Smash Brothers Next and Guest Characters

By on June 9, 2011 at 8:28 pm

Smash Brothers fans found out during Nintendo’s press conference on Tuesday that the company has begun work on a new game in the series. This game will be for both the Wii U and the 3DS, and will have some connectivity between the two versions.

IGN interviewed the game’s producer on the topic of guest characters, and Capcom came up in the discussion.

“I can’t say that it’s entirely out of the realm of possibility that some Capcom character could appear in the next Smash Bros. The big problem, though, comes from the idea of trying to get characters from a completely different universe to fit with the style that has been dictated by Nintendo’s characters in a fighting game.

“In fact, I actually think it’s a miracle that we got Smash Bros. and all the Nintendo characters to work together in the first place. Especially when you bring Pokemon into the mix and a lot of the complications that are caused by that being an almost completely different entity on its own, it’s really something. So this is something that obviously will come up more as we get started on the new Smash Bros. development, but keeping those things in mind I think is important.”

Sounds like a bunch of hogwash to me. What do you guys think? Licensing is obviously a much bigger issue than “making characters work together” in a giant crossover game.

  • El_Cor

    Uh oh. Incoming rage.

  • MegaIsaac X

    megaman is all thats needed

  • MWisk_2

    Needs moar Poison! xP

    • thejohnsonrock

      gotta have it!…her, him. it.

  • del1rium


  • Mno

    Every year brings a new shitty game.

    I thought we had covered it with MvC3, but it seems the year is still full of surprises.

    • ChibiMana

      Yes, the game that has barely started development and is potentially years away from release is shitty. Very shitty. If I were you I would just claim to be trolling to avoid looking like a complete idiot.

      • b3nz0r

        Wouldn’t he have to delete the post to do that?

      • GuyWithNoHat

        its super smash bros and its not on the n64, it will be shitty.

    • Dont Jump

      Mno-LOL. You’re comment was epic. MVC3 was the biggest dissapointment in gaming history.

  • xelad1

    That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. Somehow they managed to make Snake fit in the game, a decidedly un smashlike character. Its just about melding the character into the gameplay, how is that hard? MVC and other crossover games have been doing it for years.

    Now if only they could address the issue of making smash more like melee than like brawl, that would be impressive.

  • KumaOso

    Wow, I’m surprised this isn’t filled with dumbass comments.

    • boogityboy

      just wait for it. 🙂

      • DiscoCokkroach

        Best comment string ever! XD

  • Satorr

    Yun and Yang confirmed for Smash Bros.

  • King Rizz

    Megaman, Ryu, and Phoenix Wright are the only ones I could see happening.

  • Xrebellion

    These are some good comments…X is pleased.

  • Sawa

    Yet they managed to make Snake work….

    Actually, fuck them. I don’t feel like wasting energy talking about this. I won’t be buying their console, so the best I can hope for is that they make Captain Falcon somewhat usable. That way so I can at least have fun mashing Smash at school.

  • Koukin

    Why is this here? Smash Bros Isn’t a Fighting Game!

    • D-Proto


    • AkitaZero

      Last I checked, when a game has characters that SRKs, One hand Hadoukens, multiple hitting blanka rolls (w/ electricity I might add), and characters that uses a lariat to get back to cliffs was considered a fighting game..

      I mean hey, give MvC3 the ability to come back after depleted vitality more than once, and the choice of items and it’ll look like we’ll have Capcom’s version on Smash Bros. Don’t be surprised if Capcom doesn’t let SSB do it..

      • AkitaZero

        Too late, doesn’t Phoenix come back after depleted vitality!? It’s already begun!!

    • Oohwakamuu

      We have a winner. Who picked post 19 on 6/9/11 for the “Smash isn’t a fighting game” pot?

  • NyuBomber

    Mega Man
    Phoenix Wright

    All would work dandy.

  • ChibiMana

    I can’t picture SF characters in Smash Bros but I could definitely see Megaman or Viewtiful Joe.

  • gamerkim28

    I’d laugh if Mega Man made it into Smash before he’s in MvC 3 as DLC.

  • King9999

    Mega Man is the obvious choice. They may put in Volnutt (at least in the 3DS version) to promote the new MML.

    Who I really want to see in the next game is Little Mac.

    • truendymion

      Hell yeah Little Mac!

    • Travis Epic

      Little Mac has always been someone I wanted to play as in smash.

    • little IVIac

      That’s all i have wanted since 2006!

  • Cazaki

    All bullshit. All of it.

  • GirugaMarc

    It’s obviously going to be Airman!

    • Guilty

      Look up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane! It’s Airman, bitch, and I’m bringin’ the pain!

      • dantemustdie

        @ Guilty

        +1 million internets for your Duane and Brando reference

  • piskooooo

    I’ll be happy with anyone that’s not Ryu, Akuma, or Chun Li. I’m tired of them being in every game.

  • Sweeternity

    This is horrible PR hogwash. They made Solid Snake work in a game with Pikachu? Nothing else can be harder. And pokemon being hard? Like Jigglypuff and Kirby are that different? Yoshi looks like a pokemon himself! Whatever what a stupid stupid thing to say, wow.

    • Diemme

      Jigglypuff and Kirby are more different than Zangief and Hugo. Idiot, stop talking

  • dantemustdie

    I really, really, really want Mega Man in the next Smash.

  • D-Proto

    I want boobs

  • Wicho3mil

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  • Wicho3mil

    If your not a fan of “This is 3rd Strike – コレワ第3ストライク” on Facebook….WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! Also follow us on twitter @Thisis3rdStrike

  • kalvin17_

    This is obviously leaning more towards Megaman I’d say than anyone from the Street Fighter series. The only two crossover characters I ever wanted were Megaman and Simon Belmont. Too bad Konami ruined that one with Snake. 😐

    All that said, it would totally be crazy amounts of epicness to see Zangief on the Smash Bros battle grounds.

  • Tempest7x

    I hope its more like melee than brawl. And kirby and jigglypuff have similar floaty mechanics but played totally different. Jiggs is tourney payable but kirby gets raped.

  • AwesomeObliterator

    ^In all likelihood, it won’t. I’m not bothering to get on the hype train this time around.

  • Diernes

    I thought this was a fighting game website?

    • kingsharkboi

      Old and Stupid Joke is Old and Stupid

      • SodaPOP

        Says the guy who responds with a fucking internet meme.

        • kingsharkboi

          congrats you recognize satire….or maybe not

  • Da Boogeyman

    Megaman and simon belmont ftw, with capt n

  • zer0cool

    Falcon Punch vs Raging Demon

  • Good guy

    Interesting, any other article about Smash Bros a lot of people show up saying that the game is a joke and stuff, now that the topic about guest character for the new game comes up, a lot of people want capcom characters there…

  • white shadow

    As long as Sakurai is on the project, this game is going to be absolute garbage. No guest Capcom characters will save it when Megaman is tripping every 5 seconds and you’re rewarded with a free Final Smash for getting your ass kicked.

    • ShinMoo

      “As long as Sakurai is on the project, this game is going to be absolute garbage. No guest Capcom characters will save it when Megaman is tripping every 5 seconds and you’re rewarded with a free Final Smash for getting your ass kicked.”

      Quoted for truth even though niggas wont be using final smashes and whatever the fuck they are gonna come up with this time.

  • Dragoomba

    Urien confirmed.

  • Juri Licious

    Megaman! add in megaman! or Zero, yeah Zero.

  • clue2025

    I say Megaman is most likely. Honestly there’s no reason it SHOULDN’T be.

  • Kahmos

    It wont be a fighting game, it will be some nonsense made for kids. People dont get excited.

    It will be Ryu and Megaman that they know of so far that is going into the game… after some ip type settlements have been arranged.

  • Zenme

    “The big problem, though, comes from the idea of trying to get characters from a completely different universe to fit with the style” ಠ_ಠ
    You mean like Solid Snake?

  • Missing Person

    To anyone who bet the over (set at 20) for amount of comments it would take for someone to say “lol smash not fightan gaem,” please pay up.

  • truendymion

    Please make it more competitive!

  • Icy Black Deep

    About time! The high-level Smash players are getting tired of splitting pots in the current game.


  • marcusg

    Oh yeah, I can definitively see sf4 Zangrief do atomic buster off stage. So broken.
    Better yet add Dante uppity ass.

  • d3nyd

    Isn’t SRK supposed to be a fighting game website? What is Smash doing on here?

    • kingsharkboi

      Getting tired of this shit people, grow up. Do you need an explanation for why Obama is President of the United States even when he’s half black?

      • GirugaMarc

        He’s only saying that to get a rise out of people like you that are bothered by it.

        It shouldn’t bother you. This is SRK, it’s full of retards and trolls.

        Anyways, that joke is old and shitty, and anyone that still says it should feel bad.

  • Blaziner

    sure….. its hard to add people, just give them there sig moves and do w/e with them, thats just something they say, so they can back out of adding new charecters, or so we will think they are working hard for us.

    • Shareware

      It’s true, they just sit on their asses while the games magically make themselves.

      They should hire you, you obviously work harder than they do. 🙂

  • Last Dragon

    Why the fuck is Smash even on this site? Do people really take the games seriously?

    • SamuraiPanda001

      With an estimated nearly $1 million spent on Smash tournaments around America, I’d say that yes people care about the Smash games.

      The actual numbers are available with a little Googling (AlphaZealot crunched them awhile back).

  • SuicidalGrandpa

    Please don’t front page stuff about Smash. That’s for Smashboards, rather not have them round here.

    • SamuraiPanda001

      For fighting games to become more popular as a competitive medium (read: for corporate sponsorship and more mass appeal) it would be best for fans of all fighters (even non-traditional fighters like Smash) to at least pretend to like each other on the internet.

  • Odilon

    As much as I like Smash for parties, and for fun. It stopped being competitive after Melee, when everyone became obnoxiously slow, and in addition, some characters are REALLY freaking heavy (IE Rob, Snake, Ganon). It’s just in a state of complete disorder, some characters have a painful time to actually land a point. For instance my Peach :[

  • Mr_Bogard

    Nintendo really has to impress me with this one since Brawl was absolute garbage.

  • Finkledoodoo

    is the same guy who purposely attempted to remove the competitiveness from brawl working on this one? he’s silly, i don’t want whatever steamy pile he cooks up this time…

  • TheWretchedCrow

    I think that the two most fitting “nintendo” characters would be Simon Belmont and Megaman. But I would most of all want to see Phoenix Wright!
    Perhaps Phoenix and Prof. Layton could be 3DS exclusive or something like that?

  • Itachimaster666

    This sounds pretty awesome but please please no Megamanz
    just add Pheonix he seems suited in it xD

  • Kimicario

    Mega Man would fit fine in a Smash game. Good lord is it just me, or did everyone turn into assholes after the site update? Pretty funny considering this is a fighting game site yet every single comment manages to bash something…

  • LA4P

    Can’t Wait 🙂

  • Shareware

    Sweet trollin’ cakes.

  • VietGeek

    I really hope this is the game that will bridge the traditional fighting game communities and the Smash community…

    in agreeing unanimously that this game will be garbage.

    • KenSaysCHAR

      I thought we all already agreed that Brawl was garbage?

      And that’s why Brawl players play MvC3 now.

      • Diemme


  • metaphist

    You know damn well unless Sakurai gets his ass kicked off the dev team there’s no hope for this competitively. But it will be fun.

    • SamuraiPanda001

      IMO Brawl wasn’t that great as a party game compared to Melee. Casual players just didn’t get into Brawl nearly as much.

  • SF4iA

    every smash game that comes out from here on out til nintendo dies will never be like Melee.that ship has sailed.Melee was a retarded looking glitch fest anywayz. Brawl was far more interesting to play.

    • sneak8288

      cancelling moves into other in streetfighter was initially a glitch, should we call that a retarded glitch fest?

  • GunHammers


    • GunHammers

      oops lawl

  • JacopeX

    >Implying a fighting game has to be competitive in order to be good


    • KenSaysCHAR

      Implying the Smash series is a fighting game.


  • KimSunIL

    I thought SRK was for fighting games?

  • Akumashadow


    All of em fit in the Smash Bros. Universe

  • 6ixx

    Please God. Make this game suck way less than Brawl does now. Brawl is the biggest fail I’ve ever seen in a fighting game. SSB = Great. SSBM = Amazing. SSBB = WTH Happened to tech skill?


    Solid Snake did NOT fit in to Smash Bros Brawl. He was broke as fuck and looked stupid the entire time he was being so.

    • Diemme

      Snake is tied for third on the tier list, and is only going to go down. Talking out of your ass must be kinda fun, though.

  • IKARI263

    smash bros goes 1V1 and 2-D calling it. JK but seriously i think the only CAPCOM characters that would fit would be Megaman or Arthur

  • Dedemaru

    Anyone who hates on Smash Bros is small in the pants…

    I’m gonna cross my fingers for Mega Man in SSB (or Frank West :p)

  • Victormaru

    Put Guile in there and give him an air throw.

  • SVN4

    Pretty much BS…
    Like everybody said already, they managed to put Snake; in the “miraculous” successfull fighting game (not in OUR sense) which put together so different characters. Then, they come to express concerns about putting characters especially designed and originated from fighting games (“real fighting games”, in OUR sense).

    If they have already gathered, for example, characters with “natural” anatomy and fantastic creatures/really weird guys (Mario Bros.), and these latter ones with a totally new scale and proportion (ex: Pikachu’s size), why there is a problem with putting a Ryu or Megaman and others, without chibi-like proportions?
    I mentioned those two because they are more likely to be selected than Birdie…

    If the game does not involve a particular and direct, exclusive crossover with Capcom, rather being like Brawl which chose a single character to represent a company, then they are probably going to pick one character, two at most. And the best Capcom representatives, for game like that, are SF and MM.

  • StrtFghtrMstr

    Great time to revived BOF classic characters; Ryu, Nina, Teepo, Rei, Gar & Peco! Now waiting for Square Enix to jump in the mix. “God Bless The Ring” anybody?

  • Airborne

    Putting Megaman in the game is basically just adding a second Samus to the game…. Think about it for once.

  • xShonuffx

    Im thinking beyond this whole smash bros. thing so forgive me for being off topic.

    Imagine using the Wii U for the next Fighting game in the series and using the control pad as a way to manage tournament brackets across several Wii systems, that would be freakin awsome.

  • HotGarbage

    Sakurai: saying the weirdest shit since 2003

  • ddrt

    Are they honestly saying coming up with moves/character designs for characters that have been around longer than a decade is a hard thing to do?

  • Soplox

    They said they’ll start the development from where Brawl left it meaning it will be more like Brawl. Which is amazing cuz Smash is NOT mean to be a competitive(tournaments) game. And this is a Nintendo characters crossover so if Nintendo invite Capcom to put a character in it I’d say it will be just one and it’ll Megaman.

  • Dan CiTi

    Mega Man, Ryu, and Travis Touchdown are kinda confirmed at this point. I hope Snake, Lucas, Wolf, Meta Knight and at least most of the Brawl cast come back, that game had a nice roster.

  • xRELLIKx

    Zero, Megaman and Strider 4 me.

  • ScottSummers

    if capcom didn’t want to put mega man in mvc3 why the heck are people thinking he will be in smash bros? they don’t care about the mega man series anymore. its all about re and sf. mm9 and 10 were good but if they really cared about mega man they would make a game that would blow us away kind of like what nintendo does with mario but they haven’t done that since mega man 2 and 3. im not saying the other classic mega man games are bad, i just think capcom needs to come up with something really good and different for mega man because they don’t seem to know what to do with that series anymore. its all the same


    I think Pacman, Earthworm Jim, Boogerman, Spot , Yo-Noid, Crash Bandicoot, or even Captain Crunch can make good characters in this game.

  • Zahbung

    Sounds like BS

  • RaiiN

    Hmmm a Capcom character that’s not Mega Man. Maybe the original Bionic Commando, Arthur could probably work well, or even SonSon. But my money is on the T-Rex from Dino Crisis.

  • Fromundaman

    Give me Viewtiful Joe and I’ll be happy.

  • Daemon Gildas

    I think Mega Man is a must-have, and even Ryu would be cool. After having Snake and Sonic, the ante is definitely up!

  • JalenSRK

    Uh… who cares about Capcom characters for this? Put in a damn Marvel character. We need Steve Fucking Rogers. Final Justice, izuna drop niggas off stages son!

  • truendymion

    Yo I want Knuckles up in that bitch.

  • Perfektdar

    This game needs Dark Phoenix

  • warioroll199

    I just idea Steel Roll, Ultra Proto Man, Spark Wario and Super Twinbee final smash transformation character in game

  • warioroll199

    ideas characters Waterhazard (Ben 10 Ultimate Series) and Omega (Sonic the hedgehog Series)