Pokemon: Type Wild

By on June 14, 2011 at 5:41 pm

Though the Pokemon craze wasn’t part of my generation’s youth, I can respect the notion that many of us have in which we want to see our favorite things turned into fighting games. Enter Pokemon: Type Wild. I saw this game for the first time being played at the HitBox booth at ReveLAtions. After asking a few questions, I was playing as one of the 8 playable Pokemon in this indie fighting game, and I found myself really enjoying the feel of the action. Many of the attendees were begging me to run an article on the game, and surprisingly enough, Destructoid beat me to it.

If you’d like to download Type Wild to give it a try, you can snag it on Megaupload.

[via Destructoid]
  • Brennan

    Luvdisc as DLC plz

  • El_Cor

    Blaziken confirmed for high tier.

  • the_judge

    get hype

  • Munin

    Why is Blaziken making the arbok noise?

  • Fuzzy_Snugs

    Is this the version that Lucario has a slide kick infinite?

  • Robo-mitsu

    That blue pokemon was running some HD Remix shenanigans with the hado faints.

  • Aryman

    Pokemon wasn’t a part of your childhood? Just how old are you Keits?

    • Keres

      The original 2 games didn’t come out in the US until 1998, so…it’s not that hard to believe.

  • With No Cost

    7-3 Snorlax’s favor

  • D-Proto

    Marn = Snorlax

    • HASJ

      Someone ban this asshole.

      • LosCakes

        For making a joke? Who farted in your dinner?

  • sibarraz

    So yeah, how long before Nintendo sends a cease and desist letter to the makers of the game?

    They had always been very jeaolous with their franchises

    • sibarraz

      Oh, as I could see this game is already 3 years old, my bad

  • kikimaru024

    Better than Smash Bros on WiiU, calling it now.

  • Cillranchelllo

    Type Wild for Evo GET HYPE

  • Rhio2k

    Damn, Lucario went out like a little bitch.

  • Teh_Axi

    needs more hitmonchan

    • Drajaman

      Hell Yeah!

    • Godly-Effect

      Hitmonchan = Boxer
      Hitmonlee = Juri?
      Hitmontop = SPINNINGBIRDKICK!

      • Huey Freeman

        Blaziken = Ken
        Snorlax = honda
        lucario= ryu

  • zer0cool

    wow, that doesnt look that bad <_<

  • MeLLoW

    I wonder if Machamp can EX MGB > Duck Straight > EX Duck Upper… hmmm…

  • Zcore

    We SO need this on XBLA. Snorlax is top tier!

  • Shoryu Reppa

    Shoutouts to the douchebag with the slicked back hair working the hitbox booth and being a tool to every single person he came across. Fuck you, dude.

    Also, Blaziken is a top tier shoto.

    • MrWholesome

      Should have said something to him if he was bothering you that much.

      • Shoryu Reppa

        It didn’t bother me much til I heard all the stories from people after the event. At first I figured ok, whatever, dude with bad people skills, what else is new? But then buddies of mine were telling me all kinds of dickhead shit this dude was doing and saying and I realized oh, this guy really is just a prick.

        • MrWholesome

          Ah well. All that “power” probably went to his head.Typical.

  • Jet Set Dizzy

    Looks pretty cool.

  • Vicioushellsing

    Sweet Gardevoir is in it, and she has misdreavus as an assist. I found my main! Im amazed there is only 8 choices. But for a 68 mb download this game was sick.

  • omegasinnocence

    I hope there’s no cease and desist order for this game. I don’t want it to be the Streets of Rage remake all over again.

    • Freakmasta

      Unfortunately, the creators’ site is no longer able to download (most likely the fear of being sued by a mega corporation). So, I think 4.3 is the latest and final update.

  • eczangief

    in b4 flowchart Blaziken

  • El Sabroso

    These are the same characters as in MuGeN, i have played the Mugen Lucario, this Fighter Maker version seems to be nice

  • Killer_Jigglypuff

    I’d buy it.

  • Kapwan13

    I say this and Dong Dong Never Die need to be in the next mystery game tournament at one of the upcoming majors.

  • JOSEPH 3000

    this reminds me a lot of Battle Capacity, which i believe is run on the same engine. Battle Capacity is a fighter based off of a “create-a-pokemon” forum in Smogon, a competitive pokemon site. the game creator uses a lot of stuff similar to street fighter such as EXs and Supers, and the game looks really nice and plays well. you can check out more about it here http://www.ivnbvn.com/batcap/ . also if you search battle capacity on youtube there are a lot of matches that show really good game play.

  • SVN4

    So while Blaziken pays homeage to characters very well known, who Snorlax does it for? Maybe for that characters who screams “balloooon”? (forgot the game’s name)

    • Freakmasta

      Fighter’s History

  • SniperNightOwl

    nice trojan in that megaupload link….. =/

  • YanDaMan

    Dat Snorlax mega kick is broke.

  • Prostoner

    always wanted to play a fighting pokemon game
    pretty awesome

  • Blackstones

    ive said it before and ill say it again let capcom develop the battle portion for pokemon games to be like this with damage scaling based on pokemon levels

  • The Lone Dragon

    Tyrogue needs to be in this.

  • Jimsrk

    This game is old…

  • SaltyKracka

    Nigga playing needs to learn to block.

  • Aurelious

    There is sadly a trojan when you download the Megaupload link, “Trojan.Maljava” Luckily my Norton360 grabbed it before I unzipped it, so do be wary. Otherwise…interesting lil game.

    • Dander

      lol Norton

  • Stuart Hayden

    this game is actually really old….this isnt news

    • MrWholesome

      old for you. new for many others (have a look in the thread)
      Acting like there is a finite amount of news posts that can be added each day. You knew of the game? simply move on.

  • Katt

    A wild MARN appears!!!! I mean snorlax. Lol

  • Rizhall

    Let’s petition this for GGPO!

  • JJOR64

    Scanned the files with AVG Internet Security 2011 and I didn’t get any infection notices. The files are clean.

    As for the game, it’s pretty neat. Hopefully with people just finding out about the game will give it new life. Would love to see more characters and other game modes as well.

  • No Limitz

    This shit is ooooold.
    But Lucario/Ryu is cool.

    • Russellah

      Even though he has a hadoken he has a moveset that is more like yun/yang.

      Palm Strike,
      Dragon Kicks,
      Shoulder Slam,

      Food For Thought.

  • Noob-856

    Anyone else getting Trojan’s in the DL link?

  • chicobo329

    Anyone confused that may be confused about voices: the Pokemon are speaking their Japanese names which are often very different from English.

    I heard a lot about this game but it’s very elusive because the creator only puts the game up for download for a limited time before taking it down to work on it. I like the mechanics, although there’s much I still need to learn about this.

  • LeeRockU

    Oh what the hell.

  • Wasted

    I find myself quite annoyed that Combusken and Blaziken are part of the same roster.

  • h1tm0nl33

    Add Mewtwo and Hitmonlee and we’ll talk.

  • JoelSyko

    Now just replace, the turn by turn fighting style in the rpgs and u have the perfect pokemon game. A 3d rpg style pokemon game, where the fighting is free form like this, but 3d platform . Wow, not even sure if that can be emulated, that would be a big game. But its a challenge i send to the makers. Picture Gale of darkness plus this type of fighting in 3d in one game………. Best Game ever !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JoelSyko

    And some longer range attacks would be awesome, like vine whip and razor leaf. IN 3d ……….. O_O

  • tyzhev

    there is an update at the website