Shadowloo Showdown 2011 Results

By on June 26, 2011 at 9:58 am

Results from Australia’s Shadowloo Showdown 2011 are in!

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Results

1st – Poongko (Seth)
2nd – Momochi (Yun, Cody, Ken)
3rd – RF (Sagat)
4th – Team Mad Catz Tokido (Akuma)
5th – GamerBee (Adon)
5th – Uryo (Sakura)
7th – Kindevu (Yun, Viper)
7th – Xian (Yun)
9th – MOV (Ken)
9th – Toxy (Akuma)
9th – Haitani (Makoto)
9th – Mike Ross (Honda)
13th – Itabashi Zangief (Zangief)
13th – Team Mad Catz Mago (Fei Long)
13th – Makoto (Vega)
13th – HumanBomb (Yang)

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Results –

1st – Team Mad Catz Tokido (Wolverine, Sentinel, Phoenix)
2nd – Team Mad Catz Mago (Amaterasu, Magneto, Sentinel)
3rd – Tom (Wolverine, Sentinel, Phoenix)
4th – Xian (Magneto, Wesker, Akuma)
5th – Toxy (Wolverine, Wesker, Akuma)
5th – Max Carnage (She-Hulk, Magneto, Sentinel)
7th – Burnout (Amaterasu, Zero, Spencer)
7th – Lager (She-Hulk, Taskmaster, Tron)

Tekken 6 Results –

1st – Team Mad Catz Tokido
2nd – GamerBee
3rd – St. George
4th – Colonov
5th – Dion
5th – Karl
7th – Daniel
7th – Y Function

  • Bacn

    hell yeah Poongko

  • GamesPlayer

    Poongko BEAST

    • Narcowski

      “The Machine”

  • SOyun

    I was there watching the streaming!!! There you goooooo Poongko! (gooteck’s war cry)

  • XShoryuken 26

    marvel 3 results. shivers*

    • tallshortguy

      Why’s that? It was fairly expect since it was basically Japan vs. Australian players. I don’t believe any notable Marvel US players even went.

      • jellytooth

        stereotypical answer when a Japanese player does something in marvel: “well its not that impressive but its ok” Then next US major Tokido wins and we have to scramble for excuses.

        • ironboy89

          That assuming as if Tokido won every major.

          He didn’t. He only won in Ceo, that’s it.

          • jellytooth

            “thats it”, lol yet more people trying to make it out to be a mediocre achievement. CEO had the stiffest competition in MVC3 to date. He beat them all, give him his props. Is he going to win EVO? Who knows, but he is still among the best, at the very least.

          • ceemurda

            I agree with you noone major was there and that guy is a team madcatz groupie lol

          • Deddjay

            I could respect him more if he wasn’t using a Phoenix team.

        • tallshortguy

          lol I was referring to the fact that he “shivered” at the marvel results. I never said Tokido wasn’t good, which he is. How about you stop being a Japanese nuthugger and actually get some reading comprehension?

          • Jourdal

            God damn is it so wrong to like a JP player? Nationalism should have never been a factor in things like this. Tokiidos win at CEO was treated like it should have an asterisk over it.

          • jellytooth

            yeah I read and i comprehended the you downplaying the skill involved in winning a major. how bout you get some balls and stick to you story?

        • janoDX

          Tokido just won CEO… and on ECT we are watching all the Anti-Phoenix strats now… All players are saving up something on EVO… Also Tokido admited that he needed Phoenix to beat Wong and Win CEO because if he used Akuma he will be fucked like FR XIV.

          • Jourdal

            Where was this, all i remember is that he has his secret evo shit as well.

  • teniki

    mike ross eliminating mago changed my perspective on him. No wonder he’s the ppl’s champ

    • Entourage

      Never doubt the power of Mike Ross.

      • teniki

        gotta say tho. Extra props to mike ross for making Poongko facepalm.

  • AzevedoFromHell

    i think tokido pays his college playing FGs seriously, he is winning loads of money lately

  • Sleepy Zero

    Wow Austrailia sucks at Tekken so bad. What a joke that they can get TTT2 arcade cabs and we here in the US with good players don’t.

  • Faz

    Maybe all the Poongko haters that always say he only had so many points on PSN was because he beat scrubs will shut up now. Poongko has always been one of the most under-rated players and I think he is showing the full potential of Seth, a truly awesome player.


    wher eis the archive? i tought it was a 2 day event

  • RaiJinKen

    Seth? SETH??? Fuck Daigo, Poongko for president.

    Had no idea Gamerbee played Tekken.

  • Castigation

    Yun so broken! Waaahaaaa! Waaahaaaa! Oh, wait.. Nevermind.

  • Fulaani

    no results for 3s and bb?

    • Faustian Logix

      Tokido took BB, Deshiken took 3s.

  • Mooglesniperz

    stay free Australia….. meanwhile in Canada

    • sNb

      Meanwhile in USA…

  • Blacksonic21

    Poongko beasting on Momochi was too good.

  • Nine

    I believe in Mike”The Boss” Ross.
    Mad Props to Poongko. Hope he gets to Evo2011.

  • Dj Antman


  • daebaek

    he pretty much chose Yang just to show off some Super combos lol

    • ChibiMana

      Yeah that’s what I was going to say. He used Yang just to show it off on a stream against some scrub Zangief. If Yang was really a counter-pick than he would have used him against Itabashi as well.

  • Windsagio

    Gotta feel bad for ECT running the same week as this. I guess they get seperate finals days anyways.

    • clue2025

      The problem is there’s a new major popping up every 2 weeks. Its really stupid.

  • Shervin

    Any vids?

    • Necrophile

      look at Hypehype’s timestamps to find all the matches fast.

      just an example:

      |HUMANBOMB-1:01:32| |GAMERBEE-01:06:54| |GAMEOUTTTT-01:15:50| |MOV-1:24:30| |CHOCOBLANKA(BLUE.COS)-1:30:54| |GAMERBEE-1:36:41| |KINDEVU-1:42:36| |GAMEOUTTTT-1:48:57| |HUMANBOMB-1:56:37|

  • jellytooth

    I have to wonder if this is simply a lack of matchup experience vs Seth.

    Also I think that the “pocket Yun” tactic isn’t working for the top players. If you are going to use him, then drop your other character and main him. Don’t just switch to Yun after you lose with your main it probably wont work.

    • Faustian Logix

      I actually saw the Pocket Yun come out quite a bit watching a lot of pool play and even later on (by top players, as you said). You’re very right in saying that it isn’t working out, seeing as I saw Momochi play a much better Ken (when he did) than his Yun. I was actually glad to see that the twins didn’t do as well this tourney. Even better to see one get lit up in finals.

      There was talk of a lot of the top players practicing specifically against Yun/Yang overnight after the first day. I can’t remember exactly, but I think Poongko said he practiced with another top player most of the night before top 16 the next day. If it wasn’t Poongko, then it was someone else who made it up there.

      • Xyshin

        It was MOV and Makoto, according one of Mike Ross’ tweets.

        • Faustian Logix

          Ah, thanks for the correction. Too much info was floating around for me to keep track.

    • LordJim

      When you play him enough to be one of the Top 10 Yun GMs, is not really a ‘pocket’ character concerning Momochi.
      But you have a point in general

    • Utahsbowser

      For thsoe that think this is a lack of Seth Experince. Poongko plays with all the top players all the time online. He has beaten Tokido and Mago in first to tens as well as infiltration. Poongko has reached Seths Meta game and its scary.

    • Necrophile

      Good point. Xian the Yun player from Singapore who sent Mago to loser bracket dropped his Dhalsim main to focus entirely on Yun, and it paid off.

  • ColdBrand

    Justin Wong’s dog came in second? Incredible!

    • InvaderFelix

      Too good.

  • Good Game Player

    kind of sucks the wind out of AE at Evo to have such a ridiculously stacked bracket here. there’s no way Evo can compare to the most high-skill bracket EVER seen in an english-speaking country.

  • Fivec

    Yeah, that bracket is just absurd.

  • Lazir

    Tokido’s in there. All over in fact


    where’s the MK9 results?


    • Translayer

      Did you forget that MK is banned over there?

      • Timic83

        i don’t see why we don’t just have mk9 tourny, everyone in australia has a copy lol

  • ChibiMana

    Poongko should definitely have a good sponsor soon enough. I’m sure a man that allegedly plays 16 hours a day would not mind traveling the world as a professional gamer. I really hope he can make it to Evo somehow. Especially now that he’s one of the worlds favorites.

    • Black Hayate

      if you are a pro-gamer in korea, you are pretty much a sponsor player already

    • Necrophile

      Poongko’s translator said to Markman that Poongko wants to go to Evo. Someone sponsor Poongko already!

      Great player and very good at hyping the crowd. After he beat Momochi 3-0 he drank a whole bottle of Red Bull in one shot right in front of the camera lol

      Then Poongko said Momochi was a great Yun player, but he considered Mago to be his toughest opponent and wanted to face Mago in the finals.

    • MrSoada

      Madcatz is going to pick him up and announce him two weeks before Evo. CALLING IT NOW.

  • cow8111

    Wish to see more of haitani, his makoto is a beast and very enjoyable to watch.

  • simon_

    fucking crazy sf4 bracket. I dont think evo will be at this level.

  • EB-C

    team hori, playerjun52 and tsrai??? did they acutally play in the tournament?, cause i never saw them playing

    • LordJim

      Sadly, no

    • Faustian Logix

      Something about an ash cloud delayed several flights. Many players were held over and couldn’t compete.

      • RoBear

        A major volcano erupted in Chile earlier this month releasing a ton of ash. That’s probably what they were referring to.

  • YerAlma

    well done poongko !
    i always knew u had it in u 😀

  • NightPirate

    tokido is the best

  • Sh33p

    I like how the organisers managed to push any Aus players out of top 8 by inviting half the population of japan to play.

  • kingsharkboi

    Who needs Yoga Sniper!? Poongko ftw

  • simon_

    AE has been really boring in american tournaments because it was either daigo bodying people with yun, or just no real killers there.

    they need to do it like shadowloo and invite more international people, AE was mad hype

    • EmJaY

      It’s probably a lot easier/cheaper for Japanese players to travel to Australia then all the way to the U.S.

  • Farpenoodle

    Shoutouts to Xian repping Singapore. As well as Max Carnage repping Malaysia in MvC.

  • bitkid

    Mike Ross told Mago to HOLD DAT!!!

  • rcorporon

    Is there a way to watch the tournament after the fact? I had to work all weekend and would have liked to see the SSFIV matches.

    • muushupork

      you can go to shadowloos justin tv page and watch the archives.

  • Rizhall

    Shoutouts to lack of 3s results

    • clue2025

      Momochi/Tokido? I don’t know they’re posted in the 3s section.

  • PC Jona

    so tokido got 1st in tekken 6, marvel and bb

    and got 4th in ae

    tokido is amazing.

  • MrSoada

    After that bizarre decision to stream the local 5v5 team matches over top 16, I was pretty annoyed. Then Poongko came back on, and I remember what its like to be excited over AE again.

  • Eileithyia

    why American players are so happy with a win over a Japanese player? then forget to how to play the next match and always get blowup. they should act like Poongko.

    • MrSoada

      You mean showboat with middle-school crowd-pleasing rituals? And then completely disrespect the guy who got 2nd? Poongko is a strong player (and from my post above you can tell I enjoyed watching him play) but the kid is a complete social retard. Mike Ross doesn’t need attention, and getting that far with Honda is a pretty good achievement. Mind you, he knocked out Mago and got taken out by the world’s 3rd or 4th best Yun. Strong showing indeed.

      • ChibiMana

        News Flash: People celebrate in different ways. Poongko shook everyone’s hand and bowed including Momochi. He ran the gauntlet in one of the most stacked brackets in recent memory straight through the winners bracket. It was his first win in an international major so I don’t blame the dude for feeling himself a little bit on stage.

        • MrSoada

          Let me take off my belt before a match to show I’m serious, put it back on and take it off again the next match like a douche. And then say Momochi wasn’t a satisfying enough opponent. Lamest sportsmanship outside of America I’ve seen yet.

          • Goyahitaro

            lol you mad bro?

          • ChibiMana

            So a person getting as comfortable as possible for a match is unsportsmanlike? He needed to put his belt back on to hold up his pants… And You are misinterpreting his words. He meant he was confident against every other opponent except for Mago’s Fei. So him not having to fight through Mago’s Fei made him not really fell like the best player at the tournament. Thats all he was saying. Mago was the only person he was truly worried about. He even said “no disrespect to momochi”

          • Reewind

            he mad

          • MrSoada

            Yeah I’m so mad. Cute seeing you guys defend douchebaggery ’cause it was a timid, shy Korean player. If it was any American player, people would just say “This guy is a lameass.” And they would be correct.

          • muushupork

            If it was an american player it … wait, what? no round eyes will ever make top 8 in a tourney with this skill level. poongkos antics were great.

      • Necrophile

        Hey Soada I saw your name on stream chat and you were one of the few reasonable people not posting immature insults.

        I think Poongko wants to do like UFC fighters like Rampage Jackson. They are polite to their opponent, while still trying to hype the crowd. Poongko does not wish to humiliate anyone.

        I find Poongko’s behavior to be fine. The crowd loved it. And the opponents were fine with it. It’s sorta like Tokido doing the Raging Demon pose. He still shook hands with Clakeyd.

        • MrSoada

          No, I certainly was making unreasonable comments once they started to stream Melb vs Syd :p.

  • Wu Fei for some matches. That Seth and those Ume Shoryu’s.

    • MrSoada

      Any word on the t16 off-stream matches? Haitani was a beast.

  • upup_downdown

    poongko is awesome, h e looked really tired tho, i think i saw him sleeping at the back at some point.. (insert racist joke here)

    Massive props to shadowloo gang for this, was a great event to be at 🙂

    • Necrophile

      Yes, from reading blogs on, seems like the Melbourne community is an awesome group of people.

      They pooled their money together to get a godlike venue, high quality stream despite Australia’s internet being known to be sub-par in general, and they were very friendly and generous with Americans and other international guests. Markman said on his twitter that he had a great time. I enjoyed the stream and matches a lot. Their city vs city AE matches were also very hype.

  • Makchaka

    one of the best matches and community i have ever seen online
    props to shadowloo for making this event, you guys are awesome

  • terecho


    • terecho

      Humanbomb’s Yang is amazing..

  • Super Scrub

    I read a “no one major came to CEO” comment for MvC 3

    Really? Floe, Chris G, TwistedJago, Yipes, Marn, and Justin Wong aren’t MvC 3 majors? Whut?

    Last time I checked, JWong was the top US player for MvC 3.

  • Jandek

    @black hayate you have no idea how inaccurate your statement is. Aside from the most popular star craft players. Many of the best Tekken players (which is WAY more popular in Korea than SF) the legendary players barely scrape by.


    The live stream was great. Loved watching Noel Brown get carried in teams.

  • Jagga_Toof

    It’s pretty refreshing to see someone like Poongko to get hyped, other than Tokido.