Sakurai isn’t Making the Next Gen Smash Bros… Yet!

By on June 23, 2011 at 10:17 am

In a short interview with 1up, Smash Bros series producer Masahiro Sakurai had one extremely interesting thing to say about the development of the next generation Smash Bros games (for Wii U and 3DS); They haven’t even started yet!

“We’ve got no plans whatsoever,” he said. “We’ve got two new games out in the open when there’s no extra time to work with them at all. It makes me cringe, and I’m not sure it’s the smartest thing to make gamers wait for several years, but the early announcement was made chiefly in order to attract new team members.”

Does that leave the new project on shaky ground? Sakurai seems to think so, saying;

“With previous projects I had a game design document in place before forming a team, but with this I don’t have time for that. I won’t be able to look at every aspect of the game and balance out all the characters by myself this time. I’m trying to think about how this is going to work out, but probably I’ll have to discuss it with my future development team. The future of this project really depends on the people I can get involved with it.”

It should be years before the release of the new Smash game, so don’t expect any news on it for quite some time.

  • Kankuri


    I was so excited when I heard about Smash Bros. for the 3DS, and now I have to wait several years for it? Good job Nintendo. I suppose next you’ll say that StarFox64 3D has been delayed until next year.


  • Gorehound

    And the hate for this game because it’s not a Capcom game begins in




    • Vicioushellsing

      … Smash bros isn’t a fighting game.

      • DatMangoSentinel

        Lol it happened.

      • MilesRiey

        Then please, sir “I’m a hardcore Street Fighter player”, in what genre does Smash Bros fits?

        • teniki

          party game ofc

        • Goyahitaro

          whichever genre mario party calls home

          • metaXzero

            But it plays nothing like Mario Party.

            The same way Smash plays nothing like a fighter

            Where will it fit in?

      • sasuke066

        ok if smash isnt a fighting game, down is up, left is right, daigo is NOT beast here in the states and the world will end in 2012

  • DietDrKelp

    They can take as long as they want. Add as many extra modes, stages, songs, characters, and WHAT EVER the hell else you can add. Brawl had a lot of stuff.

    Oh god I want to play as captain falcon already in glorious hi def. Moonwalking and kneeing fools to oblivion.

    • Dragoomba

      Implying moonwalking will be in this game.

      Which it won’t.

  • Master Chibi

    I can wait.

    Another few years and now the Smash Community can have THREE games to divide themselves with, and three games for SRK to hate on.


    • DietDrKelp

      Street fighter players are the worst offendors of this. THIRD STRIKE SUX SF2 ROCKS. SSSF4 SUCKS GO SFA3.

    • stew

      you mean four? I mean, SSB64 still does have people playing it, right?

      • PKSkyler

        Yes, people still play the BEST Smash Bros (64 πŸ™‚ )

        • Doc Strange


          • tempbast

            i concur

  • Stingers

    good, any hastily rushed through mess still couldnt result in a character more broken than meta knight, so bring it on sakurai

  • El_Maiz

    I think it’d make four.

    There’s still a (admittedly small) Smash64 community.

  • Jandek

    what do you expect when they announce a “system” that has NOTHING concrete out about it

    I am surprised every one has been so easy on nintendo, the new console looks silly and they have not even shown the “console” it is all about the controller. Not a single spec revealed. Total Garbage

    • kingsharkboi

      who cares about specs these days? We’re not living in the age of blast processing or when games had “64” at the end of their titles. The console is in 1080p and looks to be at least as powerful as the ps3 in many respects. Cool, and expected. It actually was all about the controller at E3 because that’s what matters first. Specs are probably around the internet somewhere anyways

      They said they’ll reveal more games at future conferences of sorts, when the lineup is more ready. They announced Smash at E3 simply cuz they had to dig deep to find more titles to mention. Sakurai’s in brainstorming mode at best. He’s working on Kid Icarus 3DS and is clearly not looking forward to more Smash pressure from Nintendo. All the man wants to do is make Kirby games it seems. Well, with luck, he’ll collect more team members that actually have different input on the directions the series should go.

    • DatMangoSentinel

      What are you talking about. There’s screens of the system Jandek. Maybe you’re not just looking hard enough?

    • Doc Strange

      Not to mention a console with a fucking ipad for a controller is sure to be expensive as shit. They’re going to have to really blow me away to put that kind of investment in what so far looks like Nintendo just finally catching up to ps3/360. I loved at e3 how their big demo to show off what wiiu can do was nothing more impressive than what the other guys have been doing for years. I honestly hope these smash games suck so I don’t have to feel bad about not wasting my money on wiiu and 3ds.

      • redmetal

        ‘I loved at e3 how their big demo to show off what wiiu can do was nothing more impressive than what the other guys have been doing for years”

        reminds me of when kinect and move debuted at e3 after we’ve all been waggling on the wii for years :p

        • Nitro263

          More like waggled on the Wii years ago. Who really plays Wii anymore, especially if they have other systems?

          Doing the same concept differently (Kinect) or better (Move) is legitimate evolution or progress. HD display is HD display. Been there, done that.

          Also, the footage from the big name 3rd party titles was actually taken from PS3/360 builds, lol. So their big demo to show off WiiU was actually showing off their competitors, lol.

          And now we find out that those of you hype over the next installation of your favorite combat platformer were just getting your chain jerked by Nintendo. LOL.

          Ah, Nintendo sheep. Abused, yet loyal to a fault. It’s sad, really.

          • TrollThisSRK

            PS3 and XBOX360 are basically just shitty PCs that only play platform specific games. Theres no real reason for these consoles to exist anymore.

            At least theres a REASON to buy a wii, because it does something different.

          • redmetal

            lots of people still play their wiis. even if they have other systems, because they aren’t blind fanboys or poor peasents who cant afford to buy games for more than one system. sucks being poor doesn’t it?

            also, move isn’t better. its on par with the wii remote. they’re all of pretty equal standing.

  • ChibiMana

    Whats more, he has to make 2 of them. So one of these games, or both, are going to be put on the back burner for a very long time.

  • Dark Sonic

    I’d actually be a little happy if Sakurai doesn’t try to do the balancing himself this time <_<.

    Mostly because I hated brawl and hope that the next smash is at least closer to melee or 64 as far as game mechanics go.

    • Zombiepaste

      he didn’t like melee because he said it was too difficult and not meant to be a competitive fighter, You should expect an even more balanced less glitchy smash bros.

      • irondragon

        >Implying Brawl is balanced

      • metaXzero

        Implying Brawl is more balanced AND less glitchy?

        You clearly don’t play Brawl.

        Then again, I don’t either.

    • Zebster

      Sakurai has already gone and said that he is not going to do the balancing for the game himself.

  • specs

    The farther Sakurai is from Smash Bros., the better.

    • El Sabroso

      He did 64 and Melee also, dunno why he has to be far from making another, now when he learned from Brawl errors and Melee and 64 Success, he has the exp enough don’t you think ? ;D

      • Doc Strange

        Except that each game gets progressively worse. Sakurai doesn’t want to make the kind of game that fans want, he’s said that numerous times. Smash has always been competitive despite his efforts and it’s insane to think anyone would let one guy do all of the balancing for a game by himself.

        • Nitro263

          It’s not that Smash has always been competitive. It’s never been a competitive game. Certain people have simply always wanted to play Smash competitively. That’s not the direction Nintendo ever wanted the franchise to take, so they do what they can to make sure Smash stays simple fun and not competitive. Some people are generally just too stubborn to accept that though.

          • Razing Phoenix

            That’s still kinda lame. I mean if people want it to be “deep” then let it be deep. No one is forcing people to wave dash or crouch cancel. I don’t want to try to play Smash competitively, but I really don’t see a reason for making people who want to play competitively not be able to. It’s not like Brawl is more fun to play than Melee, it just had more stuff lol (and online).

  • 1iquid5nake

    So basically, it’s almost EXACTLY what they did with Brawl when they announced it, only worse off this time? That’s incredibly believable.

  • LunarEdge

    I would have taken Brawl with better online, seeing how the Wii U is supposed to be better and all that jazz

  • Doromac

    So Sakurai doesn’t want to go through the tormoil of what he went through making Melee. I just hope he doesn’t create a second Brawl, and go back to the faster pace games.

  • Killusion

    Smash Bros is a big console seller, so everyone knew that this game is coming when Wii U got announced. But announcing this game when it’s several years away, hell when the development hasn’t even started yet is stupid. New console better have a killer launch line-up, or people just buy it when SSB comes out. It’s going to be cheaper too.


    Definitely predicted the retardation of some of the comments before going in here.

    And Jandek, there are specs ALL over the internet.

    Here, made it easy for you:

    Check out the Wiki entry. Wait, what does that say? Jump to TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS?! Amazing! Am I a wizard?

    • Nitro263

      If those are the specs you’re referring to, you have no idea what technical specifications are supposed to imply.

      These ‘specs’ tell you nothing more than a general idea of what companies are making the parts, not what the parts are or how powerful they are.

      “IBM Power Architecture-based multi-core 45 nm microprocessor”. A multi-core processor? Like virtually every processor on the market now? No shit?

      Worthless specs are worthless.

  • lithiummethoxide

    I stopped caring about Brawl months after release. Melee was the shit and I’ll still throw down on that game (even though I suck now.) So hopefully he will keep a competitive spirit in the Smash games. Because what the fuck is the point of a fighting game with out competition?

  • D-Proto

    A monkey can balance games better than sakurai.

    • MilesRiey

      I’d say the same thing about MvC2.

      • D-Proto

        Im agreed sir

  • 7thHolyScripture

    I don’t trust a damn thing Sakurai makes anymore.
    Not since he thought tripping was a good idea.

  • Kageromaru Sho

    I say, “Take all the time you need.” They should use the feedback they gained from the community and take into consideration the speed of the game and those random slip-and-falls. I understand that Sakurai does not want to make this a highly-competitive fighter, but he should not alienate the community that does anyway.

    The SSB games have been able to fill the roles of party, casual and fighter. With the right tweaks, it can satisfy all of these audiences.

  • mega_buster

    I like ssb games its pretty fun but I dont take it serious because it feels like a party game or family type game but its still silly

  • metaphist

    This is actually fairly good news for a few reasons:

    1) Sakurai farming this out to another team might give it hope for the competitive scene, for reasons I need not explain.

    2) This actually gives a lot more time for the Brawl hacks to take root in the community, namely Project M. We wouldn’t be so excited for another Smash if Brawl had any sort of longevity. Matters have already been taken into the players hands, and that’s about as good as it’s going to get as far as things stand right now.

  • Killusion

    I dunno guys, SSB with 4 players and items on very high is pretty fun.

    • Tempest7x

      I agree its fun casually we used to put only bombs on high and go nuts . But I had lots of fun in tourneys no items just as well.

    • Razing Phoenix

      Dude: No items, Fox only, FINAL DESTINATION!!

  • Tempest7x

    I hope the game caters to competitive players in some aspect. I didn’t like brawl competitively but for a party fighter I still have fun with it from time to time it was to floaty for my taste.

    Miss captain falcon in melee his sweet spot for his knee was nerfed like crazy. I miss SHFFL-ING knees in peoples face πŸ™

  • DatMangoSentinel

    Brawl imo is an easter egg. When they rushed, you got Brawl. Amazing graphics, subpar fighting style and really crap internet. Sakurai was rushed because everyone as SSB fans were crying their eyes out about the damn game, thus bringing imbalance. I was once one of them (admittingly), but I’m one of patience now. Sakurai should take his time. It’ll be way easier on him. If Sakurai even catches wind of this thread, he should know this: don’t let the fanboys get the best of him… You’ll get really stressed >.<

    • B.W.

      Brawl wasn’t released as a game they felt was unfinished. All their attention was just focused on the adventure mode, and when they finished that they were pretty much done. The game wasn’t released early because fans were “crying their eyes out” cause if that was the case the game would not have been delayed multiple times. The reason for being delayed multiple times was to make sure the game had a “subpar fighting style” cause he wanted to rip out the competitive aspects Melee had.

      He’s been interviewed about it and has admitted that’s the reason Brawl plays like it does. It plays exactly the way he wanted it to.

  • Dark Sonic

    What made melee such a good game was that it could fill the roles of both a party game AND a serious fighter, merely by changing the settings a little. You could have your crazy pokemon battle on Big Blue, or you could have your serious business competition on Battlefield. I feel that brawl robbed the audience of the latter appeal, all for the sake of trying to establish the game as “party game [b]ONLY[/b].”

    All I want is a return to the style that melee and 64 had, where the game wasn’t specifically trying to keep the better player from winning all the time (which is ridiculous).

  • God-is-my-Rock

    Wait, you guys didn’t know this? They did the same thing for Brawl. In fact, they announced it and then asked him to work on it the same day, after the announcement. I’m a smash player but I’m not even thinking about this game right now. Not for 2 years or so.

  • Nybb

    I hope they spend a long time on it, adding even more characters, crazy stages, wacky items, and ridiculous game modes. You know, the stuff that makes Smash games fun.

  • Vindominis

    If it’s going to be like Brawl, I don’t need it. Nintendo should pull their heads out of their behinds and avoid creating another game in this series that forces you to play the way they want you to. Tripping you can’t turn off? (Because everyone wants to be less) Floaty physics that break the return to stage barrier? (Because every character should be able to return to the stage without using Up-B) Wasted opportunity on what could have been fun Smashballs? (Because everyone wants to stop fighting each other to fight over a ball that gives you instant win, when that ball is truly only given at random, again due to floaty physics) Lackluster online play with little to no patch support? (Because Brawl was perfect)

    Brawl soiled my Smash life, and I’m not even a competitive Smash player, I play for the fun and lolz, and Brawl failed to dawn on me as a fun fighter or party game.

    • ChibiMana

      So are you made that Mario Party isn’t competitive to? You and the other morons bitching about Brawl just ratify the fact that there are to many people in the Smash community that are complete idiots.

      • kingsharkboi

        There are idiots everywhere in every community across the internet ChibiMana. But Vindominis isn’t one. You clearly don’t understand what this discussion’s meaning of “competitive” is. To put it in context your single-minded head can understand, the balance changes going from SF4 to Super were competitive-based elements. Costume packs, new stage backgrounds, new music, and car-smash modes were not.
        Mario Party may be in the most basic sense, competitive, because it certainly isn’t cooperative. But it emphasizes the fun of ‘alea’, the fun of randomness and chance. There is skill involved in parts, but opportunities are created through dice roll like Monopoly. Most Fighting gamers want ‘agon’, the importance of an even playing field a la Chess.
        Unchangeable tripping kills Agon and Smash players have every right to complain when in Melee and 64 they had all the options to play an ‘agon’ game. Other than that… catering to less-skilled casuals such as the total ease of getting back on stage in Brawl just grinds veterans’ gears. It happened with unchangeable DP shortcuts in SF4 and stupid lvl 3 x-comeback-factor in MvC3. If MvC4 has ONLY Simple Mode controls and no option for the normal complex controls, you would be bitching too. So don’t call others morons, when they complain about the same things anybody else would.

        • ChibiMana

          The majority of the nearly 10 million people who bought Brawl are not complaining. The majority of those people never thought about the competitive scene once. It’s a very minute minority of those consumers who actually complain. Tripping added to the goofyness that the developers intended for. And I love how you are so judgmental of myself after reading a two sentence response to someone. Though I guess my negative statement towards the person would garner someone like yourself to write something like you did. Though your inane, protracted response further ratifies what I said about the community in the first place.
          You’re bitching about a game which was never meant to be competitive. You’re bitching about a game that was made for/targeted towards the casual gamer. You know why people don’t like shortcuts in SF4? Because it’s a fighting game released in arcades meant to be played at cabinets against other people head to head. Getting back on stage in a highly competitive match in any Smash game is not an easy feat. That’s why we have a thing called “gimping” and “edge guarding”. Out of all the random things in Smash like GnW ‘1 touch kill’, Peachs random turnips of death, and Jigglypuffs rest people bitch about tripping? And you’re talking about ‘agon’ in the history of Smash? Come on man. You ever wonder why all the items are turned on when you open up a brand new copy of Smash? Think about it.

          • kingsharkboi

            Yo bro you call others morons out of nowhere then you’re gonna come across as single-minded, naturally. Btw, I was never part of the Smash “community” or anything. I, among with many many many other non-community members who just happened to love playing Smash over the past decade, loved the games for the nostalgic tributes to classics, the crazy party fighter that it was set to by default, and the more ‘competitive’ fighter anybody can turn it into if they feel like it.
            Don’t you see? It was the OPTIONS to do all this stuff! Whether our competition be 4-stock, 6-stock with 10 minute time, Final Destination or Battlefield or Kirby stage, etc. It’s no secret at all that Smash games were not advertised as competitive fighters. But with the gift of ‘settings’ (omg) one could easily set the game to just that. There only remained very, very few minor unchangeable things, such as luigi’s green missile 12.5% chance of bursting far, GnW’s small chance of Judgement 9, and Peach’s small chance of sick-turnip. But those were so minor that people just kept on playing, same with Hsien-ko’s random item toss in MvC3 (not a big deal).
            Stuff like Tripping is a big deal. Intended “goofiness” is just a mask for what we all know is a spit in the face to more “serious” players with competitive preferences. It not only can kill a tournament match, but it also kills casual matches in your home with a buddy. Not just tourney players, but almost everyone gets disappointed when tripping leads to getting killed or blown away. The only people who don’t hate it are those who think watching characters trip is highly amusing. Instead of embracing an alternate competitive atmosphere born in 64/Melee, Sakurai denied it by dumbing down the speed, mechanics, damaging combos… and tripping was the nail in the coffin. I paid for Brawl because I loved the evolutions of the previous Smash games, and expected more of Brawl. What I found was gameplay that simply said “nope, go back to Melee sucka!” Even worse, the extra bonus Nintendo nostalgia features in Brawl were barely better than Melee’s. Brawl’s giant soundtrack is awesome though.
            I’m not speaking for or from the Smash community. I never spent time on their forums or went to a tournament of theirs. I’m just a normal guy who loved to play 64 and Melee with friends, and we loved playing the “agon” way most of the time. We are the guys who would gladly turn off the Blue Shell in Mario Kart if we could get the option. We were the people who kept Melee in our gamecubes for 10 years, long after the novelty of randomness and zaniness of the games’ items and crazy stages wore off. There are MANY of us.
            So if MvC4 got some psycho director who limited the gameplay to only “simple mode” because he wanted to target the casual gamer, we would all not buy it, but it would still be a major buzzkill and disappointment in the series, especially since MvC3 could appeal to casuals AND hardcore alike.

          • Nitro263

            Respect, kingsharkboi. I can definitely relate to where you’re coming from. I’m not a fan of limiting player’s options at all, and I definitely feel like much of the dumbing down Nintendo did with Brawl was done just to limit players from playing it competitively. Options is perhaps where Smash in general shines brightest, so it’s a shame.

            It just doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. The fact that Nintendo never intended Smash to be serious is obvious, and though it’s not a direction I endorse, I can understand their reasoning. I just think more people need to accept the fact that if they weren’t playing for simple fun, the series is not built to cater to them, and to respect that it’s Nintendo’s prerogative to be that way.

  • Shmooguy

    Doesn’t matter when the game comes out, Sakurai has said himself that Melee was “too hard” and he has tried very hard to take Smash as far away from a competitive atmosphere as possible. It’s sad how people even play Brawl at a competitive level, there are so many specific rules against how you can play the game just to make it resemble something that takes skill. I highly doubt that there will ever be another Smash game worth playing at a high level until someone takes over who actually cares about tournaments.

    The worst part is, Brawl isn’t even fun to play, no matter what rules and items and stages you use. What a waste of a franchise. At least it made me look for better games to play and I finally got plugged into this community.

  • white shadow

    I hope he never makes a Smash Bros. game… EVER! Let his competent design team that he tried to subvert from making a good game do it.

    What a douchenozzle…

  • SodaPOP

    It’s surprising how seriously people take Smash.

    • metaXzero

      Just like how surprising people can take a video game in general seriously?

      Like us at SRK?

  • Vinn Aleixo

    Try try try…

    and Smash Bros NEVER will be a fighting game

    • redmetal

      but it has a section on the srk forums under the fighting games part of the strategy zone. clearly it must be :p

  • Foshizzle383

    “I won’t be able to balance out all the characters by myself this time” sounds like good news!

  • Sh33p

    Isn’t smash brothers a party game?

  • metaphist

    Funny thing I just realized…

    I went to CEO and didn’t win a single Melee casual.
    I went to CEO and won a number of MvC3 casuals.

    The level that Melee has reached is kind of ridiculous. You simply WILL NOT beat a serious Melee player if you are a casual. However, I don’t see MvC3 turning out that way…

    • del1rium

      So you were able to random out wins in a 4 month old game but not in a 10 year old game. Shocker.

      • metaphist

        See my last sentence…

    • rpgking4

      I 100% agree with this. Players that are good at SSF4 or MvC3 may be good, but in the end, I feel as though the difference in player level between the best and casual is a far greater difference in Melee…

  • GirugaMarc

    Sakurai or no Sakurai, Smash will never be competitive again. Don’t get your hopes up.


  • SVN4

    It’s just that the fans want their game to be “promoted” in status. I really don’t get these people. IMO what should be hated is actually this abuse of the word “hate”.

    I don’t see how saying the game is not a fighting game is hating or something “offensive”. People adept of one particular title/franchise/company may more or less hate other games; but other *fighting games*. Capcom/SF/Marvel/whatever guys may hate MK but, for example, the kind of “bashing” almost never falls down to denying the very “competitive fighting game status”. It usually is a matter of “degree” or “gradation” difference, between both sides.

    So ignoring it like that is not showing hate or something like that. Its just that the game is irrelevant in this context. For example, notice how people usually dont treat DOA like that: its a joke of a fighting game, but *of a fighting game*.

    Now, the game is not even designed with these “serious” ambitions in aim, and then people can’t say that, because it is “hating”.

    The bashing of DOA (being more or less justified), or the conflict between fans of equally successful games/franchises (protip: not talking about numbers here) may be hate, in some cases; ignoring Smash, evidently not.

  • NyuBomber

    If there’s no team yet, that means there’s time to sneak some fighting game peeps into the game’s development. <.<

    • B.W.

      Won’t happen. Sakurai hates competitive gaming. In various interviews he stated this and also spoke out about how hard he tried to make it so Brawl wasn’t competitive. If he lets any experienced fighting game people play it’s just be to see what they’d like to be added and not add them and then take out everything people liked in Melee/Brawl. A lot like he did with E for All before the release of Brawl.

  • B.W.

    ” I won’t be able to look at every aspect of the game and balance out all the characters by myself this time” -Sakurai

    Considering how well Brawl was “balanced” this is more good news than anything.

  • notworksafe

    Keep trying to push these Smash Bros stories as fighting game news. I’m sure someone will care eventually.

    • El_Maiz

      I care. Is it wrong to call a game where you fight a fighting game?

    • metaXzero

      Considering the amount of replies here, including yours, yeah I’d say people care now

  • MilesRiey

    I like all the guys here saying “Smash Bros isn’t a fighting game”. As if they have a better definition for Smash Bros. I find funny how these fanboys have never said what Smash Bros really is, since they think it’s “not” a fighting game.

    • D-Proto

      They have, but smash kids just dont want to listen to the truth.
      Its a 3d Platformer

      • TheWooWooKid

        How is it 3D?

        • D-Proto

          lol ok fcked up
          2.5d Platformer?
          Party Game?

          Yo there has been more than 10 types stated before, cant remember them all.
          My personal opinion, is a Double Dragon Game, rendered in 3d (with 2d gameplay), picking up weaponds from the ground and shit.

          • lordvaati

            side scrolling beat em up? only in story mode.

      • kingsharkboi

        LOL at D-Proto. shit man. I jump a lot in Marvel so that must be a platformer too! and its 3D because…uhhh….uhhh….

  • TheWooWooKid

    I’m not buying another Nintendo system if they keep dumbing up the games. Smash Bros and Mario Kart on the Wii killed it all for me.

    • lordvaati

      apparently you Didn’t play Donkey kong Country returns, because they said that one was the best in the series(and fucking hard)

  • lordvaati

    right. Sakurai dumbed the game down because the Wii was catered toward the most casual audience. Wii U is to focus more towards the other spectrum, so obviously he has to change it to accomodate that. on top of that, he said that he will not be doing the balancing alone, so at the very least we won’t have issues like OP recovery god Mk or “My hitbox is bigger than Me!” Snake anymore, since it’ll be a whole team doing tweaks like in the last 2 games. and finally, when interviews do pop up for the games, the issue of tripping WILL be addressed(along with the so-so story mode), so that means we could get a better stopry mode and tripping either alterd to moves or removed entirely, if we get the word out.

    even if it’s not as competitive as melee, as long as we adress the major isues of tripping, balance, online, and story mode, people can stop bitching a little bit.

    • El_Maiz

      Out of curiosity, what in particular do you think needs to be fixed about Story Mode?

  • Vastago

    Im sure Keits enjoys this….

  • Lemres

    Why can’t you people just let others play the game they want it without all this arguing. No one’s going to win this argument obviously since it’s all opinionated. You might as well just stop.

  • Diernes

    Smash is a fucking beat ’em up/platform game, it’s not a “fighting” game.

  • truendymion

    Thank God Sakurai isn’t balancing this shit. Hope it turns out like Brawl-, make every character OP lol.

    • Diemme


  • Diemme

    to all those who say Smash isn’t a viable fighter: You’re not good at tradtional fighters anyway, so who are any of you to say what Smash is.

    I’ve been competing in tournaments in a ton of games for years, and Smash gets just as heated and competitive as any other fighter I’ve played in tourney.

    tl;dr: you’re free, shut up.

    • TrollThisSRK

      Yea smash is totally as hype. Remember when Daigo was playing kirby and parried all the hits and the room of thousands of people went nuts?!

      Smash’s best moments are just a small group of fairly pitiful nerds crowded around a video game designed to appeal to 8 year olds. Don’t kid yourself.

      • Diemme

        No, but I remember the same size crowd during the finals sets of Brawl… Oh, and at MLG. You know… Not grassroots? OH WAIT YOU DON’T KNOW?

        Also, hide behind your alt account, random. cu@evo

  • formula1

    I get the feeling I’m going to get hated on for this… but wuteva

    Table of Contents
    1) Balancing Fixes: For the sake of nostalgia
    2) Intentional Glitches: too keep it hardcore
    3) Situational Combos: to make players feel like they are accomplishing stuff
    4) Moveset Changes: More Flavor

    Anyway, Personal opinion on what this game needs
    1) Balancing fixes: Obvious. Chain throws are silly. and in general it can be annoying how I’d like to use link and C falcon but end up using olimar. smash bros series really is about nostalgia, and being able to use our favorite characters is very important
    -Making smash bros a less grab heavy and more of a sheild break game

    2) Intentional Glitches: Now wave dashing is a glitch, however there needs to be those sorts of glitches in the game to make sure the game is properly made for more hardcore players. They included L canceling again and ledge canceling which is nice, now coming up with other things also would be pretty important in my opinion like for example
    -Weaker moves have sweet spots that do a little more block stun but same knockback: This will allow characters to effectively have guard break pressure and be able to have a different character that doesn’t just zone or grab. Also will allow crossups as a possible viable strategy
    -down tilt or certian specials that can only be done on during land lag: This will give the possibility for crossups or free sheild pressure
    -footstool shinanigans-footstools were usable but they can be better, posssibly by using taunt above your opponent, you can simply stand on them and use them as a platform for a second instead of just jumping off them. Jumping off them also should work still because I think its cute
    -Dash attacks crossup

    3) Situational Combos: This is really important to me because brawl had very little in the combo department. I’m not exactly sure how they would be able to pull it off without breaking the game and making most hits combo with eachother like in melee
    -Open ground combos-Combos that are only possibly if there is ground between you and your opponent, requires wavedash or dash and a jump
    -Ledge Combos-If there is ground in front of you, they will be able to tech, if not, you can combo.
    -Platform combo-Requires a platform to be above you, so you can jump on it and double jump. Dodge canceling your jump onto the platform will help you reach opponents faster.
    -Adaptable combo-Sends your opponent flying in a random direction, you must adapt to it and chase them down. Sometimes they will tech out
    -Down throw combos into a tilt-This should be the bread and butter for setting up combo continuations when it comes to throws
    -Certian moves don’t send opponent a certian distance every time

    4) Moveset Changes
    There a few characters that are really known for their originality in terms of moveset. With many there is a mold they are changing slightly. This really should be switched up. Also some moves are just garbage, and looks like they were put in as an excuse.
    -Gannondorf-to have more moves that suit him more; he has a sword, he isn’t some punching doofus like captian is. Leave the punching to the flashy and monkeys
    -Fox/Falco-Falco’s laser is fox’s from the original ssb. And his new down B is crappy. in general, the two need to be seperated more, whether getting rid of fox’s f-B and giving Falco a utility up B or making falco’s Down B worth using, there needs to be changes
    -Donkey Kongs Forward B is garbage
    – marios new Down B is Garbage
    -Lucas/Ness is bull

    the list goes on, and there are more to choose from but when it comes down to it, there just needs to be a lot of revamping when it comes to characters

    In my opinion, the game is fun. And in a world where most fun games to watch takes a rediculous degree of execution, i think this game really shine in its ability to be tricky while still not forcing players to have to memorize rediculous strings

  • SmashSF

    I don’t understand why “real” fighting game communities hate on smash brothers so much. My only thought would be that kids play it more often than SF or MVC and that the characters are “childish”. OK if smash is a “party” game, why do a lot of people support smash in tournaments? is it cause they’re retards? NO its because it actually can be competitive. I’ll say Smash Brawl made everything downhill with the removal of wavedashing, L-canceling, etc. but smash 64 and smash melee were always meant for the casual audience AND for the Competitive audience. wavedashing was intentional because of the airdodge from melee. The developers knew this and decided to leave it there. Wavedashing is in MVC aswell so theres no saying that wavedashing is BS. now for L-canceling its like in SSF4/AE where you can cancel animations right? YES. I love Street FIghter and Smash Melee they’re both my favorite fighters i plan to play them for as long as i live. Smash can be a party game in a lower level but if you go to high level you start seeing the reason why it is a fighting game. CAPCOM is SUPPOSE to WORK with the NEXT SMASH BROTHERS, and if they do, would you consider it a fighter if they add Ryu? No. You would consider it a fighter if they change the mechanics right?Possibly. If they were to change the whole game of smash into a “real” fighter, this would destroy everything about smash. If we want competitive smash Nintendo and Sakurai must look back at Smash Melee and Smash 64. Smash Brawl is a party game its only for casualsPERIOD. but the rest they are competitive a REAL FIGHTING GAME JUST LIKE STREET FIGHTER, MARVEL VS CAPCOM, MORTAL KOMBAT, TEKKEN, BLAZE BLUE,ETC. THAT IS ALL…..

  • Ripple

    if you really think about it, melee is easier to pick up than brawl. the fact that in melee you can hit someone with an attack after you hit them once makes sense. in brawl you can throw out a jab and get smash attacked for it because it has no combo potential or the second half can be shielded. jabs are fast and weak for a reason. they are meant to link with other attacks even if they are just tilts. but brawl throws that concept out the window and puts heavy amounts of cooldown on some characters jabs. something new players might question

  • The Blackstar

    Melee is a fighting game. Brawl is not. This is coming from a former die-hard smasher.

    Just because there are still brawl tournaments does not make it a competent fighter. You could have rock paper scissors tourneys and it doesn’t make it a game that takes skill to learn and execute.

    Face it, Sakurai went out of his way to make Brawl NOT a fighting game and kill off its most loyal community, so screw him. Don’t give him your money or support.

    He admitted this. He has openly stated that he hated what Melee became and never intended it so he put design elements into the game to keep the competitive ceiling low. Fuck him and fuck that game as a fighter. It’s still a good party game though.

    • SmashSF

      YEP Brawl killed all my hopes of another great smash brothers..
      I still play smash melee and I hope they’ll show the game soon I just need to know if it’ll be another party game like brawl or a true fighter like melee

  • SniperNightOwl

    We should all go back to Smash64.

  • keninblack

    If they make a new smash PLEASE let it play more like Melee. Brawl was the biggest piece of fucking garbage ever its ridiculous.

    Also Smash is a party game lol.

  • AgumonKid

    It’s funny how people are surprised at him not starting it yet, even tho this was mentioned by him a day after it was announced!
    and Smash is not a party game it is an altered fighting game!

  • Mooninite

    The new smash will suck lol people should give up on it ever becoming something resembling a true blue fighter.

    Honestly the smash community would be a lot better if everyone just played Melee/64. I’m very pleased that SRK people who hate smash can recognize which one is actually good.

  • JayBee

    If you wiki Smash Bros, you will have your answer: “Genre(s) : Fighting” I am completely convinced that people say its a “party game” mostly to antagonize the game as a way of bashing it due to thier displeasure of the game. I always considered it a fighitng game/ party game hybrid tho. whether it isn’t or not in your opinion really doesn’t matter…