CEO and called him Mike Ross during one of the Arturo / Mike Ross matches because I was trying to process some info while talking at the same time. It’s growing pains.

        But sorry, I’m just making excuses for myself right now. Mostly, I’m just curious: can you give me some examples of things I’ve gotten wrong? I’d love to be educated so I don’t make the same mistake again. I remember talking about how Honda’s Low Jab hits low a long time ago, and I was corrected violently by Sanchez at Super NCR. Hahaha! From my experiences, it was hitting me low, but maybe I was just being retarded and not blocking. Maybe it’s a glitch that it only hits low on Cammy. Stuff like that happens. But yeah, if you could give me a few examples of some errors I’ve made, I’d be more than happy to correct them in the future.

        Thanks, sir!

        – James

        • Necrophile

          my friend keeps saying “I prefer james chen” whenever I talk to him about commentators. trust me, me and him have seen streams in many genres and you’re doing a great job.

          but if you want to improve even more and hold all of the specialized character knowledge of mike ross, gamerbee, wolfkrone and sako all in just one brain, be my guest 😀

          I was very impressed by your commentary in the WNF before revelations, when Sako was playing Wolfkrone in casuals and you were pointing out how sako was using one of ibuki’s crouching kicks to lower her hitbox to avoid Wolfkrone’s attacks. That move caught the audience as well as most players by surprise but you explained it to us.

        • Windsagio

          Naturally enough when put on the spot, I don’t remember very well.

          The main thing that sticks with me tho’ (and I still have to be maddeningly imprecise, its been months) was that I remember when Marvel had very first come out, the first few weeks, there were a number of things that I knew, and that the community knew, that you didn’t (various move properties, engine rules etc). It’s a frustrating feeling to say the least. Sorry I can’t be more precise tho’, I didn’t let myself think about the community at all for a few months starting then, so I think I’ve blocked the specifics out 😛

        • Streye

          James, we can all respect your proactive approach at getting better, but I honestly think you’re getting trolled right now. With no specifics, I can only assume this post was done to initiate some form a retaliation and nothing more. When the game came out, everyone knew so very little about the game. I don’t think anyone can logically hold it against you for not getting your facts straight. A lot of us think you’ve been doing a great job since then giving us a lot of good usable info. So, don’t take it to heart man. Keep doing what you’re doing. Oh and Gem Fighter Zangief called, he wanted to talk to you about stealing his shtick. (Great job btw, you earned Levelup $20 of my money. )

          • Windsagio

            Its actually kind of an ongoing conversation he and I have had, actually it usually goes like this.

            Somebody says something positive about him (not exactly rare around here, most beloved man in the community probably), and if I’m in the mood I say something negative (maybe one time out of a thousand). About one time out of ten when I say something, he notices and asks me about it. I say something back, and he usually drops it.

            If you were going to troll, I don’t know why you’d go after James Chen though, you’d get a better response from people by putting a video up on youtube of peeing yourself. He’s not really the kind of guy to fly off the handle when someone has something bad to say about him (which is the point of trolling, isn’t it?).

            Anyways, they’re moments that pass in a flash, but the guy does occasionally say something really bizarre and offbase. I’m sorry that I’m not *quite* obsessive enough to actually keep a list… that would be crazy :p

  • Cillranchelllo

    Anyone else here think Offcast and FKO got the short end of the stick?

    • Fivec

      They obviously got the short end of the stick, and with good reason.

  • pratmaN

    Wow fucking epic schedule! Great commentators too!

  • kruldar

    dear god in heaven, thank you. Hopefully this year I won’t be in a stream becoming absolutely bogged down and unwatchable by twitter feeds

  • simon_

    is wakeupsrk = keits & skisonic

    if yes, please kick them out and get arturo & yipes

    good to know team spooky will be doing the main stream.

  • truendymion

    See you guys there!

  • GoBot Gabe

    Iplaywinner. Team Sp00ky. FinestKO. Offcast.


  • deadfrog


  • MaikkyWin

    If Chris Hu doesn’t commentate after-hours suite, I’m going to mad.

  • SaveFighting

    Shout outs to Ryan Hunter do is really good on the mic. <3

    Yeah I agree with people that stream needs some more Chris Hu and Aqua Silk. Also, if Yipes has time if he could do some marvel matches that would be perfection.

    Iplaywinner. Team Sp00ky. FinestKO. Offcast.

    ^ No joke my favorite fucking streams.

  • janoDX

    This will be hype, hype, and more hype!

  • Eileithyia

    need to get yipes to do commentary

  • batmanuel

    that’s retarded they should’ve gave a specific game for each stream. so we have dedicated sf4 or mvc3 all day.

  • Yannick

    Please please PLEASE stream King of Fighters! I hear there’s going to be a setup there and we need to give this game some serious support!

  • ddrt

    It makes me happy that you’re incorporating all of the top streamers in the mix. As long as you don’t have that tool adam sessler there ruining the fucking commentary I’ll be happy. Please, never again, put a wannabe journalist who knows jack squat about fighting games anywhere near a god damned mic when a fighting game tournament is on.

  • tyler2k

    Needs more Magus and D commentary

  • takeurlife2

    im gonna have to disagree with james chen and ultradavid for MVC3. Their knowledge to quip ratio is severely skewed because they don’t actually know much about the game. The only info they even put out there most of the time is “DERP LVL 3 HYPERS DONT SCALE AT ALL GUYZ”

  • raionxk1

    See the funny thing is that while you guys are bashing commentators on how good they do, if YOU were actually commentating you would sound like a 5 year old describing Calculus to another 5 year old. Don’t think that you could do a better job at if cause I damn well know that I couldn’t. Your probably one of those guys who thinks that sentinel is still cheap….

    • Windsagio

      Last part is kind of weird, dunno how it relates to the rest.

      Its natural for people to have commentators they like or don’t like tho’, taste varies.

    • ahdonye

      As long as they all look clean I will be happy, no more dirty hippy commie types 😉

  • Missing Person

    Sucks that I’m going to be flying from Korea to America during the last day.

  • cliffeside

    got all my shit sorted out so i can devote those days completely to watching evo.

  • entropic

    I think they made the right choice in commentators. Yipes is very enjoyable but I think that maybe Evo is trying to be a bit more serious this year and lets face it, a guy with a lawyer degree and a suit and tie presents a somewhat better image than a guy with a du-rag speaking in ebonics.

    I’m not trying to be offensive, Yipes is easily the most entertaining commentator out there, but it’s easy to see that his kind of commentary is anything but mainstream.

  • Overworld

    Are the panels going to be streamed?

  • cow8111

    James Chen is so lazy with the facts? Strange ’cause I find him to be 1 of (if not the most) the most informative commentators.

  • Bman

    I really enjoy James Chen commentary a lot, I don’t know why someone would actually dislike him commentating. Buuuuuuut, I have noticed him on more than one occasion say something that I know for a fact is false about SF4. Not that big of a deal, he does a good job and is easy to listen to.

  • Ootori_Kyouya

    People need to lay off on James Chen. I don’t think anyone has any idea how hard it is to commentate. We all make mistakes. Although commentating is his second passion, James takes a lot of pride in it. He is detrermine to improve his craft through criticisms. Can anyone say that other commentators are willing to do the same?

    Yeah, I didn’t think so.

    James, I appreciate your involvement in th fighting community and on WNF. Soon or later, everyone else will start feeling the same once they see your dedication to the scene. Many are quick to judge because they haven’t seen your body of work as a whole (which includes writing FAQs and the CvS2 days). Keep doing your thing. There are a lot of gamers who respect you…myself included.

  • ramberk

    Mr. Chen and all of the commentators, thank you for your service! I actually found match videos a lot more enjoyable to watch because of the commentating. Keep it up!

  • abacus

    SRK let’s get some Fantasy Drafts going, Starcraft-style!

  • DarklingSinx

    Can someone tell me if the stream’ll be on Twitch or Ustream?
    Cos i remember Sp00ky saying in a donation drive that’ll be on Ustream,i always have lag on ustream =/

  • Natural20

    Does anyone know what time the East vs West draft is? It’s on Thursday I just have no idea when.