SSF4AE – Tips for Makoto vs Fei Long by VRyu

By on June 18, 2011 at 10:11 am

Top Makoto player VRyu is busy releasing more tips videos designed to help Makoto players take down their enemies. The latest tutorial covers Makoto’s options in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition against Fei Long. Put some of this scary stuff to use to start making Fei players think twice before every action.

  • Diend

    Much love to VRyu for the assistance.

  • AmigoOne

    lol wow thats like, almost all the tools feilong has. Is this matchup in Maks favor?

  • mr. tibbs

    VRyu is amazing. When I’m caught in endless block strings with my fearfully crouching Makoto, I close my eyes and think about this:

    And then everything’s okay.

  • Mana

    Haha, la petite référence à Mozinor :p

    Thank you Vryu !

  • Blaughable

    Is SRK really gunna put up everything vryu posts in Makoto forum? 😀

  • Streye

    It feels like the cross over tsurugi timing is different now, but I guess it’s not, will have to practice it more.

  • xS A M U R A Ix

    I don’t think this shuts down every tool he has, just shows she has answers. It’s like posting a video of Sagat tiger uppercutting people out of everything and saying “damn, that’s like everything he/she has?!”.

    Still gotta react but fuck if someone fukiages me out of chickenwing lol