Tokido is Saving That Stuff for Nationals (MvC3)

By on June 16, 2011 at 10:26 am

Tokido updated his blog after his big set of wins at CEO 2011 last week. He mentions that, in Arcade Edition, he was only worried about PR Balrog, but was lucky enough not to fight him. In Marvel vs Capcom 3, however, he mentions that he is withholding a few secrets that he will not show until Evo. How did Tokido manage to win at CEO? Practice.

I play this game from a half year ago in japanese arcade,
but US player could play only 2 or 3 days.
I was afraid PR rog, but he lost before we fight.

My strategy for this tournament worked well.
Player will make countermeasure against this strategy.(屮゚Д゚)屮
But I have two more secret which I don’t use in this tournament,
I gonna show it in EVO 2011 (゚∀゚)

What do you think of Tokido’s chances in MvC3 at Evo now?


    He will make the US look even more free at Evo

  • Freakmasta

    I approve of Tokido’s strategy

  • NyuBomber

    His MvC3 secret will be Arthur. Bank on it.

  • HowDoIZone

    That’s a smart move by him. As much as I’d like people to share strategies on what they found out, when a tournament is on the line you want to have the upper hand in the match.

    Knowing Tokido though, it’s probably something even more cheap than his current team.

    • RedMist

      If it’s a tournament for money “cheap” is irrelevant and it’s subjective.

      Besides his Godlike play with Akuma (who is not a cheap or easy character to master) makes up for all his other cheap tactics in other games.

      • Stratoforce

        Akuma in MvC3 is easy to play and master. What are you smoking?

        • MrFTW

          His AE Akuma. Not even going to flame you, would be too easy.

        • Mr.BottledChi

          lol what are YOU smoking, he obviously talking about street fighter akuma not mvc.

        • TooItchy


  • Toodles

    Is that a ‘Im flipping you off’ emoticon?

    • NyuBomber

      I thought it was more of a “Why u do this?” sort of thing.

    • Zeldias

      Looks like he’s throwing his hands up and looking shocked/frustrated to me.

    • thejohnsonrock

      dat Q face

    • Slide

      I immediately thought it as a “why are you attacking Phoenix, when Wolverine is the real puzzle that needs to be solved?”. Like Phoenix was on his team as a Red Herring or a scapegoat, to divert attention away. That’s also what I think Phoenix’s power really holds, even though she’s a huge threat, a flimsy threat.

    • Sugami

      It’s the “come on” emote :3

  • Loso

    ^ That’s what I’m thinking

  • ChibiMana

    About to break out that never before seen MODOK/Arthur strategy

    • NyuBomber


      • Zmoney2006

        You meant to say Arthur/Modok/ Haggar rushdown

        • NyuBomber

          I don’t even know how you begin to deal with that.

          • metaphist

            You just take it like a champ, and shake his hand after the match.

    • b3nz0r

      I’m glad I’m not the only person who has been saying that MODOK and Arthur would be godlike together.

      Anyone seen level 3 XF Arthur? With gold armor? Even blocking the lance = dead person.

  • El Sabroso

    He is keeping a secret glitch to get 3 akumas and murderface all US players

  • xStingy

    Rubbing salt in that wound, lol.

  • RedMist

    Who was PR Rog maining in that tourney?

    • Xyshin

      He was maining Balrog/Yang I believe in the AE tournament

  • Sketchspace

    I’m hoping he plays Super Skrull in MVC3. Such a dark horse character.

    • combatsandwich

      skrull beat the rest of the fantastic 4 out of the game. I dont know how anyone can complain about pheonix when skrull can beat 4 characters by himself. Dont sleep on skrull guys, he will suprise you.

      • b3nz0r

        lmao, comparing Skrull to Phoenix.

        Yes, Skrull is a monster and can make some absurd comebacks, but he isn’t 5% as retarded as Phoenix.

  • lojer

    Raging Demon set ups.

  • Aquashark

    this is so exciting.. more japanese players need to embrace Marvel
    competition breeds excitement!

  • Goatbot

    Hes only worried about PR Balrog? More reason for Mike Ross to want that Tokido scalp even more than he seemed to the other day.

  • Dragon Of The East

    It would be funny if Tokido wins EVO MvC3 with Captain “AMERICA” & I’m sure Daigo is saving some tricks for EVO as well. I don’t think he’s gonna go all out at NCR.

    • Stratoforce

      That’d be awesome. Then maybe other people will see how decent of a character Captain is.

    • Zmoney2006

      Phoenix as point, Modok as assist secondary, arthur as anchor. Foolproof.

  • Streye

    Someone should make a special side prize like they did last year by giving cowboy ken players that hat. Except this year, it’s a B.U.M. shirt for whoever can be the cheapest in the top 8-32.

    • thejohnsonrock

      ROFL B.U.M. Technology

  • Dime_x

    well, fight money is fight money, if they have a strat that they need to use to win first place instead of second… they just might do that at ncr.

    lol at tokido basically admitting its just a “strategy” and no skill. once all the gimmicky pete playstyles come and go, justin probably wont be losing to tokido anymore… but this is marvel so anything can happen… im looking forward to seeing tokidos surprises.


    • jellytooth

      Yeah Tokido doesn’t have any skill. He won AE MVC3 BB and got 3rd in Tekken by gimmicks.

      • stew

        People like you make me think I’m smart. Thanks!

  • sebmaq

    its funny how everyone thinks Daigo is going to get mopped up in marvel at evo. I think the fact that tokido won ceo just shows how wrong u are. Daigo is most probably sparring with Tokido in mvc3 and is on or above his level.

    • janoDX

      How do you know?, why you are saying that if Tokido is good, Daigo is good… Daigo maybe can be on the same level of mago on ReveLAtions… And thats all…

  • Lulu

    America got exposed by Tokido’s C team. Good shit, stay free.

  • Klique

    lol Tokido will always be one of my favorite players from now on…this dude be plotting like a mug hahaha I Iove it…

  • ironboy89

    Lol at you people buying to his mindgames with America.

    He ain’t going to ask picking a new team without using his current team, first.

  • Thirtyfour

    Tokido’s saving dat Gouki for Evo

    Ya’ll werent ready yet.

  • Cauptain


    Anyone: Tokido, USA players are good??

    Tokido: USA players?? hauhauhauhahauhauhuahuahaha, free for all….I raped all in CEO. 50% skill use only.

    • Unable to Connect

      *sigh*… weeaboos…

      • TS

        No fucking kidding.

  • Robo-mitsu

    ‘Bwahaha, that was but 20% of my REAL powerlevel foolish Americans’!

    • SpitfireUTLD

      LOL sound like Freiza from DBZ…..

  • HocusPocus

    Dorm + Akuma Demon setup:
    3x Creator Liberation (you cant jump)
    hard tag to akuma into Raging Demon 😉

    I’m looking forward to EVO!

    • MMMasterSTE

      Tried that setup like week 1, sadly demon wont grab if dorms got you stickied to the floor,y you just keep warping forward

  • Thancruz

    lol @ ppl letting ONE tourney go to their heads. Don’t hype your boy up and watch him fall at EVO, USA>Japan in Marvel.

    • TrollThisSRK

      I can’t believe people still talk like this after CEO.

      • TooItchy


      • Thancruz

        sorry that I didn’t drop to my knees worshipping the ground Tokido walks on like the rest of SRK has. I respect his game, I just say 1 tourney isn’t enough. This is almost as bad when fillipino champ beat Daigo at NCR I think and when Marn knocked him out of the tourney, but I forgot when it comes 2 american players winning it’s a problem, everyone else it’s fair game.

        • YanDaMan

          Except Daigo is actually better than Marn and F.Champ at SF4.

          Tokido, who can say? He’s been to2 Marvel majors so far, topped both, won 1. Fact of the matter is, he shows result. Never mind the fact that maybe people are hype on Tokido because, you know, USA talked all taht shit and Tokido shoved that shit down all their throats by winning?

          • Spider-Dan

            7th place = topped?

        • TrollThisSRK

          Please link to where Tokido says “Im the new king of USA Marvel” or something like that.

          We all know thats exactly what Jwong or Marn would say if they ever won a tourney in Japan, however.

  • King9999

    Evo 2K11 is gonna be so hype!

  • Cauptain


    It is the obligation of the USA win MVC3. The only game they can win something. This proven.

    Tri EVO champ for DAIGOD.

    Now if USA players losers … USA should stop playing forever.

  • TrollThisSRK

    lol PR Balrog mindfucked Tokido so hard punishing those TPs he’s STILL scared of him. Thats gotta be a boost of confidence for the guy! …too bad his character was neutered…

  • CaliPower

    Its actually ‘Save That Shit For Nationals’ – coined the OGs

    Kinda rhymes with another slogan I know… =)

    Good stuff Tokido!

  • SodaPOP

    I just hope that our players are doing the same.

  • simon_

    I dont understand this excuse being made all the time about america only having AE for a few days. most of the top players had AE machines near them, there were even some AE tournaments.

    • TooItchy

      Most players weren’t able to play AE, there aren’t many ae machines in the US, a few top players were lucky enough to play AE often, but the vast majority had no way to play AE.

      • Gaijin87

        I think a high percentage of the top US players had access to AE on day 1. The vast majority of players overall didn’t, but most likely those that didn’t have access weren’t going to place in the top 8 at the tourneys last weekend. There may be an exception here or there (i.e.Wolfkrone).

  • bbq sauce

    my fav part is tokido using 2ch smileys

  • And One

    Tokido worried about an american player!? Now you know America has stepped up it’s game! Good stuff American players! Keep it up and close the gap between the two countries!

    • YanDaMan

      Well I mean, PR Rog is the only American so far to beat him. He pretty much bodies everyone else he’s fought. Every major he’s been to in the US he always gets eliminated by Daigo, lol.

  • MrRoboto

    Tokido just modest.Tokido make everyone free, America free. In America Tokido plays u.

  • Goyahitaro

    wow concerned with pr rog? The loss tokido took against him must have gotten in that murderface head ?_?

    • TrollThisSRK

      I think its probably a combination of the fact that matchup is in akuma’s favor, and Eduardo was reacting to things he’d never seen a rog do before.

  • GirugaMarc

    Wolv Akuma Phoenix

    What team could he have that is better than that?

  • Justin3201

    I forsee a yellow card.

  • The 4th Letter

    Land of the Fray. =o(

  • The 4th Letter

    Doesn’t Daigo use Phoenix too? Land Of The Fray (Remix) =o(

  • Hollow

    H’Sienko OCVs!

  • Kuvio

    America is not free…..Hey, I am just trying to be different.

  • Exia 00

    It’s Marvel 3. Shit happens. Deal with it.

    I wonder what he’s hiding though lol

  • Jandek

    First off It is hard not to love the guy from what he puts in his blog.
    That being said so many silly people getting crazy and writing nonsense

  • KST



    OMG he’s got more shit??? he’s never exposed it playing online that’s for sure… unless it’s new shit 2 weeks before he left cuz that’s the last time i played him lol

  • bigdaddy4

    Tokido vs Daigo for Marvel 3 grand finals at EVO? Hopefully this is the case so America can level up BIG TIME.

  • Blacksonic21

    How the fuck are you idiots saying America is free because one Japanese player was able to clutch out a win in Marvel? Haven’t you weeaboos realized that marvel is the most random game out there? Anyone can win, and anyone can lose in this game. Tokido got a win over Justin, who the fuck cares? He needed to resort to the two scrubbiest characters in the game to do so.

    Justin is still the better player regardless of that lost. I’d love to see Tokido beast on the US with a team not comprised of bullshit. Come Evo Tokido will get his ass bodied trying to run the same shit he did at ceo. As for Daigo, don’t make me laugh, footies and reading is his talent. He’ll probably be decent like Mago but a top contender in Marvel, not a chance.

    • Takari

      Tokido getting a win over Justin (two actually), who the f*** cares? Seems you answered the question yourself, making up excuses why America lost (omg scrub characters, omg MvC3 is so random!).

    • starmine92

      did you not read the article? tokido says himself that hes got tricks up his sleeve so you shouldnt be expecting the same thing. and tokido’s phoenix didnt seem like the problem at all, it was his wolverine. during the top 16 matches tokido mostly won with wolverine doing most of the work.
      and marvel isnt that random considering that the same top players seem to make it out of pools and stuff. and underestimating ppl in marvel is a terrible mindset for this game

    • LuMaLo

      if the team was full of bullshit it wouldnt have won, u and ur scrub mentality make me laugh ^_^. Oh… and if the game is so random,,, how come i dont see u winning nething? Ne1 can win right? Or how come the top players are so constant?

      Scrubs in srk never cease to amuse me

  • tataki

    Tokido found a way to pick a team of phoenix phoenix phoenix

    • LuMaLo

      lol… if u think about it, even if it were possible, a phoenix phoenix phoenix team would suck SO MUCH vs a wolverine/akuma/??? team…

      good luck getting 5 meters with phoenix phoenix phoenix :P, think before u post, even if its sarcastic, intelligent sarcasm is much better

  • whodatninja

    love the wolverine emoticon.

  • randomjohn

    wow if he won at CEO without using all of his tactics, imagine if he did. However, it doesn’t necessarily means it will work. We’ll have wait for Evo.

  • Eileithyia

    tokido probably save somthing for evo, but I think he and daigo just want to mind fuck us. Daigo is probably not going to use his main team or go full out this week too.

    Tokido is a smart guy,. he went to one of the best high school in Japan which send alot of their students to Tokyo U. In Japan and alot of Asian country, you have to take very diffcult exames to get into top high schools and universities.
    I don’t doubt him has few more cheap stuffs save for evo.
    His Phoenix team plays completely different than Americans’ phoenix teams. He didn’t even care about using XF or super on other characters. His phoenix is an insurance character.

    For American players, what i see is save the damn five bars. Once you get those 5 bars, most people would tap in Phoenix, so they can get DP.

  • The 4th Letter

    If your life was on line line and you had to pick a MVC3 team who would you use?

    Tier whore for them dollars until Capcom starts making fully balanced fighting games.

  • UTDC.Justin

    Phoenix is there to change the mentality of his opponents, combined with a rushdown character (Wolverine – the current best) with a strong assist (many heroes work here). His opponents either play without meter to force out Phoenix, attempt to take out Wolverine and give meter for Phoenix or using up their XFactor advantage.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if he had an anti-zoning team to counter counters of his wolverine-phoenix combo.

  • TrollThisSRK

    I’m willing to bet the stuff he’s saving is just a trick/unblockable with his team rather than a secret team.

  • YanDaMan

    If Tokido doesn’t have a Modok on his team at Evo I will be very sad.

  • 1cepick

    Japan homers clearly haven’t watched the CEO video archive. Justin Wong and Chris G would’ve won their matches against Tokido if it weren’t for Dark Phoenix pulling fluke wins out of her buttcheeks.

    But hey, who am I to persuade you nuthuggers otherwise.

    • TrollThisSRK

      keep in mind that those ‘fluke wins’ were the result of NOT spending 5 meters. I’ll admit dark is pretty cheap but those 5 meters could’ve gone a long way.

    • Takari

      Are you kidding? Have YOU seen the matches? Please watch them first before accusing people not having seen it.

      Against Chris G? the one and only match DP even came out was the match Tokido lost. The rest was pure Wolverine’s work and 2 of them were near perfects.
      Against JWong in brackets maybe so, but when it came down to it in GF, he only relied 1 time on DP (1st set 4th match). In ALL other matches, either Justin raped Phoenix before 5 or Tokido ran over his whole team with XF1 Wolverine.

      If you wanna persuade nuthuggers, please do so with good arguments insteading of pulling them out of your… what was it again? Buttcheeks?

    • Smorgasboard

      So while you busy complaining about Phoenix or Wolverine or whoever, Tokido has already though up two extra strategies and winning all your money. This is why you are free.

    • YanDaMan

      Yes, because Americans never used Phoenix before, oh wait…

      Anyone who fights Phoenix can easily just stall for time out. Its their fault for screwing up the match to the point where it no longer becomes a viable option.

  • drketrnl

    I love how all the butthurts call his strategy and team makeup scrubby. You do realize that everyone has the same tools to use as he does? It seems to me that pride is getting in the way of playing to win. When money is on the line, anything goes, don’t let your pride or ‘selling out’ get in the way of those dollars. In the end, a win is a win. Now in the immortal words of Arnold “Stop whining!!”.

  • Jcool813

    he was afraid of pr rog mashing jab during his block strings lol

    surprised tokido fears anyone in the US.

  • samadriel

    I woke up with a clown’s hand… in my pants. That’s what I did today.

  • CharDilla

    Generic anti-american, weeabo comment here.

    • stew

      Generic scrub SRK post.

  • WarioMan

    Shout outs to PR Rog striking fear into the heart of Murder Face.

  • stew

    Is anybody else annoyed to hell with the ads on this site now? I can’t even hit submit without scrolling down just the right amount!

    • Buujie

      I hate it as much sa you do! But SRK needs to get paid and keep the site up and running!