Don’t Be a Scrub Podcast Episode 15 – Gootecks and Mike Ross

By on July 7, 2011 at 12:49 pm

Spider Muttons Prudctions returns with what could be their final episode of the Don’t Be a Scrub Podcast, at least in its current form. You can read all about that and find a text transcription of their interview with Gootecks and Mike Ross at Shadowloo Showdown 2011 on the BeingAScrub blog. You can also listen to the show there. Enjoy!

  • Dj Antman

    Mike and Gooey!!!!

  • nubian messaiah

    So mike won against mago again in the money match

    • teniki

      lol saw akimo playing honda again in the replays…obviously he feels his title of best honda is being questioned

  • Q87

    Good listen about the CC team behind the scenes.

  • mutton

    Thank you very much Keits!

  • Illin_Fo_A_Killin

    Gootecks looks like he’s gonna cut someone

  • DragonsFist_IV

    i dont really mind being a scrub.
    is this thread telling me that I will not be a scrub if i watch this?

  • Shoryu Reppa

    Gootecks condoms coming to a store near you.

    Now with 100% more GOO!

    • MikeBreezy92

      that was hlarious

  • Kurdijef

    It’s a pity they have to stop making podcasts. Not too many around anymore.

    Great interview as always.

  • miggy4real

    I laughed when they’re getting touchy with the personal questions. Good stuff.