MvC3 – Dante Bold Cancel Plinking Tutorial

By on June 21, 2011 at 10:49 am

What is common knowledge to many is also a total mystery to others. Some of Dante’s Advanced combos seem impossible, until you learn the secrets behind using Bold Move cancels plinked into special moves. SmexyMillz provided this great tutorial to help you understand the concept. After you get it, head into training mode to beef up your Dante combos.

[image via Core-ray]
  • Cillranchelllo

    Interesting, but bold cancels are pretty brain dead easy already.

  • render

    To be honest, I don’t give a crap about this video. All I wanna know is where I can get the full-size version of that thumbnail pic used on the front page for this blog post.

    Anyone know? Link? Anything?

  • Zensouken

    I second render’s motion, just without the desperation.

  • DominicanFury

    Just what i need it to know.

  • Sycho

    Wait, why would you turn a 20F or so window for Stinger BC -> Special into a 1F window for Stinger BC plink -> Special? If you fail the plink, which has 1 frame timing, you either get a regular Bold Cancel (S+M on the same frame) or nothing at all (S, then M two frames later).

    Just go to neutral after Stinger each time and you won’t have any problems with overlapping inputs.

    • Cillranchelllo

      Maybe some people find it easier to plink their shit than do it regularly, I can’t plink for shit but I can do all of Dante’s bold cancels.

      • jetman81

        You mind find them easy, but I don’t. From what I know of execution requirements in Marvel 3, Bold Cancel’s are some of the toughest things asked of the player. So anything that helps out with this is ok by me! Now somebody teach me how to do the Beehive consistently!

        • TooItchy

          DP motion + M, twice. there you go

        • Omicron Austin

          For beehive, I just do a double QCF like you would in SF4, but with starting with forward.

          Basically, f, d, df, f, d, df…well, yeah. If you have trouble with it, I’m not sure what to say. Just do it fast.

        • Cillranchelllo

          Bold Cancel Volcano 101: If you’re neutral jumping, either you’re canceling the s.H instead of Stinger, or you’re too slow on the DP motion.

          Bold Cancel Teleport from Prop Shredder 101: Wait half a second, do down down up S.

          Bold Cancel Teleport from Stinger: Same as Volcano bold cancel, but instead you hit H and S and the same time and add a down.

          Easy shit.

          Beehives, instead of doing a Z like motion to do Forward, down, down forward, basically glide from Forward to down back up to forward (63236M) then add a QCF+M, the input leniency will read the last forward as the beginning of another DP motion.

  • Mr. X

    I love the word plink has replaced the word kara. Waiting for a tutorial on “plink throws”.

  • RenaTurnip

    Criticize me as you will, but I don’t really get it. Is this supposed to protect you against accidental DP inputs or… what? D: Whatever the heck it’s trying to do, I don’t have any problem doing Dante’s combos anyways… :c

    • lvlalice

      Can’t say I have issues with doing his combos myself. I think this vid is just trying to show people who don’t know what plinking is, what it does.

  • Kageromaru Sho

    Awesome vid. I like Dante, but I never got into playing as him, because I found myself using only a handful of his moves and kept overthinking how to use his others during play. I may take this vid and give him a weekend to learn these combos to better understand how to play as him.

    I also like this vid, because I can’t help but geek out at the fact that I know what song is used in the background. It’s from one of my PSone games called ‘Rage Racer’. Nice choice! That game had some awesome, unique tunes!