Street Fighter EX Characters Resurface in Arika’s 3DS Fighting Sample

By on June 30, 2011 at 6:53 pm

While it isn’t an upcoming release, this test game for the Nintendo 3DS by Arika features some familiar faces. Arika was responsible for the Street Fighter EX series (SF’s first foray into 3D graphics) and owns the rights to the non-core characters included in those games. Fan favorites like Doctorine Dark, Blair, Kairi, Skullomania, Shadowgeist, Volcano Rosso, and Garudo are all the property of this company, which is why you never see them in Capcom fighting crossovers.

Now you can see them, at least for a moment, in Fighting Sample by Arika. Will this become an actual game at some point?

[via Andriasang]
  • ThatImpGuy

    This better be an actual fighter, and it better NOT just be 3DS exclusive.

    • Leafhopper

      News flash.

      Fighting game on a handheld. You seem mad.

  • RaHavic


    • Bob Sagat

      W…. why? Arika had nothing to do with that.

  • AncientFlounder

    Please, God, let this morph into something real…may it be a new SFEX game or possibly a sequel to Fighting Layer.

  • DietDrKelp

    To put it bluntly, “wow its fucking nothing”.

    I like street fighter ex, and these characters are okay. But to be revived on 3ds or something? Yeah who cares.

  • Jourdal

    I really liked the EX characters….particularly Kairi

    • AmigoOne

      you mean emo akuma?

  • Sketchspace

    Rival Schools vs. Fighting Sample. Lol, if Capcom’s making SF vs Tekken, I see this a possibility.

    Regardless, liking what I see so far. Hoping that Cracker Jack hops in to crack some skulls with that Ken Griffey.

  • Running Wild

    Blair Dame is a babe.

  • Taito


    • El Sabroso


    • owned2dabone


    • RaHavic

      One of my favorite characters in SF history.

  • offersspam

    F yes! Please be a real game!!

    Darun Meister & C. Jack for the White House in 2012!!

    • Meiz

      C. Jack can’t run. He’s Canadian B)


    Two words: JUSTICE FIST!

    • Densuo

      Alen Snider and Blair Dame. Thanks.

      HAAAH kick-kick-kick-kick-kick YOSHAAAA

      hopefully those characters resurface. I prefered them in the EX series. A shoto without hurricane kick and a command grab? Sold!

    • Tizoc


  • SoVi3t


  • omegasinnocence

    I’m glad Arika isn’t letting these characters rot in the basement of their company anymore. Hopefully it will be a new game that’s on more than the 3DS.

  • Endless

    EX is a better series than SF4

    • gen

      amen to that!!! i mislaying with D. DARK and allen snider…

  • ironboy89

    3DS is getting amazing third party support that the fucking Wii should have.

    God damn!

  • Master Chibi


  • ShinjiGohan

    thanks for the heads up, may actually have to get the 3ds now. Though hopefully there will be a real port on a PS3 or 360.

    • redmetal

      there is no such thing as a real port

  • Aleri_XV

    What do ya know, the graphics look identical.

  • Kankuri

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! I want a new game with Allen Snider and Cracker Jack!

    Man, my 3DS was the best purchase I’ve made in years.

  • X_Sword

    This pissed me off. Every last one of these characters should’ve been BOUGHT by Capcom, instead of borrowed. Every character in Arika’s fighting game arsenal is based off a SF character, or is based of of a famous fighter like SF. Stop playing stupid and give Capcom those characters–Its like making a sandwich but missing a piece of bread

  • J.S.P

    Show me Cracker Jack hitting someone with a bat and i’m in.



  • BMsirhc1313

    Kairi FTW…guy was badass

  • hobb1t

    if this is anything at all it will be ds/3ds only thats all they do now, and even then some of the char were kinda cool at best.
    oh yeah rival schools and sf ex both equally sucked ass you guys are worse then the ST douchers

  • AriesWarlock

    Blair Dame and Skullomania, please!

  • Luigi-Bo 87

    I do miss the fuck out of Hokuto and Nanase though…

  • Brucewest85

    i dont what it takes they need to be in SSF4

  • mIRC

    Holy shit, that’s fucking awesome.

  • olaf_redland

    I can’t say please enough times. If I could see Blair, Darun, Allen, and Kairi again, yes please. Hell, i’d be picking a Nintendo gimmicky handheld i hate for it.

  • Konqrr

    Are you afraid of D.Dark? o_O SKULLO DREAM!!

  • 6ixx

    SKullo crushah !!!!!!!! I hope there’s a console port on this release D:

    3DS is pretty garbage

    • redmetal

      lol let the handhelds have their fun

  • Jimsrk

    Men, this brings memories… I sometimes still play SFEX3 for fun (liked the combined “ultras”), I liked SFEX2 a lot more, but I lost that disc somehow…

  • Hollow

    Needs more Fighter Maker…

  • Dr.Spr0cter

    Capcom needs to buy these characters..

  • Akumashadow

    Kairi and D.Dark FTW!!!!!…..

  • sabertooth22

    Nice to see all the EX love! I was always under the impression people hated this series. Skullomania and Darun Mister were my favs.

  • Ianskie


  • motobrokane

    few things in life make me happier than making people DANCE! with pullum purna

  • The Lone Dragon

    This gives me unexpected…hope.

  • AnsatsukenStyleX

    Seeing this makes me wish Kairi was in SSFIV lol.

  • Pertho

    I miss Blair so much. 🙁

  • tempbast

    I really liked Hokuto. She needs like two more special moves, like a command grab with a follow-up grabs and a second follow up move for the QCB+P after the cancel you should be able to follow up with another special move.

  • woza1980

    needs ryu, ken and guile please!

  • Yannick

    Skullomania + Pullum Purna (<3) for the absolute victory.

  • takinflight


  • SFCatgirlFanatic

    I never got to play SFEX, but this looks awesome!

  • Brian Kasugano

    Oh, how I miss those characters!
    Skullo, Hokuto, Blair, Kairi, Pullum, Area, Allen…
    Btw, this release is NOT for 3DS, it’s a game for cell phone, according to (

  • Graphic

    Putting that effort for something like this must mean that they will use those 3d models down the road. I’m hopeful/

  • Shishioh

    Fighting Fucking Layer BABY!!!!!!

  • mega_buster

    I thought people hate s the SFEX series

  • TrueWu

    I didn’t know Capcom didn’t own the rights to the EX characters. I guess that dashes my hopes for any of them to surface in SF X Tekken.

    • MegaMettaurX

      Same here lol. I knew Arika Developed the game, but I didn’t know it was full of original characters designed by them. Good shit.

  • Ace London

    I miss these characters!

  • Capcom Killah


  • abkallday

    I’d love to see Skullomania again

  • PurpleBebop

    ugh, Street Fighter EX is terrible.

  • Dan CiTi

    Please don’t let these garbage characters near Capcom ones again. Not even horrible characters like Juni/Juli or Ingrid should have to deal with this. Let it be it’s own fighter on 3DS. Although Skullomania is ok.

    • AceKombat

      Yet Arika was formed by EX Capcom employees …

      I’m curious if you even know how these characters play like (Despite it being so underrated) , since some of them had vortex setups and other interesting stuff .

  • FuneralPartier

    I was a big fan of Garuda’s spike-tits…..

  • Last Dragon

    Anything with Skullo is a must buy!

  • Warpticon

    If this turns into an actual game, I can only hope they bring back Shinji Hosoe, Aya Saso and the rest of the gang responsible for the best music in Street Fighter history back to do the soundtrack. Also, I am feeling the Hokuto redesign.

  • Diernes

    The 3d streetfighters before 4 were fucking horrible, Akira should just give the rights to these characters to capcom and fuck right off.

  • The Ace of Knaves

    I would be very interested in seeing the EX characters getting their own game on the 3DS.

  • Smokin Jo

    This is great news!!! I hope a PS3 port is coming!!!!! Justice Fist!!!!!!

  • mondrunner

    Hmmm, I don’t know, I don’t want another Sf4, only EX style!!!!

  • It’s “Garuda”…. Not Garudo.