Win a Free “It’s Mahvel Baby” T-Shirt by Liking Us on Facebook

By on July 5, 2011 at 1:09 pm

It’s not even for sale yet, but you can own the “It’s Mahvel Baby!” t-shirt by liking us on our Facebook fan pages – Shoryuken and Kineda Store!

To enter, simply update your Facebook status with the following comment and link:

I want this “It’s Mahvel Baby!” tee from Shoryuken and Kineda Store!

“Shoryuken” and “Kineda Store” must be tagged in your status update. Use the “It’s Mahvel Tee” photo for the link thumbnail.

Two chances to win – one winner will be chosen from the Shoryuken Facebook fan page, and one one will be chosen from Kineda Store Facebook fan page. You must be 18+ years of age and currently reside in of the of 50 U.S. States. No purchase necessary. Winners will be chosen randomly. Final entries are due by July 10, 2011 at 11:59PM PT.

  • retrox05

    what happened to the gift for when srk gets 10,000 likes on their fan page. I dont ever recall any giveaway for that.

  • VonBouncinSkull

    I’ll spam my twitter, but I ain’t spamming my facebook too.

  • Skudd

    “You must currently reside in one of the of 50 U.S. States.”

    Way to shaft your Canadian users. :/

  • Vastago

    its because like some “prizes” they never gave those away…
    also its bullshit that they wont accept international winners….

  • Master Chibi


    • Goatbot

      No wonder its free. They spelt it wrong. It should be “Mehvel”

  • Windsagio

    Oh wow, a T-shirt with a meme that was old 2 years ago!

    Don’t worry if you don’t win tho’, you can always just spend $27 on a T-shirt! (concert shirts are a better deal, and that’s sad)

  • cygnus

    just remember even if you win the shirt, youll still be white

  • ZeldaMainer

    “You must be 18+ years of age”
    “Date of Birth: Aug 24, 1993”

    Oh fuck me.

  • CrossXoveR

    aint it supposed to be “ITZ MAHVEL BAYBEE!!!!!”?

  • xero15


    • kineda

      If you already liked it, then you’re all good. All you need to do is update your status. 🙂

  • upup_downdown

    but i hate marvel vs… terrible game ever, how about a ssfivae shirt?

  • Banzboy

    Well good thing I live in europe!


  • Wolfkiller

    Makes it in black, please.

    • kineda

      Comes in both white and black. 😉

  • Miyomei

    Would not take this shirt for free.

  • Exalted-1

    Bunch of stuck up assholes on here

  • Katt

    You can just make one of these easy. Lol

  • Mundo

    Dumb question, but basically with one status update I have a chance to win either the SRK fanpage or the Kineda Store fanpage, is that correct?

    • kineda

      That’s correct. 🙂

  • The Big B

    Why try to win it? I know I wont out of hundreds of others. 🙁