MK9 – Rain Gameplay Trailer

By on July 11, 2011 at 8:24 am

Who is that purple ninja with the intimidating power of lightning and the not-so-intimidating power of water? Its Rain. See the full gameplay trailer below and let us know what you think by sounding off in the comments. Rain should be released on July 19th on PSN and XBL.

  • BananaWeed

    The water effects are much cooler than I expected.

    • jo_who_jokevin

      its not water, thats jizz… everytime he teleport it looks like he just wet himself

  • Atomic Moth

    The squirt gun move at 0:49

  • akumous

    OK, I am impressed…I was going to say he’s a Smoke clone but I was wrongly mistaken. Good Job guys, this is the best MK yet.

  • Exalted-1

    Holy shit they did go ahead and give him that roundhouse lol

    • tanabe

      exactly what i was thinking

    • munchkin


  • redmetal

    that arm snap….made me touch my elbow

  • Master Chibi



  • KillaFox

    He looks so sick, I wish they would fix the netcode for ps3 next.

  • WLA Static

    can’t have rain without that roundhouse lol

  • Action Kazimer


  • Robo-mitsu

    *Sees super roundhouse*


  • Dedemaru

    I’m in love…

  • strizzmatik

    Chuck Norris Kick ftfw. Can’t wait for the 19th

  • Dedemaru

    Though it’s disappointing that we have another DLC character that doesn’t have voice lines 🙁

    • Windsagio

      I’m kind of guessing that they wanna keep the size of the download as small as possible, so are leaving out sound files.

  • jpjupiter

    Go Ninja Go Ninja Go!!

  • metaphist


    • Seriphx

      dat roundhouse indeed my friend

  • SVN4

    Fucking Boss… i have to say im very impressed by the “boldness” on bringing back those inflation fatalities. The bubble move is also great, really really great.

  • Windsagio

    Dunno whether to be happy or sad its changed, the last version of rain was kind of… fey.

    • xStingy

      His pose after his entrance spin is kind of…….fey.

      So is his 3 hit launcher.

  • Travis Epic


  • freija

    cool, a melted sub zero

  • Windsagio

    also man, its crazy that MK already has more DLC characters than MvC does.

    • bruce leeroy

      its coming and its going to be very big………. i hope

  • NTF_Madara

    Rain Ball is back baby!! Instant main and buy- Even if the netcode is shitty!

  • UrbaneVirtuoso

    Yep, instantly in love, therefore instant buy.

  • Zmoney2006

    This guy sure knows how to make it rain…

    (*puts on glasses*)


  • Gorehound

    Nobody is referencing to Prince!

    This news discussion fails!

  • GreenJester627

    Glorious. Was never a big fan of the roundhouse, but he looks goddamn awesome so I’ll take it. Can’t wait for next week! He and Kenshi are looking like my new alternate tag team

    • xStingy

      “Was never a big fan of the roundhouse”


  • jaib83

    Its raining man……ALELUYA!!!!

  • dancingphlower

    This is too awesome…

  • clue2025

    He came in like Hard Gay… then just went hard. I was waiting in anticipation for the roundhouse and saw it and got hype.

  • style210

    Rain has some rather female like movements… I literally spit out my drink when he did that entrance spin and pose. In my head I heard him say “fabulous” lol. He might be batting for the wrong team, but I will definitely play him.

    • ManRightChea

      I wouldn’t say feminine, but Rain has always been an eccentric character.

    • cliffeside

      lol i thought the same thing

      • Dedemaru

        One word: Prince

  • Diernes

    looks cool actually.

  • ManRightChea

    Damn, MK is not f-cking around anymore, that was impressive. If NRS can inject a bit more depth and advanced fighting technicality into the fighting engine, the next MK will be the best in history. I know people discredit MK9, but the game is very polished and the engine refined and in depth. I was a doubter at first, but playing is believing. I just want to see more advanced fighting engine techniques in the future.

  • Realpolitix

    Super soaked that hoe.

    • Dedemaru


  • Peteylicious

    Makes me wonder if his xray is a low hit like sindel’s or simply regular ranged like ermac.
    Looking better than I thought he would. I was expecting MK-Armaggedon-like fail


    Dr. Gregory Roundhouse

  • UltimateKisame27

    This is the REAL RAIN! What we saw in MKA was not Rain but someone posing as him >.>

  • d3nyd

    Roundhouse Kombat 9. I’m ready

  • GamesPlayer

    Be like water my friend !

  • Levaranoia

    I wonder how many of you rain bandwagoners I’m going to have to elbow dash back to your scorpion mains.

    • Unable to Connect

      a lot.

  • Valkerion

    Glad to see my favorite character from UMK3 come back with his moves intact no less. Definitly the first DLC I will be getting for this game. Control ball made my day.

  • Misdreavus

    Purple is the master color.

    • Windsagio


  • JoontheBaboon

    They made him “pretty”.

  • boyonweed

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT. LOVE IT that water inflation fatality is fuckin awesome, AND they gave him his roundhouse <=O

    NO DOUBT imma be using this watery little dude.

  • Togakure Ninja

    Super Roundhouse looks like a special move to me. That’s cool. Opens up some neat juggles. Overall impressed.

  • HuStLeMaN17

    Purple Lightning/Thunder that comes down from the sky looks gorgeous!

  • MilesRiey

    Wow… just wow… I was expecting him to be awesome just as he was in MKT… this is like, beyond awesome. They really gave some pretty cool water moves to him, I’m gonna main him.
    Anyway… now there’s only the 4th unnamed character. Can’t wait to see Jason in action.

  • damienjeffgomez

    is it just me or does rain seem kind of gay……Shout outs to double RAINbows

  • Dude Meister

    “Where there are clouds, there is RAIN!”

    Was hopping his roundhouse was more awesome, expected to see a lightning vortex to explain the screen shift

  • janoDX


  • King Rizz

    They should name one of his fatalities ‘Raspberry Beret’.

  • Tension

    Dat roundhouse!

    Did he just tasmanian devil in during his pre-fight intro?

  • YanDaMan

    So now we’ve got…

    An undead flame ninja (Scorpion)
    A ice ninja (Sub-Zero)
    A shadow ninja (Noob-Saibot)
    A smoke ninja (Smoke)
    A psychic ninja (Ermac)
    A reptilian ninja (Reptile)
    A blood ninja (Skarlet)
    A few robot ninjas (Sektor/Cyrax)
    And now we have a water ninja.

    What else we missing?

    • MilesRiey

      Tremor – An earth ninja
      He’s an actual MK character, he only appeared in MK Special Forces but never in a MK fighting game.
      I think he would be pretty cool in this game, being able to create earthquakes, powers of sand and earth would be something I’d like to see.

    • cliffeside

      lets get the entire pokemon type chart in this bitch!

      • YanDaMan

        Scorion: Fire
        Subzero: Ice
        Ermac: Psychic
        Noob: Dark
        Smoke: Poison
        Rain: Water/Electric
        Sektor/Cyrax: Steel
        Cyber Subzero: Ice/Steel
        Reptile: PLANT LOLOL

        …have fun making a chart.


    Don’t forget:

    mutant clone ninja (Mileena)
    princess ninja (Kitana)

  • SinisterMephisto

    Not ninja’s per say

  • RoboGem II

    Legendary intro spin! Now he just needs to eat a chocolate bar for a victory pose

  • NotoriousLynx

    Touch if you will my stomach Doves
    Feel how it trembles inside the Doves
    You’ve got the Doves all tied Doves
    Doves make me chase you
    Doves even have pride
    Doves will cry