SRKLive King of the Kill June: Final Week and Updated MadCatz Prizes

By on June 23, 2011 at 12:02 pm

This month’s King of the Kill Challenge is in its final week, but before you hit up SRKLive and hop into battle, there’s something you should know about. In the spirit of online competition, MadCatz (follow them @MadCatzInc and on their Facebook Page here) has upped the ante by offering additional prizes to winners! Here’s the updated prize structure:

  1. MadCatz Tournament Edition Fight Stick courtesy of MadCatz
  2. Tritton AX720 Gaming Headphones (These are sick!) courtesy of MadCatz
  3. $100 Cash to spend at EVO 2k11
  4. Super Street Fighter IV: AE on Disc
  5. 1600 Microsoft XBL Points

Here’s a refresher on the rules: All you simply must do is join the SRKLive lobby (here are instructions on how to do so) and get the longest win streak you can possible before midnight, July 1, 2011. In the event of a tie, the first person to receive that number of wins will retain their higher rank. Also, we here at SRKLive are not responsible for any disconnections or unintended network failures, and any intentional drops by other players will not be counted towards your streak. Players that won prizes in May are not eligible to win again in June. Highest ranking player chooses their prize from the prize pool first with the rest sequentially following.

Once you’ve got a nice streak under your belt, simply find the replay in our channel, send an email to srklive [at] with the minute marks, your contact and mailing information, and a link to the replay and your result will be posted if it qualifies.

Here are the current standings:

1st. XXX Solin XXX – 61 Wins
2nd. Vienna Hot Dog – 38 Wins
3rd. o_l2aMbO_o – 24 Wins
3rd. BobCustomGamer – 24 Wins
4th. The Aqua Snake – 21 Wins
4th .WindingRoom8 – 21 Wins

This race is wide open! Be sure to give it your best shot before midnight next week! Good luck! Want to watch? Follow the action at SRKLive