SSF4AE – Yun Genei Jin Kara-Palm x10

By on June 24, 2011 at 9:18 am

Desk’s latest video demonstrates a corner Genei Jin combo for Yun that consists almost entirely of palm strikes. The video also shows a few setups to get the positioning right to perform what seems like the most damaging Genei Jin combo available (correct me if I’m wrong). Desk offers a tutorial and explanation on his blog, as well.

  • Imperator Optimus


    • Deddjay

      Well played capcom. Well played. 10/10

  • Lazir

    That shouldn’t be allowed

    • KefkaVI

      This was possible in SF3 too, good luck pulling that in a serious match. Not sure if 3s “Keeper Jin” is possible in AE too, it’s even more bizarre than this.

      • pzlate

        You could do forward fierce over and over again in the corner and do about 455 damage and it’s very easy to pull off compared to the palms.

  • reverze

    that’s basicly a ultra combo in terms of damage…

    • Pizzaroo

      More than an ulta combo.

      • Pizzaroo

        ultra* :U

  • Da Knut

    SMH fuck this game

    • defghui

      SMH… suck my hand?

      • Dan CiTi

        Shake my head.

    • ghandis spatula

      So much hype

  • sdweim85

    I can feel it coming over me
    I feel it all around me
    I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life it’s my destiny
    There’s a fire deep inside of me
    it’s waiting to come out now
    no matter what, no matter how, I know I’ll make it through somehow

    Unless I’m against Yun

    • The Hebrew Hammer

      Because Yun is INDESTRUCTABLE

  • Klique

    Lol I had a feeling this bullshit was possible again hahaha once people get this down…tears will fall

    • LordJim

      Once people get hit by Raw Ultras in the corner regularly, we will have to wonder what the heck happened, but yeah.
      On a random note, how much damage can gen do with his super to Ultra shenanigans?

      • HNIC Mike

        720 i think max dmg


    Cheap? Do you know how much he paid for that hat?

    • Guilty

      Hooray for 3S quotes xD I was hoping he’d have that in AE

      • kenuran

        He does.

        • shaktazuki

          You should try skateboarding! It does wonders for your balance!

  • Jamheald

    Yang’s super is jealous.

  • hold dat

    at least in 3s this is difficult to perform. waaay too easy to do it in ssf4

    capcom better patch this before the salt overflows and the scrubs revolt lol

    I personally wish there was more broken shit like this in the game. interesting to see if capcom will take this out

    • Supernova


    • ghandis spatula

      At least in 3s there were 5 other characters that had this level of BS. Also there was only 1 super art, not two different bars, and parrying helped a lot more than foucsing.

  • Diernes

    This is the gayest thing i have ever seen, fuck this game Sf x Tekken cant come soon enough…

    • GuyWithNoHat

      sf x tekken is going to be pretty shitty too. and please stop labeling stuff as gay cause you cant think of an appropriate insult D= .

      BTT: This is way to easy to do but yet theres still no reason to even do this (except after the ultra maybe). you might aswell activate palm palm rush punch palm palm…..and so on. nice find as always desk but its not even needed.

      • Diernes

        No it’s not, so far it’s looking great the combo system already looks far more believable that the awkward looking shit you always see in SF4.

        Oh I can think of many more insults and constructive break downs of why this is lame on many level’s but in the end, it’s a waste of time and I’ll label what I think is gay all I like, the reason I do because I feel it is appropriate and don’t get all PC bullshit on me…

        Fuck all this ghey love for the SF4 series, it really is not that good, overated banal boring shit.

  • Tactics

    Its 3S All over again lol.

    • ruff0123

      No one in Japan figure out how to kara palm during GJ???

      • ruff0123

        oops, hit reply by mistake

  • Tactics

    And that was not hard in 3S at all.

    • ShaoTatari

      I wonder if you are serious.

  • Immaculate

    Too much damage!

  • Veserius

    more damaging and still not optimized version has been on youtube for more than 2 weeks and it didn’t make front page…

    • Veserius

      And before someone jumps all over me I realize that damage scaling kicks in quicker on Sim, it’s just weird that people didn’t care about 8 palms 2 weeks ago.

      • MrFTW

        Did you send in a tip? You can’t get mad at Keits if you didn’t send him a tip.

    • Klique

      thats unfortunate = (

    • TooDrunkToFunk

      Counter-hit as opposed to no Counter-hit.

      Not really.

  • Half-Ro

    Kara palm the return lolcopter

  • TrueWu

    Maybe I should just give in, learn Yun, and troll my friends.

  • Overheat76

    Stop whinin’ guys! It’s MAHVEL baby!
    Oh wait….CRAP

    • Urza 857

      Lol, the DHC “Trick” of SSF4AE. Nice. Real smooth Capcom.


    You’d think they would take that out from 3S….thanks capcom

    • GuyWithNoHat

      In 3s the keeper jin and kara palm stuff was hard to do next ot teh fact that the genei jin wasnt as mash friendly as ssf4 gj.

  • BananaWeed

    I know Ono and co. designed some chars to be OP, but this is ridiculous.

    • deisied

      Ono’s job has nothing to do with balance or character design.

  • Streye

    Requires full revenge and super meter. If you’re not making him use ex to open you up to begin with, you’re already doing something wrong. It is ridiculous that the possible output is high, but much like many things in SF, if you get hit by it, you deserve it.

    • GuyWithNoHat

      really ? you deserve it ? you “deserve” eating all that dmg after him landing a mash friendly target combo ? or you deserve to eat a palm,, u1 setup in his oki game because its fuckin retarded ? really dude, you got no idea…

      • mr. tibbs

        oh dear: gay/retarded. I was with you on the “don’t use the word gay” thing, but now you’re using the word retarded.

        • GuyWithNoHat

          Atleast I didnt blame the Homosexual community for capcoms fail.

          • mosritemecha

            Sure, just mentally disabled people. You [i]jerk[/i].

      • Streye

        If you don’t block and get hit, you deserved it, it’s pretty clean cut. And the target combos? They all leave him at frame disadvantage, if you’re letting him continually do it to you, it’s your fault again. Palm into ultra setup? Uhh, it’s crazy slow, you shouldn’t be taking it as a reversal. If he’s doing it to you on wake up, you obviously guessed wrong or should have been blocking. Again, the fault of the player. So again, yes, you “deserve” to eat all that damage for getting hit by those moves.

        • GuyWithNoHat

          Youre pretty stupid, but hey stay free brah.

          • Streye

            Well, let’s see… I try using logic, reason, and facts here on srk, which is wasted on some people it seems. So yeah, that is pretty stupid. I’d tell you to go play MK, but even I don’t hate on the game THAT much.

    • NinthSymphony

      I agree. If that matters. lol. Just play in a way that MAKES yun use meter, then he won’t even think about gj.

  • The Lone Dragon

    Now someone just has to figure out a way to hit confirm raw ultras in the corner, and we’ll be set.

    Oh wait…

    • LordJim

      They do a neutral jump while you stand in front of them and let go of the stick?
      Should work every time.

  • Mafamaticks

    Stages of SSF:AE (specifically the Twins)

    1. Dissent
    2. Amusement
    3. Hilarity

    At this point every time they discover some new Twins tech I laugh at how deliciously evil Capcom is for this shit.

    • arstal

      Or the step I’ve taken: Rejection in favor of better games.

  • JinboYa

    Capcom is like a crack dealer. They sell you crack and even though its shit you hope the next time you grab something from them it will be better than the last.

    • DaveTheRave

      No you just go to a different dealer, or just wash some coke up yourself.


    Welcome to Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition of New Tactics and Not Letting Twins Build Meter.

  • DaveTheRave

    Is it me or has anyone not noticed that the damage scale reduction comes to a halt so after a set amount of palm strikes no energy is lost. Look at the video again

  • ShadowoftheDarkgod

    Awesome! Though the timing in 3S is stricter.

  • CHomes

    Time to go in the lab, to stop this meeter building machine from doing shit like this. Hate it all you want, it’s here to stay, less whining more training to beat it, simple as that.

  • Guessing23

    Until someone does it in a actually match, what’s there to bitch about.

  • Exia 00


  • The V

    I’m not sure the reason for the panic. Did people miss that there is no hit confirm on the s.MK, shoulder, or ultra before the super? These combos are all raw hit and then Genei Jin, which is not going to happen much. When hit confirms are factored in, damage reduction is very noticeable.

    The current Genei Jin combo with the overheads and palms to the corner followed by a successful mix up easily leads to comparable or more damage than these.

  • GirugaMarc


    • two2tone

      Hey Scotty Nguyen posts on SRK?

  • Joe The Condor


  • Kendrik

    lol Keits. What is this “Correct me if I’m wrong” business of yours? This is SRK. Peepz will correct you even if you’re right.

    • Doc Strange

      Pure delicious truth ^

  • Blaziner

  • randomjohn

    Played a Yun online last night and it just proves a scrubby player can beat you with Yun. I played like 12 matches with this random guy. Everytime he picks another character other than Yun, he loses badly (most of the time). The only wins he picked up from me was all from Yun. I don’t mind playing yun (even it was a great Yun), to be honest. It just sad that scrubby players can easily learn the simplest (without knowing any fundamentals of Yun) combos and can still have a good chance of winning compare to other characters.

    • MrSoada

      No, you’re just bad. Yun isn’t easy-mode ownage. You have to know what you’re doing against decent players.

  • YerAlma

    Should Yun be Banned in tournaments ? 😀

    • GirugaMarc

      While it would be good for this game’s already ruined metagame, it’ll never happen. Even if the majority wanted him banned.

      If we banned him, Daigo would never come to the U.S. to play  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Wasted

    Who cares. Yang’s dash loop does like 600.

  • Joe The Condor

    This does way more damage than in 3S, and it’s easier to do. Let’s ban Yun cause I suck at SF4 like the majority of North America. Japan, stop taking my money!

  • MWisk_2

    This character keeps getting stupider. =/

  • The 4th Letter

    Not only did Capcom NOT have the budget to patch 3SOE they had the budget to take something fucked up from it and put it in a new game and make it easier and do more damage.

    Ono believes this makes for better community. He’s clearly a genius, and CLEARLY does not do PCP.

  • The 4th Letter

    What REALLY irks me is I was looking at the damage scaling for Deejay combos into super… then I see this fucking bullshit.

    Japanese developers are the weirdest fuckers in the universe. Hands down.

  • Peteylicious

    Capcom needs to wake up and give Gen the 5-point palm exploding heart technique to keep these youngins in line.

  • Windsagio

    “more damaging and still not optimized version has been on youtube for more than 2 weeks and it didn’t make front page…”

    It’s like the infinites and glitches that people knew about before release and discussed that got credited to Desk as well.

    Its all who you know man >>

  • GirugaMarc

    the article thumbnail needs to be changed to this

    Whoever made this is gdlike.

    • BiGGDaddyCane


    • 2dfightermf

      that is the best thing i have ever seen lol

    • shaktazuki

      You win at internets!

  • Solid Smithers

    This is very situational, it doesn’t make him OP, he wasn’t OP anyways. Yun is only a threat once he’s close or hes knocked you down, and he hasn’t got many ways of getting in (coming from an Ibuki player xD). If you learn the match-up, you’ll realize it ain’t so bad. But I agree, he’s a lot easier to play with in general than 3S.

    • GirugaMarc

      I lol’d

  • BentoBox

    Justice has been served.

  • Sadistic Masochist

    sagat csan do 700+ damage in 1 combo, doesnt make him op.

    you only need to have stocked 1 angry scar and have a full super bar afterwards. and it more realistic to hit that one than hitting dry ultra with yun. he needs ex to combo into his ultra, so dont do stupid shit on yuns knockdown.

  • Sol Badguy


  • fezaru

    does anyone knows what desk looks like ? i’ve never seen him .. :S

  • Darkside 937

    Dear Capcom,
    Please fire Ono.


  • chairman of course

    at least not a 100% one^^

  • d3f1anc3

    Yun in the hands of desk. Truly redefining what the word “broken” means.

    Level up your balance CAPCOM. Seriously.