Street Fighter X Tekken Lifebars Will Change

By on June 24, 2011 at 1:07 pm

VegaMan hit up Seth Killian at NCR last weekend and brought up a few questions. He says that, while it isn’t much, he figures that any new information is better than being in the dark.

Q: When can we expect the next major update regarding SFxT?

Seth: We should have a little something at Comic Con and Evo is coming up soon as well.

Q: How does the scaling work in SFxT when you are hitting both of your opponent’s characters at the same time?

Seth: It’s not set yet.

Q: Will the life bars be changes to be a bit more visible in SFxT?

Seth: Yeah we’re doing something about that. We understand having orange on orange with glowing orange borders is not easy to see.

Q: I’ve noticed a lot of timeouts in both E3 and here. Will anything be adjusted like life bars or damage because of this?

Seth: Remember MvC3? Everyone said that was going to be a problem then, but it’s not much of a problem now. The problem is that people just didn’t know how to play the unreleased game yet. They hadn’t learned the good combos, or the strong mix-ups. It’s the same thing now. Since most of them have only played for a few minutes, or maybe an hour, nobody really knows how to play the game yet. The timeout situation will probably resolve itself as people learn how to play it.

Q: What do fans need to do to ensure that GGPO is incorporated into future Capcom games? In particular, fighting games?

Seth: I’ve been pushing that ever since I came to Capcom 4 years ago and it took until 3SOE to actually get implemented into a fighting game. One of the problems is that with 3D game like SFxT, we are basically using all of the PS3’s processing power. And although it’s very difficult to incorporate a rollback function I don’t believe it’s impossible. If fans really want something like this implemented then the best advice I can give is to tell other people at Capcom. Internally I suspect they just think I’m crazy, and they’re tired of hearing me go on about it, so if it’s important to you, let everyone else know.

  • RageQuit420

    the rainbow lifebars were my biggest pet peeves for how it looked..good to know

  • FiveFingerDP

    It was almost guaranteed they would be changed after all the complaints Seth got from the community. Something a bit more monochromatic and defined might be a nice change.

  • Negative-Zer0

    Change the title. The last question is sure to be much more interesting for the members.

  • Jufo

    Hmm… What would be the right place to bug Capcom about using GGPO on this?

    • tallshortguy

      Sneak into the next board meeting.

  • PKSkyler

    Thank God! Seriously, it was like the worst thing about the game ever. Im kinda color blind, so I couldnt tell anyones health at any time really, and was surprised everytime I saw a KO.

  • PKSkyler

    Oh and question: All the “PS3s” processing power? Does that mean we wont see a 360 release???

    • TrollThisSRK

      360 has much better hardware than ps3….

      • Narcowski

        This is not technically true – it’s more like developing software to take advantage of the 360’s hardware is many times easier since it’s more PC-like.

      • RaHavic

        Umm Cell Processors:
        As a more cost-effective alternative to conventional supercomputers, the U.S. military has purchased clusters of PS3 units for research purposes. – PS3 Wiki

        You are out of your mind brother just FYI.

        • LeeRockU

          Ya know anyone an post information on Wikia, right? Not saying it is false but when it comes to wiki you can’t believe everything you read.

      • MavFan619


    • GirugaMarc

      PS3 always gets the short end of the stick when it comes to Capcom fighters in terms of netplay and playability(barely noticeable though).

      PS3 lags (1-2 frames) for the entire SF4 series, MvC3, it’ll probably be the same for SFvT.

      • PKSkyler

        Right, I knew that. But I was wondering why Seth said that, making it sound like PS3’s processing power was being pushed to the limits but not mentioning Xbox.

  • NJ9999

    The MK9 meter was a hell of a lot more annoying. Sometimes you’d try to use your X-ray to the point it was mashing just to find out that you don’t have full meter. The stupid symbol on the end keeps changing and for some reason is a big circle at the end.

  • TrollThisSRK

    “Internally I suspect they just think I’m crazy,”
    Yea I can see how that meeting goes…

    “What? Playable netcode? Pish posh! I know what gamers want, and its a lot of bright flashing lights, tits, model viewers, cinematics, etc. You know, like mvc3! They also want to pay through the nose for alternate outfits that we had completed since before the game released but you don’t get them with the game because FUCK YOU THATS WHY”

    • Windsagio

      What part of ‘THE ENGINEERS SAY IT DOESN’T WORK’ doesn’t get through to peoples heads?


      • TrollThisSRK

        did I SAY anything about GGPO dumb fuck?

        Pretty sure I just made a comment on how online playability really got the back seat in MvC3 despite they clearly are capable of doing better because they did with sf4

        • Windsagio

          you realize the ‘they think I”m crazy’ thing was specifically Killian talking about how the engineers are sick of him carrying on about it?

          GGPO was precisely within the contest of the quote you were referencing… and you said ‘playable netcode’ in that context.

          The main thing I’m surprised at is that you went denial mode instead of brazening it out… I suppose that’s progress.

          • TrollThisSRK

            I was addressing the fact that devs apparently dont think playable netcode is a big deal. Context of original quote is irrelevant.

            Failing at the english language is sad. Failing at the english language and then looking down on others because of YOUR failure is straight up pathetic.

  • Rhio2k

    Need to lose that fruity-ass rainbow scheme (HAD to be Ono’s idea, there), too. Just fade yellow to orange to red, thank you very much.

  • FaceMeAndBeBroken

    NO fighting game “takes up all the PS3’s power”


    • TrollThisSRK

      why is this hard to believe? The hardware in the ps3 is very outdated now.

      And it thats true then why does the machine start chugging like a champ, slowing down, frameskipping durrin mvc3?

      • MavFan619

        Have you seen FF XIII on PS3 as opposed to 360’s or Uncharted 2/God of War 3? They fit on 1 disc what 360’s couldn’t do on like 10 discs. Don’t be ignorant, both consoles have their ups and downs.

        • Takeshi-sama

          Man, that couldn’t possibly be because of the fact that blu-ray disks can hold up to 10x more than a standard DVD, could it? Nawww, that’d be silly.

    • DDMagnaS

      PROCESSING power. That’s different. Different games use processing power in different ways. Think of it in terms of the PS3’s main processor, it has to handle the entire back-end of the game and run calculations the whole time. Not just to put the graphics on screen, but to handle the varying inputs from two different players and make them play nice, to make sure the audio is lined up, all these different tasks that are required for modern fighting games. Graphics don’t even factor in, most of that work is done by the GPU, and not by the processor itself, although some things are handled by the processor, like physics, etc. Basically what he’s saying is that putting in GGPO, which is its own system which then has to play nice with the others, over top of all of that will just put more strain on the processor and that’s why developers are hesitant to implement it, because they don’t want to potentially cut back on something else.

      • Kei_

        Good to see someone else understand that statement. I imagine it’s just people not thinking OR not ever being a PC gamer. Not every game is limited by the same thing. Some things are HEAVILY taxing on the cpu, some things are heavily taxing on the gpu…every game is different.

        That’s why you can upgrade a computer’s gpu sometimes, and still get a huge increase even with the same old cpu. Sometimes you get a new gpu, and nothing gets better…because the cpu was what was holding you back.

        The PS3 and 360 are both insanely powerful, but they’re both also very old now in the tech world, things get more demanding over time so they can’t do everything forever. Btw thank GOD they’re changing the life bars, that was my only gripe I’ve seen so far…then again I figured there is no way they’d release the game with those anyway. 🙂


    • Diernes

      oh yeah sure, and that’s why we get a constant 60 fps in every ps3 fighting game right? /facepalm.

      the current gen hardware is woefully inadequate, end of discussion….

      Also fuck you CRAPCOM.

      what part of playable online play is ‘crazy?’ and I am sure many of us have been trying to get this through to capcom for years at this point

  • NJ9999

    Though I’d still like to see some sort of counter or even a parry would suffice. So far this Alpha counter requires one meter making it very limited to pros who want to use it whenever possible and it’s safe on block so scrubs can mash their hearts out and not get punished by a grab or at least an attack after block. The very least I would still want to be able to punish the teammate running in.

  • GuyWithNoHat

    Lifebar Change = THANK GOD

    • Tokairu


      • GuyWithNoHat


  • r00ster22

    Wow best news yet about that game god damn those lifebars were bad.

  • MWisk_2

    Good! Now fix the filter on the characters too, too graphite and shit. I don’t see harmony between the chars and the background thanks to that filter.

    • Windsagio

      100% Lower color UI elements and backgrounds, higher color characters.

  • PandaVega

    Sorry but if Capcom’s fighting games take up all of the PS3’s processing power they are HORRIBLY optimized. The PS3 (and 360) has ollld hardware and if anybody denies that they’re crazy, but they’re also crazy if they think that SF4/MvC/etc take up all of the PS3’s processing power. Just sounds like an excuse for not implementing something better that’s slightly more difficult to implement.

    • ddrt

      Just another cop out. I agree with you.

    • MavFan619

      If anything the only devs that have pushed the PS3 have been 1st party (Naughty Dog) Seth is bugging if he thinks what SSF4 and MvC3 have pushed PS3 if anything if the games were exclusive (not saying they should be)to either console then true optimization can happen but not as multiplatforms.

  • Man Town Mayor

    “didn’t know how to play the game” should read: “didn’t know about the DHC glitch”

  • Weecho

    But I like the current life bars. They make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

  • starmine92

    “We understand having orange on orange with glowing orange borders is not easy to see.” really points out how stupid whoever chose the life bar color scheme

  • TooItchy

    I had hated the lifebars since I first saw them, I couldn’t believe that would be the final product, but as time went on, they kept them… So I decided that I wouldn’t pass judgement till I saw the game in action, or played it myself, well, I did both at NCR, only got to play for a few seconds, but, in those few seconds, my hate was solidified. They are terrible, you can’t tell how much life you have left, unless you focus on them for an extended period of time during the match. Ya, not ok. And during the SFXT “Tournament” at NCR, I’m pretty sure there were some losses, thanks to not being sure how much health both chars had left, so not tagging out.

  • Entourage

    At least they realized how stupid the current design is.

  • ddrt

    “One of the problems is that with 3D game like SFxT, we are basically using all of the PS3′s processing power.”

    … you’re joking right?

  • Valiantheart

    Still not feeling a game that is 1/2 SF 4 mixed with 1/2 Marvel 3 with some tekken thrown in for seasoning.

    • AgumonKid

      Mix it up with some garlic and you got SFxTK !

  • combatsandwich

    why do they make 3D fighting games, when you only fight in 2D. I want my sprites back CAPCOM.

    • Windsagio

      there’s a slight problem wherein unless you get a volunteer, sprites are WAAAAAAAAAY more expensive and time intensive these days.

  • Robo-mitsu

    THE BATTLE BEGINS! Let us unite behind our lord Seth and fight for our right for decent netcode!

  • Archon

    An easy fix for the lifebars would be to keep the orange to blue borders but reverse the orange to blue health meter, so it would read blue where a character is healthy shifting to orange-red when a character is near defeat. This would let them keep the design and the flash which is pretty slick.

    • Windsagio

      Or they can just quit watching Rainbow Brite on mescaline.

  • ChampionshipEdition

    Killian saying “using all the PS3’s processing power” is shorthand for a general audience that judging by some comments here, doesn’t understand how it works.

    People don’t understand what GGPO and rollback actually mean in programming and processing terms. They just know Blazblue is awesome and everybody else sucks.

    The rollback sort of code becomes extremely intensive when it involves generating past frames of a 3D game with lots of crap flying around. Like one of the modern 3D fighting games. It is not the same as a game using bit mapped art. Those are just a handful of frames that are already buffered in memory. It is trivial to return to a previous frame when rolling back.

    When Killian said he believes it is possible to do with a 3D game, he means if a 3D game was designed and carefully built around roll back code from the ground up, you might – might, MIGHT – be able to pull it off on the five year old 360 or PS3 hardware.

    And if people think one of these flashy 3D fighting games that have to run at 60fps at all times isn’t straining these old consoles, they’re smoking some great shit. Please share it! Most games on these consoles struggle to maintain 30fps even with modern engine technology and good optimization.

    The truth is people will swear anything is an excuse just because they don’t want to believe a reasonable explanation. They’re mad at Capcom and won’t take no for an answer.

    • Windsagio

      I tend to think that Killian is just giving some good community relations by saying he believes its possible. If it seems like somebody is on their side, people will think better of Capcom, and that kind of goodwill is important.


      Good description of rollback codes I heard recently: “It’s like each person running 2 copies of the game at once”

      (not literally of course)

    • Diernes

      good post.

    • pkt-zer0

      “It is not the same as a game using bit mapped art. Those are just a handful of frames that are already buffered in memory. It is trivial to return to a previous frame when rolling back.”

      Same in 3D games. The CPU-intensive part isn’t the rollback, but having to recompute the accurate game state. And the thing complicating that is particle effects and other physics-y stuff, if you want them to be 100% accurate – neither of those specific to 3D games.

      “And if people think one of these flashy 3D fighting games that have to run at 60fps at all times isn’t straining these old consoles, they’re smoking some great shit.”

      That’s because it’s hard to imagine that utilizing literally 100% of the hardware is a) possible and b) necessary. Using 90% of the hardware and having non-awful netcode would still be perfectly fine, despite some people insisting that you couldn’t possibly sell more than six copies of a game like that, it’d be so hideous.

      • Windsagio

        isn’t it generally a RAM problem with the old consoles? Especially on these team games.

  • RaHavic

    Love the comment in here about PS3 and 360 both being outdated as hell technologicly (as strong as they are).


    They both really do suck when you look at it from the right perspective.

  • Dumehra

    Thank god!!!!!!!!!!!
    That POS lifebar look like crap. Change that shit!