MK9 – Day 1 Kenshi Combos

By on July 5, 2011 at 10:27 pm

A few authors are publishing day 1 Kenshi combo videos for Mortal Kombat 9. Check out the videos and see what you can learn, but remember that Mortal Kombat DLC is banned from this year’s Evo competition.

[via TestYourMight]

[from XxV1P3RxX]
  • damienjeffgomez

    shout outs to ERMAC

  • ddrt

    I might actually start playing MK again.

  • restlessmonarch

    Out of pure curiosity, why are the DLC characters banned at EVO this year?

    • Xiii

      Because people don’t know enough about them, like whether they’re broken, have infinites or shit like Quan Chi’s 100% rune trap, Cyrax’s Bomb Trap or Block Infinites. The matches can be learned, but you don’t really want to stream MK9 from North America’s largest tournament where it basically shows the new DLC characters abusing the dumbest stuff leading to a controversial win.

      • restlessmonarch

        Ah, good reasoning. Thanks for the info!

      • Shadowfire

        I still don’t understand why the pro community hates stuff like this in most games (rightly so) but if it shows up in a Capcom-made title they insist it’s a depth-enhancing feature of the game, and ban any versions which patch them out.

        • TooItchy

          What are you talking about? That makes no sense at all.

        • Bob Sagat

          Ditto, I don’t understahd a word you’re saying/writing whatever.

  • Travis Epic

    He looks like he maybe worth the munny XD

  • obscura9

    the animations are sooo bad

    • supabok

      ..and you are sooo blind!

    • supabok

      …and you are sooo blind!

      • LeeRockU

        And we are Venom.

        • QNHCantiAlpha

          and i r baboon

          • GunHammers

            ay am rhaydhan

  • F0xhound009

    ok, i didn’t buy skarlet but buyin this guy and rain.. not sure why ps3 doesn’t have the money saving pass the 360 does. i guess cuz we got kratos? lol

    • Doc Strange

      It’s probably because Sony charges too much to host shit. I know that’s why Capcom doesn’t have the costume catalogs for PS3.

  • Hap3niz

    awesome!! get me some kenshi

  • SVN4

    indirect balancing of Lao’s OPness?

    • strizzmatik

      Correcto. Reflect sends Low Hats back… anti-Lao FTW

      Just messing with him for ten minutes and I can see him being really godly at high-level. Dude is basically a better Nightwolf with sick juggle ability.

  • XxV1P3RxX

    glad im not the only one who sees this. Its like, if nightwolf and noobsaibot had a baby had a child, it would be kenshi? ehhh idk.

  • XxV1P3RxX

    lol fail^

  • sizzlinpapaya

    i got him yesterday and am completely pleased. tag him with Jade and it’s a very good team. That’s a good comparison. Noob with NIghtwolf. Nightwolf is definitely stronger but I could see this guy being used well. I’m trying to get him to be one of my mains.