First Video of Arika’s Fighting Sample (Featuring SFEX Characters)

By on July 11, 2011 at 9:19 am

Hokuto and Kairi from the Street Fighter EX series face off in the first ever video of Arika’s Nintendo 3DS test project, currently called Fighting Sample. We’ll be on the lookout for more information on this game, but for now, enjoy some of that retro goodness. See if you can recognize the remixed music being played during the match.

[tip from Caj814]
  • pfft

    this looks pretty cool, glad to see some new IP’s springing

  • Buster Cannon

    Fun fact: this same tune was remixed and placed in Super DBZ as well.

  • fokkusuhaundo

    Arika’s previous non-SFEX fighter featuring SFEX characers was called Fighting Layer, which somehow manages to sound better than Fighting Sample. If nothing else, the names for these games are original for how lame they sound.

    Catchy music though, Arika never fails there. Strange Sunset is still my favorite Guile theme.

    • AkitaZero

      Yes, yes, and More YES on Strange Sunset… Too bad for the copyright laws that Capcom couldn’t remix that theme for SF4..

    • The Lone Dragon

      Strange Sunset is just good music, period. Video game or otherwise.

      SFEX music was simply too good.

      • AkitaZero

        Oooooh I just remembered Characters shared stages.. Since Guile/Allen shared Strange Sunset, they’ll probably remix it for this game…

  • Travis Epic

    I’m really excited for this but at the same time the animations seem like they are right out of the old EX days. 🙁

  • RaHavic

    I saw a divekick……….game is broken.

    • Zmoney2006

      you win sir

    • ShinjiGohan

      saw someone that doesn’t know shit about SFEX or Kairi.

    • Densuo


      will LOL again.

  • Tizoc

    Holy shit, running! THEY FINALL ADDED RUNNING!
    Come on Arika bring this to PSN and XBL, WE WILL BUY IT!
    Oh and Kairi’s ground projectile is Dark Kairi’s~
    LOL at his Tornado Kick.
    Seems there’s a combo breaker in this game…dunno how I feel about it ATM.

  • AkitaZero

    That’s for 3ds? That actually looks pretty good IMO. I wonder if Arika would do the same thing with the SFEX game and release a Promotional Combovideo..

  • Skudd

    Would love to see this also hit PS Vita if it actually becomes a full title. SSFIV killer, hands down. 🙂

  • Trugoy

    It needs polish, like, a Costco industrial size vat of refining.
    Would be awesome to see the final product and be impressed, but I agree it looks like an old graphics engine, or like they rushed the rendering.

  • kingsfall

    Always liked Hokuto, was disappointed they didn’t put her or some other EX character in SF4.

  • Pertho

    Good walk speeds and short stages…Why the fuck couldn’t Ono figure some of that shit out?

  • Esura

    No comment yet? Seriously? This is fucking dope. Arika needs to make another fighter with Hokuto, Kairi, D.Dark, and Garudo!

    • Esura

      Well nevermind, there is more comments. lol

  • Windsagio

    it really is great that you can totally feel all the EX in it ><

  • KarateLincoln

    This video was for april fools day

  • Sadistic Masochist

    well at least the music will be great.


      I’ll second that

  • GreenJester627

    Looks cool, but I’m going to need to see some Skullomania, Doctrine Dark and Cracker Jack before I can make my decision

  • ShinjiGohan

    looks like kairi lost the dan like hurricane kick and got ken/e.ryus. Still doesn’t look right though, and sfx are kinda weak. remix of the bgm was ok though.

  • Doc Strange

    You guys all realize this is basically a tech demo right? I mean, it could very well be the beginnings of an actual game (and I hope it is) but making any judgment on polish is pointless.

  • Jandek

    someone mentioned SUPERDBZ, did that ever get played at any tournaments? I remember them saying it had a Street Fighter producer or something making it.

    • ShinjiGohan

      arika the founder of the company ARIKA was also one of the main developers for capcom when developing SF2. ARIKA was the company that published super DBZ for arcade and PS2. Though I’m unaware of how competitive it was.

  • NervousTwitchyGuy

    In classical Arika’s fashion, this looks bland and generic as hell.

  • Jubei Kibagami

    I would love to say a Fighting Layer EX or something on PS3/360 with all the EX characters in it. I would buy it for Hokuto, Kairi and Blair alone.

  • Monokeros

    confirmed: the guy who won had a divekick. game is officially imbalanced before release.

    • ShinjiGohan

      That guy is called Kairi and he wasn’t broken in the other games which he had a divekick. Divekicks are only broken in SF4 because the series sucks.

      • Warpticon

        I like EX too, but there’s no need to respond to every obvious joke about divekicks with a detailed correction.


    it’s probably only in earlier alpha stages and they have a lot of time to do something about the models, sfx and such. they probably just took the old models to have something to use as a placeholder for the characters for the system design.

    i’m personally looking forward to seeing what they come up with and would love to spam some “explosif” in the future 🙂

  • Sibuna Alucard

    hokuto was always beast mode if they make this into a reality i’d be soo happy

  • mondrunner

    EX characters rules!!!!

    Crowded town remixed!

    I want the finished game right now!!!

  • strizzmatik

    EX series was great, especially the music, and the Arika characters are IMO much more interesting than any of the SF4 originals

  • Dude130

    Up side- Cool EX characters that have been seen in years make a comeback.

    Down side- They move like jerky MK characters when they fight & same walk animation from the EX games.

    Capcom buy these characters already & bring them into the present.

  • glenburg89

    Wow, even though this is a “fighting sample”, I wonder if the SFEX series is making a comeback.

    • Dude130

      This Arika dude SFEX was basically a crossover game between Capcom & them so I doubt they will be teaming up again.

  • Cenotaph

    yea if this is just for the 3ds ill probably end up getting one just for this game.


    Hmm……Looks like interesting stuff. Kairi does look really off with a standard Hurricane Kick.

    Now I want to see Allen Snider hitting people with JUSTICE FIST already.

  • Bomberman3000

    Fighting Layer 2, GADAMMIT.

  • DarkDream

    I creamed a little bit when I heard Maryurekko. The memories, the sweet memories. Altho I have to admit that the graphics could be… better than they were before.

  • Yingyay

    ARE YOU NICKEL!? Beats srk everyday just cuz its Kairi!

  • Zuranthus

    Capcom stole so much shit form the EX series to make SF4, they should just buy Arika outright already


      I wish ssf4 was half as crazy as EX

    • jinxhand

      Capcom stole so much shit from Battle Fantasia to make SF4…

  • truendymion


  • Jarruh

    Any one else watch the “up next” video? Skip past the Arika Fighting Sample video, click the up next video, then fast forward to about 6:26. Abel wheel kick FTW.

  • Last Dragon

    Looks sweet, can’t wait to see more! Although that video looked like who ever was playing didn’t know WTF they were doing.

  • Kuroi Karasu

    The music is a remix of Yie Ar Kung-Fu theme? This would have been a very good game if it was released!!