East Coast Throwdown 3 Live Stream and Results

By on June 26, 2011 at 11:13 am

East Coast Throwdown 3 is streaming finals day right now. See who earns those Evo Qualifier points, courtesy of the Team Spooky broadcast embedded below. Results will be posted below throughout the day, as well.

Watch live video from teamsp00ky on www.justin.tv

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Results –
1st – Wolfkrone (C.Viper)
2nd – EMP Dieminion (Guile)
3rd – EMP DragonGod (Ibuki)
4th – TS Min (Fei Long)
5th – MTLer (El Fuerte)
5th – Aquasilk (Zangief)
7th – Merkilo (Yun, Rufus)
7th – TS Sabin (Dhalsim)

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Results –
1st – ChrisG (Amaterasu, Ryu, Wesker)
2nd – Ryry (Magneto, Zero, Akuma)
3rd – Josh Wong (Dante, Magneto, Wesker) (Dante, Magneto, Felicia)
4th – EMP SmoothViper (Magneto, Dormammu, Sentinel) (Wolverine, Taskmaster, Sentinel)
5th – MastaCJ (Dormammu, Magneto, Wesker)
5th – UVG Noel Brown (Wolverine, Wesker, Akuma)
7th – EMP EvilRahsaan (Spider-Man, Sentinel, Phoenix)
7th – EMP Remix (Magneto, Wolverine, Sentinel)

Arcana Heart 3 Results –
1st – Comic-Z (Akane Flower)
2nd – sumAZNdude (Maori Lightning)
3rd – Sabin (Kamui Dark)

Mortal Kombat 9 Results –
1st – Michaelangelo (Kabal)
2nd – Chris G (Reptile)
3rd – REO (Reptile)

BlazBlue CS2 Results –
1st – Lord Knight
2nd – SuperKawaiiDesu
3rd – Zidane

Tekken 6 Results –
1st – Fighting GM
2nd – OFDP
3rd – Iron Sayco

  • Renegade

    Can we get a schedule and/or who’s left in each tournament please?

    Maybe even matchups!

    • Keits

      If you have that stuff, please send it over srktips(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll publish it.

  • BLaZiaN

    East Coast Throwdown is the beeeeeeeeeeeeeest

    • Castigation

      Clearly you did not watch Shadowloo Showdown.

  • superscience890

    Here are the results for Blazblue as I know

    1. Lord Knight
    2. SuperKawaiiDesu
    3. Zidane

  • HuBBsDoctor

    tekken top 3

    1. Fighting GM
    2. OFDP
    3. Iron Sayco

  • Windsagio

    Michaelangelo gets around, damn.

  • DevilJin 01

    DMV alll dayyyy.

    • delsolvtec1993

      “DevilJin” soo right

  • Windsagio

    so is Noel Brown the most hated guy in the community right now?

  • GirugaMarc

    Sippin’ on dat Choka Cola booooi.

    Shoutouts to Ordinary Guy.

  • Xyshin

    That was some really shady stuff with Winners and Losers Finals of MvC3… even Yipes and Megaman Steve were like wtf not 3/5 in a Winners or Losers Finals? Since when has ANY MAJOR WITH EVO SEED POINTS not had 3/5 in a FINALS type situation? If that was Noel Brown running that shit again… man he shouldn’t be allowed to run brackets or tournaments EVER.

    • Windsagio

      Arcana Heart simply deserved more time than marvel, that’s all.


    • Icy Black Deep

      Unusual and questionable perhaps, but it was the plan all along: “2/3 Matches, 3/5 Grand Finals” http://shoryuken.com/forum/threads/east-coast-throwdown-3-evo-2011-tournament-season-nj-june-25-26-sfxt-s-kill.128154/
      If that’s your worst complaint about the tournament, you clearly weren’t there yesterday.

      • chuchoyei

        What happened yesterday?

        • Xyshin

          The pools and such ran really late for MK9 among other problems like them might having to change the venue because of having too many people. There were a host of stuff that kinda derailed the tournament a bit. A large amount of people signing up when they showed up way more then tournament organizers anticipated. I think power also went out on certain stations and some consoles not being fully updated or having all characters for some games as well.

      • Xyshin

        Actually for MvC3 it clearly says:
        Marvel vs Capcom 3

        1 Round Matches
        2/3 Matches, 3/5 Matches Finals
        Double Elimination
        Prizes are 70/20/10 of entry fees.
        Please scroll up for EVOLUTION 2011 Tournament Season Point delegations.

        Might want to read a bit more clearly

  • superscience890

    If you want the characters for Blazblue,
    Lord Knight (Litchi)
    Super Kawaii Desu (Noel)
    Zidane (Hazama)

  • Windsagio

    Guess the cost of good Skill commentary is bad capcom infomercial time.

  • King Rizz

    Do we not get to see more than just top 3 for the non-Capcom games? I mean seriously, I love SF and MvC just as much as the next guy, but the bias for these games is making me sick of them. Its like the organizers believe no one plays the other games. Yeah, lets ignore whole fucking communities, thats a great way to keep the scene going.

    • Cibernetico

      Unfortunately, that’s just how it is. I was there on Saturday as a spectator and I have to say, the sides games had a hell of a lot more action going on than MVC3 and SFAE combined. The Tekken 6 tourney had some really amazing matches and the MK9 pools had tons of people being glued to what was going on than any of the games on the big screen.

      Hell, I was there watching CrazyDominican vs. Tom Brady as well as Brady’s next match were he lost 3-0 to a player’s whose name I did not catch and at the same time there was some big time action going on in MvC3 and everybody just wanted to stick to MK9. Same thing with the BB and GG tournies aswell.

      But anyway, like I said before, that’s just the way these guys like to run things. They’d rather show pool play/casual sets than a game featuring two top players from a game like Arcana Heart 3.

      • King Rizz

        The guy who beat Brady was Magneto…something…yeah, lol. There was a pretty sick Liu Kang player there as well and I heard great things about the Tekken tourney as well. I’m not so big into the Ark games but they do deserve credit as well. Most other games do have their own streams, but rarely ever to the quality of a stream like Spooky’s. Storms from TYM filmed the MK tourney off of his Android.
        I give my hat off to AE still especially for so far disproving the Yun army beliefs, but MvC3 is still basically the same matches over and over. Jchen’s comments on the game’s depth are looking very far fetched.

    • Thancruz

      That’s why they usually have separate streams for other events.

    • IronMan42

      8 hours or BB from saturday, http://www.justin.tv/st1ckbug/b/288832188, finals happen midway through part 5 i believe.

  • FiveFingerDP

    Never thought I would see an El Fuerte in the top 8 of a major 😀

  • roq

    So I wasn’t watching live, but judging by the comments, did Noel “3 out of 5” Brown ruin yet another tournament?

  • Jandek


  • upup_downdown

    seriously is there any respectable players at this besides Wolfkrone?

  • And One

    Waaaay to much Phoenix in the top 8 for MvC3.

    • Ahbeep

      There was one Phoenix in top 8. I was there and counted. Singles that is.

      • b3nz0r

        Even one is wayyy too much. 😀

  • Cozby

    Shoutouts to Merkilo!

  • Ahbeep

    This was my first major and I left disappointed. Nothing began on time, nothing at all so I had to hang around until they were ready and waste time not resting or playing casuals. I was given my pool assignments because I preregistered, when the pools were called I was not in any of the pools assigned to me. So I went to the tournament runners and had to wait 45 mins while my MVC3 pool started to find out I wasn’t placed in any of the pools assigned to me. So I had to go to the person running the pools and have them place me in the pool. My AE and MK9 pools were suppose to begin at 6pm and they did not start until about 9:30-10pm. There was 1 person running 2 pools. The commentary was not good at all for AE or MVC3 finals. I always hear on stream that I should go to majors and experience a tournament, there a lot of fun. I left and did not have a great experience or fun. The only real cool thing was I got to play SFxT, talk to Seth Killian, and the Local Battles casuals setup they had outside the main room.

  • Malevolencia

    Yo, it’s Malice. I took some pics while at ECT3.


  • MagnetoHalfway

    MagnetoHalfway is the name ^_^

    Yea the set with Brady was 3-0, but it was very close games, and Im honored to have had the opportunity to compete against such great players. I dont get out to many tournaments, but it was a great time and most ppl I met were really cool.

  • TheNyion

    wolfkrone you mean the hamburgler lol!!oh please!!!

  • delsolvtec1993

    ECT3 was a very poorly ran tournament, I understand the complications with last minute registrations, lack of consoles and miscommunications happen, however you shouldn’t run a tournament past what your resources allow. The only thing worth it this year SFxTK…
    And I think AXE body spray should of been a necessary sponsor at this event, if you know what i mean… Jesus


    The live stream was great. Loved watching Noel Brown get carried in teams.

    P.S. – good shit Ryry and Dieminion. An extra special thanks to Cage, Fran, Joe, the rest of the TOs, Seth and Team Mad Catz for the stick. Things weren’t perfect but they were good enough for me and I’ll be there again next year. Peace.

  • Eileithyia

    the AE competition is so low. i can’t believe the Yun player didn’t win the tournament? it’s yun, it should be free win right?

  • jaguar

    characters for tekken:
    Tekken 6 Results –
    1st – Fighting GM (Lee)
    2nd – OFDP (Jack)
    3rd – Iron Sayco (Dragunov)

    55 entrants

  • Raion

    Yo merkiloooooooooo! Also I wish they would post top 16 for all games instead of top just top 8. Kind of lessens the value of placing. “Your either top 8, or your trash!” That’s what I get from that lol.