Win a Free MK Scarlet DLC Code by Following Us on Twitter – Contest #3

By on June 21, 2011 at 12:57 am

Contest #3 comes courtesy of Keits this week, with a sweet deal for you Mortal Kombat fans out there! Simply follow on Twitter (@shoryukendotcom | @keitsSRK) and tweet the following:

I want to play as Scarlet in MK9! (via @shoryukendotcom & @keitsSRK)

Two chances to win – one winner will be chosen from @shoryukendotcom followers, and one one will be chosen from @keitsSRK followers. You must be 18+ years of age and currently reside in of the of 50 U.S. States. No purchase necessary. Winners will be chosen randomly. Final entries are due by June 21, 2011 at 6PM PT.

  • winter_blitz

    I always wanted to play with scarlet. Making her my new main on mk9. Learning new combos and mix up is always a challenge with new characters.

  • JayAlanCarter

    aww man… i dont live in the US.. but i already follow both accounts

  • gamerkim28

    What system?

  • Juri Licious

    She is absolutely stunning.

  • LonewolfZero

    isn’t she already going to be free dlc for xbox users?

    • Saikyo Mantis

      In a way, yes. You see, the exclusive deal for 360 is a combo pack of sorts. One can get all 4 planned DLC characters for the price of 3 if you buy them all at once. So one of them is technically free for Xbox users.

  • AkumaTX

    What’s MK?

    • Guntank

      A miserable pile of secrets! but enough talk! FINISH HIM!

    • MilesRiey

      It’s a great fighting game franchise because Street Fighter isn’t the only good fighting game series out there.
      Have a nice day.

  • Gorehound

    She is free for XBOX anyways.

    Just download the free Compatibility Pack from the XBOX Marketplace and you should be able to play as her.

    NRS really needs to get their act together. They are screwing up big time.

    • xStingy

      It’s not like Xboxers were gonna pay for all characters anyway due to the season pass.

      They haven’t “screwed up” much at all.