Street Fighter EX Characters Resurface in Arika’s 3DS Fighting Sample

By on June 30, 2011 at 6:53 pm

While it isn’t an upcoming release, this test game for the Nintendo 3DS by Arika features some familiar faces. Arika was responsible for the Street Fighter EX series (SF’s first foray into 3D graphics) and owns the rights to the non-core characters included in those games. Fan favorites like Doctorine Dark, Blair, Kairi, Skullomania, Shadowgeist, Volcano Rosso, and Garudo are all the property of this company, which is why you never see them in Capcom fighting crossovers.

Now you can see them, at least for a moment, in Fighting Sample by Arika. Will this become an actual game at some point?

[via Andriasang]