Super Street Fighter II Turbo SBO Qualifier This Weekend

By on June 22, 2011 at 3:12 pm

The SBO qualifier tournaments for Super Street Fighter II Turbo will be held this weekend at MidWest Championships in Nashville, Tennessee. Three separate tournaments will determine which three players will team up to take on Japan’s most prestigious tournament. For more information, check the Game Galaxy Arcade website.

  • Doromac


  • Grimstar

    GG FTW!!!

  • Grimstar

    Though GG is also running several other tournaments over the weekend… anyone in the area should come join TN’s best!!!

  • Storyteller

    Can’t wait to see T.Hawk clean up.

  • blinky77

    In other news, the FGC remembers that East Coast Throwdown isn’t the only tournament going on this week.

  • Storyteller

    What is East Coast Throwdown?

  • Storyteller

    nah, I kid. Yeah its good we get some recognition out here

  • lookitdisguy

    Can’t wait for this…

    GET HYPE!!!

  • roq

    Damdai, Valle, Afrolegends. World’s Strongest Men.

  • DanDan


  • Elbandido321

    I hope, if Rambo makes it again, he plays his Dhalsim to his full potential. He has one of the best I’ve seen. Last time he choked pretty bad but I have faith in this guy. I know Damdai is going to make it right away lol. well can’t wait to see what happens.

  • Tim Static


    And MWC and ECT TO’s, dont let this happen again! Dont gonna play blame game, but we need to have a place TO’s go so they can make sure this stuff doesnt happen again. But i still <3 my 3 J's: Jason, Joey and John. 🙂

    • ShinjiGohan

      Well remember that this was originally supposed to be last weekend but then NCR decided to also do that same weekend so DreamTR had to move it to this weekend and another major decides to take that weekend. Just can’t win.

  • Sadistic Masochist

    damdai rocking those sako hawk tactics.