MK9 – Happy Kenshi Day!

By on July 5, 2011 at 9:32 am

The blind swordsman has been unleashed! Mortal Kombat 9’s newest downloadable character, Kenshi, can be purchased today on either Xbox Live or the Playstation Network. NetherRealm sent over some Kenshi artwork that you can look through while he downloads.

  • Liam

    I feel I should make a joke around the fact that he’s blind……nope nothing.

    • Jdawg26

      More MK DLC? Didn’t SEE that one coming.

      • Rumler

        Raul Julia: “I guess you didn’t SEEEEE that, did you?!”


    lol duno where this guy is chilling?? but its not in the DLC Marketplace

  • Shoryu Reppa

    He’s not available yet. Something about Microsoft being dumb. NRS said containing about it on their twitter or something

    • Vicioushellsing

      right, its microsoft being dumb when it is effecting both systems. gotcha.

      • Levaranoia

        psn and xboxlive update at different times during the day, general psn updates later in the day.

  • XShoryuken 26

    Am i the only one that thinks he looks like keanu reeves when he played in the matrix ?

    • ChampionshipEdition

      It’s not just you. He looks exactly like “blinded Neo” from The Matrix Revolutions.

  • hagenNORKANOIA

    Neo is NOT on the marketplace yet!
    hurry up NRS!

  • Atomsk

    Just looked at the PSN…. nothing. >=(

  • ProjectNeo2501

    is it just me or does kenshi have a leather fetish?

  • Doc Strange

    FYI, he’s not on the PS store, you have to actually start up MK and buy him through there.


    nothin yet

  • Doc Strange

    He’s pretty awkward to play as so far, like he wants to play at a distance, but it’s hard for him to do it. Also, his 1,1has really weird timing and it makes doing 1,1,2 and 1,1,4 really difficult to do imo.

    • YanDaMan

      Practice makes perfect my friend. Try it enough in training and it’ll be second nature in no time. How you think people do those hard 1-frame links in SF4? lol

  • PattDaBaker

    :/ Still gotta play the waiting game on XBL

  • Goatbot

    The way XBL is going this headline will have to change to Happy Kenshi Year. Probably Happy AE alt costume month too.

  • carterboi87

    nope not until those shitty servers are improved : the match has been desynchronized”
    its a shame really…. mk9 is fun

  • Blackula

    Kenshi is looking really good right now.

  • Ex-Zero

    Well, this sucks! Saw this on twitter

    Its looking like Kenshi (on Xbox) will more likely be tomorrow instead of today. There is going to be an announcement released shortly.
    2 hours ago

  • Tim Static

    Kenshi is available on XBL now. fyi