TOs Team Up to KO Cancer for Relay For Life – donate and win an FGC shirt!

By on June 18, 2011 at 4:44 pm

Donate online this weekend to Relay For Life and you can win one of dozens of shirts contributed by BrokenTier and Major organizers!

Season’s Beatings director Chris Hatala, (“Ghaleon”), has teamed up with other fighting-game organizers to fight cancer – and by donating, YOU can win a Brokentier, Season’s Beatings, CEO 2011, or Final Round shirt! Ghaleon is Event Chair of his local Relay For Life in Hudson, OH; Relay is the American Cancer Society’s annual fundraiser, run in 3800 communities each year across the world.

“The experience of running Season’s Beatings has helped me realize how much I’d like to run events as a career, and fighting cancer through Relay is one of the best causes out there,” Hatala said. ”Cancer has touched my family and so many others’. I’m so happy I was able to reach out to the fighting-game community and see what we can accomplish outside of gaming.”

“I’ve lost an aunt to cancer, and I was already very familiar with Relay For Life,” CEO director Jebailey said. “I was more than happy to organize this donation drive with Chris during CEO.”

After the weekend, Ghaleon will be raffling off dozens of shirts to SRK posters who donate. Generously contributing were BrokenTier and Larry (“Shinblanka”) of Final Round, along with CEO and Season’s Beatings tees. (Winners will get prizes shipped). His Relay’s has nearly raised $150,000, and you can be a key part of the total.

Please go to , donate to “Team AHVB”, and write your mailing and email addresses in the comments. OR Paypal (please send as a gift). All donations are tax deductable; if you donate
through the Relay website you get an itemized receipt.

The American Cancer Society is the largest nongovernmental cancer-research organization in the world. Please take this opportunity to help the FGC KO cancer!