WUSRK@E3 – Interview with Derek Neal (3sO Producer)

By on June 14, 2011 at 8:56 pm

Wakeup Shoryuken at E3 was a blast, and I’m pleased to inform you that we have hours of content coming your way. I’d like to kick it off with the man of the hour, Derek Neal. He is the producer of 3rd Strike Online, and is the driving force behind why this game kicks so much ass.

  • prof.engrish

    oh this guy is mad cool. i was there at e3 the year before and when i was playing mvc3 he was giving me mvc3 tips. i think he was the QA lead for mvc3 before. nice to see he moved up and became a producer.

  • Varleran


  • Kanta-Kun

    3rd Strike, will you marry me?

  • D-Proto


  • TamaThps

    You know it’s going to be an awesome game when the producer can do the full parry EVO Moment 37

  • HazHeat

    I really love that they want to include more in fighting games. I can’t wait to play it and knock out some challenges. As far as dlc I would assume it would be more trials or something rather than new characters to an old game… either way HURRY UP AND Release!

  • Xiii

    Just need to know one thing: WHEN?

    • Spam-It

      Wiki states that it drops on August 26, 2011… Sooo Hyped!


    The videos on the second link were already featured on the front page of SRK last week.

    • OOZZY

      Lol. This was meant to be a reply to a previous post that is apparently now deleted.

  • Dander

    Did he say the original Goryu?

  • factory9


    • Infil

      A+ reference.

    • PhinnyCupcakes


  • factory9

    Also, if they aren’t totally against rebalances, maybe we could see some buffs for those who really need it. That wouldn’t hurt right?

    • Dander

      but I can’t imagine anyone that needs it. Is it just about having your voice heard? If you’ve really played this game, you would understand that all these allegedly necessary rebalances are the chimes of a player that just wants wins handed to him. Besides, losses are more important in the sense that you actually learn from them, whereas wins just make you feel pretty.

    • TrollThisSRK

      How many times do they have to say “Arcade Perfect” before you whiney crybabies shut the hell up?

  • Double Reppuken

    Hmm, I wonder if it will have the Dreamcast’s “original mode,” that let you goof around with things like being able to magic series normals and have every super available. That was a pretty fun thing to play around with when not having matches or training.

    Does anyone know if the training mode options are basically the same as the ps2/dc options, or did they revamp them to be more like sf4 with displaying inputs and quick access to move lists, etc.?

    • Nybb

      I saw in another piece that they have like pages and pages of dipswitches in the game that let you do things like enable all supers, or do random crazy stuff like disable blocking or whatever else you want.

  • rush down

    BALANCE IT!! Even if its just minor changes.

    • TrollThisSRK

      How many times do they have to say “Arcade Perfect” before you whiney crybabies shut the hell up?

  • Akela

    DLC some costumes. Urien in a suit sounds f****** spiffy!

  • mega_buster

    nah no rebalance you guys complain far too much anyways Iam hyped for sf3online for 15 bucks thats a steal heck it really is a better deal than most 60 dollar games

  • Cabjoy

    Brian and Nick from ScrewAttack in the background? Hah!

  • awesoman09

    Why the EFF aren’t these features in MVC3!!! WHY CAPCOM WHY!!! Tell me please!!! I paid $60+ for MVC3 that doesn’t even have basic spectator mode??? Mvc2 has spectator mode why the eff! did you release a $60 game without these basic features!? You keep saying that we will soon add spectator mode and tournament mode but why the heck do i constantly get new events ??? Eff events! i want spectator mode god dang it!.. 3rd strikes features are so awesome!!! and for 15 bucks you better believe im getting it! Why in the world aren’t all these features in MVC3!?!?! UGH!

    • Nybb

      Agreed. It’s mind-blowing how much more is in this game compared to MVC3. I’m not even the biggest fan of 3S (yet) but I will buy this on day 1 just to support things like GGPO netcode, Youtube replay uploading, proper button configs on the select screen, useful trial mode stuff, save-states in training mode, and more.

      • FlungDungFar

        Because for one MvC3 was a WHOLE NEW GAME.

        Now take that time spent CREATING A NEW GAME and use it on creating features for an already existing game..

        It’s common sense really. You should understand that there is a difference on what can be added to a game when 1 of the games is already made.

        Compare it to a car built from scratch (MvC3) vs an already built car with upgraded parts (3s:OE).

        • clue2025

          Not really an excuse when they said “MvC3 was worked on for longer than TvC”

          They’ll give you whatever bullshit they want to try and make you feel good, they made MvC3 barebones as fuck so they can see you MvC3.2 in a few months.

          And if MvC3 is a car built from scratch it would be the Honda Civic compared to the R34 GT-R that is 3s.

          • akumous

            MVC3 was carelessly made because they ignored the online fundamentals SSFIV has and instead gave us a lackluster product. All fighting games should have these features…Capcom promised us a patch to fill in some of these features but it seems they going to charge us extra for another retail version.

  • Deps

    Can’t wait for this. All I want to know is WHEN this will be out.

  • ixismiffyixi

    Got a chance to play it at E3, Derek knows what he’s doing with the project. All I ask for is for future DLC are: New Generation, 2nd Impact modes or have the older stages implemented in 3s. 🙂

  • BananaWeed

    DLC will probably be:

    1) More stages
    2) Costumes
    3) Colour edit

  • The Electrifying One

    As a video game producer myself this guy is a role model! I’d love to have my name on the credits of a package like this.

  • thejohnsonrock

    definitely gonna support this. hope it gets stream time at a lot of majors after EVO too.

    • Good Game Player

      ugh, no thanks. i’ve seen enough american 3s to last me several lifetimes.

      • Goatbot

        Dont watch it then. 😛 I know I would though.

        • Hyakuretsukyaku


          Personally id prefer this over mvc3 streams any day!!!!!

  • PC Jona

    gootecks interview was way better.

  • oOSnowMan

    love love love love love <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    So many hearts right now!

  • Aquashark

    make a PC version so you can charge me twice!

    • pootnannies


  • bitkid

    Never thought I’d see Derek go from teachin me 3rd Strike on a dinky TV in the back of Sony QA to being the producer of 3SO.

  • hismit

    Add new feature: Connect directly to TheShend YT channel and 3SO would be beyond perfect.

  • SodaPOP

    What a coincidence, I was watching interviews from E3 with Derek Neal all this morning. You can tell just how much he loves this game and how proud he is of the product he’s putting out. Very cool, and I cannot wait to get this. 🙂

  • AwesomeCougars

    Upcoming DLC: 2i version Sean

  • SF4iA

    @15 – well sean and 12 are two chars that come to mind that are in need of a serious tune up. I’m all for learning from losses but this game has been out for 10+ years and no1 here or in japan has found anything groundbreaking that makes either of them even good enough to stand firm against the rest of the cast,much less viable in tourney.good player is right,highly doubt any1 wants to relive the past 10 or so boring ass years of chun vs yun or chun/yun mirrors at grand finals.this was made as a cash cow disguised as fan service.3sO has great features but is still meh, color edit mode or no buy for me.

    • TrollThisSRK

      How many times do they have to say “Arcade Perfect” before you whiny crybabies shut the hell up.

      “Color edit mode or no buy”?! Are you kidding me in my balls?

    • SodaPOP

      Hey man, color-edit mode is way too important.

    • Tommy Midgets

      lol that’s sad dude. how does your limited choice of any 6 original colors make the game less enjoyable? and btw since people still haven’t figured this out (listen closely) FIGHTING GAMES AS BALANCED AS THEY SHOULD BE. IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, PLAY A GOOD CHARACTER. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE A TIER whore BUT YOU CRY AT NIGHT CAUSE YOU’RE FAVORITE CHARACTER SEEMS TO suck chef’s salty balls, JUST QUIT NOW, you lack willpower and tenacity. it’s like saying OMG BUFF DAN HE’S SO SUXX, and that would take all the glory and merit from learning how to win with him. EXAMPLE2: super smash brothers melee tier list has changed every year since its release, because of unimaginable adaptation of low tier characters against what are considered top tier characters, and this, without any rebalancing. stay free Sean.

      • TrollThisSRK

        To be fair, in regards to smash, no one remotely talented at fighting games plays it seriously, so thats why tiers change so drastically.

  • Tommy Midgets

    Now that I gave my 8¢ on FG balance (sorry if you already know / don’t care)..


  • SF4iA

    @48 – all colors that are well over 10 years old and have grown dull and flat.all of capcoms other SFs have had this feature in some capacity (alpha anothology etc.) except this game.Since this game has been sold FOUR times already w/o this feature I know this will be the last rerelease of this game capcom can get away with and the last possible chance I’ll be able to enjoy this feature with such a beautiful game.I’ve already bought this game 3 times so excuse me if I’m not rushing to waste my money on it a fourth time unless I get what I want finally. and I don’t care about top tiers,all I’m saying is every char should have the tools necessary to beat any1 and sean & 12 are completely empty chars.show me a evo/sbo where either of them break top 8 much less win and ill gladly shut up about balance. I should be able to pick who I want and with enough hard work beat any char and those 2 chars aren’t capable of that.period.

    • akumous

      This version of 3rd strikes trumps all of the version you ever had because of the robust online features it has, and most importantly, “it’s online enabled,” which is a first for the series.

      In respects of your cries for balance changes or buffs to a specific character, well buddy, it is not the character that defines you but the player that defines the quality of the character.

  • SF4iA

    3s has been played online for years try again.”the player determines the quality of the char”? ok,then name me a sean/12 player here or in japan that has won evo/sbo then since u wanna play that card.can’t can u?cuz there’s nothing fundamentally sound about either char. neither char has what it takes to take on half the cast at high lvl.

  • Prokiller88

    Shin akuma? Anything on that?