Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online – 1st Trailer and Screens

By on June 6, 2011 at 12:53 pm

It is official! Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition will be using GGPO netcode and have Youtube match sharing! Check out the first trailer and screens right now! 3sO is due for release this Summer. Please tweet @Yoshi_OnoChin to tell him thanks for GGPO in 3sO!

3sO also features a massive “Vault” system (featuring unlockables like artwork). The game will cost $14.99.

[tip from Ian D and David I, via Gamersyde]
  • Saitsuofleaves

    And thus, the Renaissance begins.

  • Surenio


  • Zx-tole

    looks nice. just gotta hope the online will be decent

    • King Rizz

      Its GGPO, literally THE BEST in online fighting game management.

  • blinky77


  • Kurushii

    “using GPPO netcode AND have Youtube match sharing”

  • The Ace of Knaves

    “GGPO and Youtube match sharing”
    Oh wow that’s awesome.

  • Gorehound


    Awesome to the Max!

  • WorstGiefEVER



  • iDely

    And Adam Tensta made the Theme Song ! AWESOMENESS !

    • thejohnsonrock


  • Nemo4ever

    Song is ass, but the editing got me hyped.

    Youtube match sharing sounds awesome.

  • ExHaseo

    Wasn’t there problems with GGPO and Third Strike though…?

    • NeoChaosX

      Only because GGPO on Windows was using an emulator. GGPO integrated into the actual game code, and not using an emulator’s save states, works much better.

  • Winston Smith


  • ironman1478

    ExHaseo, that was because the maker of GGPO didn’t have access to the source code of 3rd strike or something like that. ggpo wasn’t being correctly applied, but i guess now it will be.
    this game is gonna be off the hook.

  • Don Calzone


  • PurpleLemonadeGGPO

    I like this

  • Syxx573

    put this on the front page of srk and then enable ads on the video = brilliant way to make some easy money

  • D-Proto

    GGPO + Youtube Sharing…


  • mega_buster

    out of all the companies Ive spent the most money on capcom stuff this year

  • JayGee

    Can we get it on now?

  • puconov


  • Andogar

    I’ll take 20

  • bmckay

    Yeah, so my dude… What were y’all saying about not being pixelated?

    I mean, either way, I’m buying it and playing the fuck out of it, but yo…

  • danime

    Awww yeah! Just hoping they don’t mess with the soundtrack and this is perfect.

  • BitterSweet

    Maybe, if it was $10 or less and it comes out before I find anything else I would want in psn store.

  • Aphera

    This summer?! That’s only a few months at most from now. Can they really do it it that fast?

  • clue2025

    Summer is done. Capcom can release/make/fuck up whatever the hell they want now, this is all I need for another console generation or 2. Cannot wait. See you guys online when this drops.

  • Sir_Flawless


  • Geese Pants

    Wow……………can’t wait.

  • KryptoniteBoots

    After all these years, I didn’t think a trailer for this game could possibly get me hype, but damn if my heart rate didn’t increase, I can’t wait to play this damn game online again.

  • SiLLiEMutAfuKA

    Holy shit.

    There is absolutely no reason for anyone to complain about this anymore. Well, at least till after the game’s out I guess.

  • Good Game Player

    all the sf4 scrubs who think this game is godlike without ever seriously having played it are going to tears at this game so much lol

    • MrTorture

      I’m a late 09er, but sf4 got me into fighting games, and I found GGPO played 3S and fell in love.. I’m on a new PC and I’m not able to play it right now, and I’m dying to play again.. Wish I was better but… I’m working on it. xP

  • little IVIac

    Youtube Sharing?
    Didn’t see that one coming…
    Love the sharper sprites!

    • Good Game Player

      filters, by definition, are kind of the opposite of ‘sharper’. i’ve gotta admit it doesnt look as bad as mvc2 did but i’ll still probably turn them off. there’s just too much detail in those pixels that gets lost when you slap a filter on it.

  • DGNR8

    I will be retiring MVC3 and SSF4 for his…..

  • gundamx86

    are those scanlines I see in one of the screens?

    • bmckay

      Yup. Looks like NTSC-Mode. I saw some scanlines and color bleed.

  • goose22b
  • Bakejono

    All i can say is “Wowww”, I can’t wait for this game to come out.

    • Bakejono

      I’m going to have a heart attack. This and AE is coming out, shoot!

  • DanSC

    what exactly is youtube sharing?

    • bmckay

      Most likely, replays being saved and uploaded to youtube.

    • Goatbot

      Its the same as Dirt 3. You can upload replays straight from the game to your youtube channel.

  • kingedawg

    Is it just me or do the colors look improved?

  • tortonon

    GGPO. At last, eh Capcom?! This will be AMAZING.

  • 10x

    Sold. Capcom seems to have got it so fucking right.

    And that song is fucking awesome, don’t know what some of you are smoking. See you guys online.

  • Vegit814

    My wallet is ready

    • thejohnsonrock


  • Sir_Flawless

    Summer 2011.. So that means we only gotta wait at most just under 3 months for this. I can chill though, no point in having my Summer go by too fast 8)

  • MegamanXZero

    Capcom, plz take my money ASAP for this

  • Einlanzer

    that was a well done trailer. not a fan of the graphical uplifts, but arcade perfect is what counts.

  • DanDan


  • 10021985


  • GirugaMarc

    This summer, eh? I won’t hold my breath. Delays seem to be really popular as of late.

  • Clear Sky

    Ha. They just add blur to every character with a filter to avoid the upscaled sprites from looking like shit. I guess they had no choice, but now everyone looks like they were smeared with the same dog shit that they used to airbrush Dudley’s stage.

    Thank god for ggpo I guess. lol

  • Dios

    Is this a Xbox 360 Exclusive? Look at the end of the video, I don’t see any Sony logos anywhere.

  • d3f1anc3

    Now if they would only implement GGPO in all of their future titles…

    YouTube sharing is a plus. I’m hype. Time to get bodied online, I’m ass @ 3s lol

  • 7h30n

    Wait a minuuuute! This is coming to PC ?! In summer?

    Oh dear God. SSF4:AE, this and MK Arcade Kollection, all on PC. How will I get all the money for those games?
    For starters I’ll stick with 10$ Steam MK Arcade Kollection

    • Toodles

      [citation needed]

    • Warpticon

      Where are you pulling this PC stuff from?

      • 7h30n

        Oops, sry I thought I read it is also on Steam.
        Well, it’s just SSF4 AE and MK Arcade Kollection for us PC gamers.

    • sebmaq

      do you realise how much better the experience is playin fighting games on a console? Way more players, don’t have to play ppl with shit pcs causing crazy lag and most good players on xbox use ethernet connection. Its unbelievebly better. And I would know I have sf4 pc and 360.

      • Revek

        Everyone uses an ethernet connection these days, lol.

  • RaNdOmBliNg

    God damn i want it now…

  • Sir_Flawless

    Now all Capcom needs to do is port CvS 2… Even though Seth said no, it can be argued that with the huge resurgence of the Fighting Game community, especially in the hardcore community, CvS 2 should be brought back. And as for 3SO, they most likely are going to put in new music like they did for HDR, but hopefully they have an option that lets you switch to the original 3S because that OST was amazing.

    • Skudd

      The biggest issue with porting CvS2 at this point is having to re-obtain publishing rights from SNK. To my knowledge, the people in charge of making that decision at SNK currently aren’t interested in having that happen, but I could be mistaken.

      Either way, I’d still much rather see SNK just make SvC2.

  • Zerogundam7

    Everything looks good. I will miss having the sprites as the character portrait tho. Here’s hoping that they diddnt change the music…

    • Missing Person

      The stage themes and character selects are awesome, but I’ll gladly take this song playing in the menu screens.

  • jsun2k

    I know I’ll propbably be the only one to say this, but that filter makes the game look HORRIBLE…. And they did’nt even make the game ratio 16:9, its just a lazy port. And honestly why would you want to clog up youtube with even MORE SF3 videos? I’ll stick with SSF AE until SF5 comes out.

    • KennedyKills

      Not sure if srs

  • nogget

    I didn’t see a PS3 logo at the end.

  • KiShiDo

    Will this game be on disc or just to download at the marketplace?

  • D-Proto

    2 things im not getting

    #1: Game is listed to be released only for X360
    #2: Yang and Gouki portraits are bigger than everyone’s else

    • SoupyShoe

      you know how microsoft always has to have the games come out first on xbox. dont worry, it’ll be there for ps3

  • JDM98Ferio

    Wow better be available for the PS3!!!

  • puconov

    ehy wait. PSN logo?

  • Gumpool

    isn’t ggpo dead?


    and cool to hear adam tensta doing the intro song

  • Bobbypigo

    This makes me want MVC1 to be released on next gen with GGPO.



  • Tiger_Claw

    im not playing this. too many fighting games already

    • Affliction


    • clue2025

      This or ST are the only ones you need to play, ever. Seriously.

      • Kayroh

        … HF>ST. And Don’t forget all the other good fighting games either.

  • Samurai Lincoln

    *In Bison’s voice* YES!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob Sagat

    WTF @ those screens. “HUGE COMBO – Pull off a SHIT combo”

  • Diernes

    Finally, I am now suddenly very interested in this………

  • defghui

    wait a fuckin minute, is this xbox only? FFUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOOOOOOOOU

  • Aquashark

    this is amazing. congrats Ponder, you’re the reason i play fighting games in the first place..

    and thank you Capcom!

  • The Orphan

    Never have I been so excited for a 12 year old game. I’m hoping the SFIV group will tough it out and stick with the game, cause it will be brutal to learn….but definitely worth it.

  • Graphic


  • The Lone Dragon

    1. Looks VERY nice.

    2. Q’s new profile picture next to the life bar looks HYPE.

  • neiman


    IT”S BACK AHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Orphan

    I’m also wondering what other kind of extras they will have. Stuff to purchase perhaps? I mean what’s that point bullshit going on in some of the pics?

  • UCFinish

    I’m going to go cry tears of joy now.

  • Yun_the_new_king

    xbl: Da Killa510xyz
    looking to make an endless lobby around 9 pm est SSF4

  • DeathReaper47


    YouTube match sharing?

    Summer 2011?


  • TrollThisSRK

    Obviously theres no Sony logo at the end…but it would be suspicious if this is the first time we’ve heard its not coming to PSN.

    Can someone link conformation of PSN or not ASAP please?

    If its xbox exclusive I’ll definitely be trading in my PS. Would be nice if I knew before I bought AE.

  • Shareware

    Good show. Probably be in the top 5 highest selling XBLA games.

    Or at least top 10.

  • Juri Licious

    And history was made.

  • TrueGunnerShadow

    Hype for Third Strike Online.

  • kstoute


  • rsone

    fun time is over for you mvc3/sf4 players.

  • Negative-Zer0

    Now lets wait and see what [i]awesome[/i] online that SfxT has since they brag about this one so much.

  • SuperFLI

    now capcom, do cvs2 with this

  • skipperxyz


  • boyonweed

    Time for me to start practicing, on my pc.

    • Affliction

      Hell Yeah! *Booting up GGPO* Im average with Ryu and Ibuki but I want to be godlike by the time it releases on consoles.

  • Private Eyeball

    Time to start learning this game. And start watching some Hugo vids!

  • Parker HD

    Im stoked for this, kinda wish the did a HD remix to it though πŸ™

  • Thancruz

    the era of crouching jab has ended :).

    • Gorehound

      Thank God!!!

  • tenyardmike

    anyone notice the CRT screen filter in the Hugo Wins picture?

  • topdawg122

    Looks incredible! Might be more hype for this than AE. Love the soundtrack! Oh yeah GGPO!!!! Get hype!

  • HeroicFrenzy

    …I came. Gallons.

  • Obv1ous

    Features sound really promising but am I the only one feeling my eyes being raped when I looks at the redesigned hud, weirdly placed portraits and background gray design and green achievement boxes. Looks just horrible. Hopefully there is an option for setting off the redesigns.

  • Good Game Player

    so after the game comes out how long until the tiers/begging for balance patch crying thread reaches 1000 posts?

    • Gaijin87

      10 min

    • clue2025

      -1 year. It started as soon as it was announced.

  • Cactuarlover

    I really cant wait for this game i really do love 3s. Remy n Yang all day!

  • JDM98Ferio

    $15.00 WOW!!!!

  • BossFIGHTJunkie



    • Gumpool

      I guess you wont be needing those tapes now?

  • Karsha

    Xbox 360 only or not?Can someone confirm it? I want it to be on PSN too …

    • PDP

      No confirmation, but my theory is that this will be one of the “Summer of Arcade” Xbox Live titles, which MS requires all games a part of this promotion to be, at least timed XBL exclusives. I highly doubt Capcom would make it a permanent XBL exclusive, that wouldn’t make sense.

      • PDP

        I was wrong, 3SO isn’t one of the summer of arcade titles.

  • WhalinDan

    Looks good cant wait to play Oro!

  • Kageromaru Sho

    *Stands up and applauds*

    So beautiful…so beautiful! Nice job with the filtering. That with the updated HUD and YouTube sharing features should quiet any purists out there. Sweetness!

    • Kageromaru Sho

      BTW…why is my avatar still a bunch of circles!?!

  • Ianskie

    and so it begins…

  • evilben

    they best not have changed the music!

  • pootnannies

    oh my goodness gracious. about time we got something. and youtube integration? pretty crazy.

  • col skirmish

    OMG!.. GGPO! and a resonable price! too gdlk!

  • rtdzign

    Type your message here…

  • Zcore

    So Hype! Can’t wait for this to drop.

  • Romuska

    Game looks great. I’m sure it will be a hell of a lot of fun all over again. But is it really going to be an Xbox exclusive? How did that happen?

  • rtdzign

    Everything about this game sounds almost perfect. GGPO, and the build that the majority of people like.

    The only thing that could make this game even better is a scanline graphics filter. Please make it happen Capcom if it is easy enough to do.

  • Beastfeast


  • hellbox9

    half of the peoples head are exploding out of joy, the other half because they don’t know what to do without anything to complain about

  • gaemmk

    no, it’s not a 360 exclusive. capcom wouldn’t even recoup the money they invested if they made it for one console. so it will be on ps3 and xbox 360 and maybe even pc later on.

  • obscura9

    Can’t wait till it comes out, guarantee you all will say the Netcode is terrible. It happens with every game no matter how good the netcode is, people just don’t want to admit they lose online so they blame netcode.

    • Kaijima

      This is the real battle of the century shapin’ up. People dumbly thought Capcom wouldn’t use GGPO or similar netcode in their games because they’re meeeeaaan and just want to make people sad. But nope kids, the 2D game gets ya f**kin’ GGPO, just like people predicted it would.

      But ya, people are about to freak out without anything more to bitch about. And make up reasons why Capcom hates them.

      • Good Game Player

        more like “the american ported game gets ggpo because american developers arent hard headed morons who hate change”

  • shaktazuki

    Will there be a PSN release?

    If it’s arcade perfect, then if Ken KOs Makoto with a neutral throw, what happens?

    • onReload

      There are two versions of the arcade Third Strike; the second one fixed that glitch, but also “fixed” unblockables…let’s hope this is a mix of the two (which wouldn’t be “arcade perfect,” but neither is having redesigned HUDs, eh?)

  • Dander

    3s. y3s.

  • gaemmk

    plus capcom is a japanese company. sony is a japanese company. sony has had image problems as of late. do you really think capcom–a japanese developer–would put sf3oe as an exclusive for an american game console? eh, no.

  • Continuity

    Bringing the STREET back to Street Fighter

  • fujichan327

    wasn’t the game supposed to look better, not like someone took a handful of vaseline and rubbed it all over the screen

  • F0xhound009

    anyone that argues about these HD graphics is a FUCKING IDIOT

    • fujichan327

      i hope you are being sarcastic

  • Aquashark
  • RagnaXBL

    And i jizzed in mah pantz…

  • WalrussPoker

    Cant wait for this one!

  • YuriPaddle

    Online will be so godlike since the net code was by GGP0

  • DeRezz

    I can’t wait for this one. Favorite fighting game is finally getting ported, and in an explosive way!

  • Noodlz


  • donsanity

    I want this……NOW!!!!

  • gaemmk

    just noticed something else that pretty much kinda proves that this is for both consoles. if you notice in the trailer, it looks like there is a space next to xbox360 that is probably for playstation. it looks like the xbox people blacked it out and. lol. so this is probably an official trailer that capcom will show during their press conference, but xbox just took it and made it into an xbox trailer by blacking out the playstation logo next to it.

  • hensin-go-go

    so THAT’s where the big budget went, the music

    also shoutout to GGPO

  • Onizuka1

    I knew it was a good decision to have the plates on my new car read ‘So Hype’

    brb driving around the block after i make a 3sOE bumper sticker

  • Nephtall

    Thank you so much capcom! I’m sure many of former/current 3s players will be very PLEASED to see an optimized version of this game using GGPO netcode! Thank you for listening to the fans! You won’t be disappointed! YEAAAHHHH!

  • ploftkaploft

    Youtube sharing is such a cool feature. I know Just Cause 2 had that, and I think it’s more suited to fighting games because it only takes a few minutes on a match (faster upload of the HD video). Hope to see this same feature in future Capcom fighting games.

    Looking forward for more announcements tomorrow.


    WOW. this is easily one of ma fav sfs. This wud defintly sound corny but…what exaclty r GGPO netcodes??? :-S

    • bruce leeroy

      i believe GGPO is a lag free netcode. if the system detects lag it will roll back and perform what should of actually happened. ther might be some articles posted here on srk on what it is exactly.

  • .Singe

    Oh muh gawd.

    I’ve been playing this game non stop for the past few weeks just to make sure I’m up to snuff again when this comes out.

    My expectations have been exceeded.

  • King9999

    I…may have to get this.

  • Windsagio

    This is actually really interesting, it’ll be something to see the netplay feedback when this comes out.

    • Windsagio

      this new forum thing really needs an ‘edit’ button.

      ~~ I should add I’m also happy to see it used here tho’, this is what it was made for;

  • Momotaro

    Lotta hypocrites in the comments.

  • CSword123

    Youtube sharing? Hope Kuroda has a Gamertag then!

  • Renegade

    Would it have been that hard to add in 2nd impact and new generation stages? 3rd strike stages are ass

  • Dan CiTi

    If you’re gonna get a rapper again, get Infinite again, or Rakin or Nas or someone kick ass like that. Or use EARL’s song that references 3rd Strike, “Stapleton”.

    Also this is gonna be amazing. The best SF gets proper treatment πŸ™‚

    • Dan CiTi


  • MWisk_2

    This is so awesome! GGPO and Youtube sharing! Man! I’m looking forward to dust off my 3S Makoto and Chun Li.

    And, of course, the first few months were people who started playing with SFIV jump in and get bodied non-stop when non of their reversals work and their fireballs and jump ins get parried all day. xP

    • specs

      The second paragraph in your post demonstrates what’s wrong with Third Strike. Note that this is not praise for SF4.

      • alvare

        I second this.

      • akumous

        I disagreed with you. You know how to counter parry? Throw the person if you know the parry is coming, it is that system. A parry and a focus are similar in many ways but are discrete in nature. If a rush down player is using the same offensive pattern of course he is going to be parried to death and if he or she doesn’t change their tactics then they will always be subjected to parries. All SF games are thinking man games but 3rd strike, however, is one of the few that has many layers depth.

  • DanDan

    My Initial reaction:

  • MooMaster666

    Street Fighter 3: Third Strike.

    It’s a good game.

  • specs

    As much as I want to buy a Capcom 2D fighter with both GGPO and YouTube match support, it’s crappy Third Strike. Maybe if it had a Sirlin-esque Remix mode with a different kind of parry system, I’d be game.

    Still, I do want to support GGPO games, and including the YouTube support is really impressive…

    Fuck it, Capcom gets my money again.

  • agentz

    Why is there no PSN logo at the end of the trailer? I’m going to be so pissed if this is some bullshit timed exclusive for XBL.

  • ha-dou-ken

    I will never play another game again….except words with friends. *faint*

  • factory9

    The only thing that could make this better would be a color edit mode.


  • GomuGomu

    Wan’t planning on buying this, but the features are what I’d like to see more in fighters!!! Bring on Youtube direct upload, such an underused feature.

  • friggin lasers

    upload matches straight to youtube?
    just ….. wow
    i dont even play third strike but that is cool as fuck

  • Killer_Jigglypuff
  • akumous

    I see the enhancements in the color palette department but the game character models, however, looks blurry and quite distracting. I could be wrong but lucky post launch someone in the community is going to do a graphical comparison between the old and the new. Fortunately, for all of us we may have a 3rd strike game with excellent netcode and finally we’ll see how stable this netcode is.

  • bear

    Arcade Perfect, GGPO and Youtube uploads? Fucking high fives forever, Capcom. I’m pumped.

  • whodatninja

    holy crap, what a hype-ass trailer! I’ve never spent as much money on capcom as I have this year. and it won’t stop as long as they continue to make it rain decent games like they have

  • caiooa

    arcade perfect…so they really aren’t going to bring sean’s 2nd impact shoryu back….dan tear again /sad

  • Walking0rgasm

    awesome. catering to the hardcore crowd.
    ive never played this game but i cant wait.

  • Stuart Hayden

    looks fucking fantastic. cant wait. i can finally quit playing sfiv.

  • Louiscipher

    Hype! Hype! Hype! Hype niggas hype!

  • RidianFable

    They should just remove him(Sean). I love the japanese development style of intentionally making characters bad.

  • Robo-mitsu

    Fuck yes, this ought to wash the bitter taste of the SF4 series out my mouth.

  • savaii64

    Its about DAMN TIME! 3s for life!

  • SVN4

    Since these american tournaments work in a “marketing” basis, this event fortunately is responsible to give back to this game the actual “fighting game” status, allowing it to take place in majors, and spotlights, streams and stuff.
    Because you know, all the real games are so far away of the cameras and attention these times, like they all have lost their status and became an inferior “class”.

  • King Rizz

    As hype as I am for this game, I’m still worried that there will be nothing but Yuns, Chuns, and Kens online….I still feel like they could have given a rebalanced version along with an option to play the original, just for the sake of seeing more than 3 characters at high level play. I still plan on buying this and sticking with my man Urien (he was rocking ultra tight swim wear way before Borat), but I hope the community embraces this game with a more open and experimental mindset than previous generations who were just more interested in racking up easy wins.

    • KryptoniteBoots

      you’ll definitely see your share of them (I run Ken myself), but the awesome thing about 3s is that most of the characters can compete. Plus with this going towards the hardcore, people who’ve been playing this game have a few characters they can play with (I also use Hugo, Urien, Mokato, Dudley and some Remy). So I think we’ll be fine, and if not hit me up for matches, I’ll be playing a lot with different characters.

      • KryptoniteBoots

        Makoto, where the fuck is the edit button?

  • tempbast

    holy shit, this year! I can’t believe that. I was expecting March 2012. Oh Capcom, you guys are awesome

  • tempbast

    I hope they announce something for pc users too. PC users are practically the testers for GGPO.

    • Buster Cannon

      Seriously, a PC release would be awesome. Makes sense if you’re going to drop it from GGPO; give people who were playing it before the opportunity to buy the game.

  • SweetJohnnyV

    I’m so happy to hear GGPO is being used. Good shit Capcom!

  • Dezik

    Crap… Now we’ll have to find something else to complain about it~!

  • DevilJin 01

    Fuck SFIV. I’m good.

  • bigdaddy4

    Youtube match sharing? Capcom is outdoing themselves on this one.

  • Zebster

    I wonder which version of the arcade game they are using. If it is the one with the fixed unblockables, I’m unsure if it’ll be played competitively as 3S tournaments seem to only use the version with the unblockables.

    • Hace

      I think they said they were using the one without the fixed unblockables.

  • DevilJin 01

    It’s Version A. The same version used at SBO. Which means Urien, Ibuki, Yang, Oro etc. will all have their unblockables fully intact and Urien mirrors will have blue Aegis. LOL.

  • BullDancer

    ^Great news, great game, first day buy(well might get dat bigger battery for PSP first….. then this)…….

  • Schmidtnurface

    Capcom just said “what did the five fingers say to the face?” to all you crying spoiled a holes you can stop complaining now =)

  • Smokin Jo

    Damn!!!! What can I say…….This is GDLK!!!!!!! Capcom man you guys came thru!!!!!! WOW!!!!just WOW!!!!!

  • Streye

    This looks pretty promising. As long as there aren’t any crazy issues that come up, I can see this being back at evo next year as an official tourney game. That would make hype. Capcom just needs to set a date, my wallet is open.

  • Louiscipher

    Big question: With GGPO netcode fully optimized, can we play against Japan online?

  • voltz

    To be honest, I’m not all that thrilled seeing these screens compared to what I’m used to on an actual crt running 224p resolution. Even on XBOX 1this game looked better with just interpolated filtering…. this looks like they just smudged it and said “ok DONE!!”

    Get what I had earlier back on and we’ll talk.

  • gos



  • Last Dragon

    Oh God YES!

  • Ragnorok64

    So Noone’s worried that this will end up with DRM like Final Fight or Bionic Commando Rearmed 2?

  • Kusanagi Fire

    GGPO, HD resolution, and a $15 price tag.

    Sign me up although I was hoping for some optional gameplay tweaks and the addition of NG and 2I stages, but I can live with an arcade perfect port with GGPO.

  • Cyric

    Im over 3S (having played it heaps, years ago) but I think new players will have a lot of fun wih this game.
    Cant wait for SC5 and SFxT πŸ˜€

  • Thancruz

    ugh, it’s sad to see ppl in the youtube comment section say they never played 3S before. A damn shame.

  • SF4iA

    the trailer was kinda lame actually. the music was ok but the overall visual presentation looks like it was made in the early 90’s (I mean come on,simple,colorful ass typography).flashiest thing in this trailer was the art in the beginning. was I supposed to wet myself on this? its still the same game from 99′.I mean come on,lack of optional rebalance aside (which is moot at this point),no old stages from NG,2I? no color edit mode? if C.E.M. doesn’t make it in this game I’m def not wasting my money on this piece of lying shit of a re-re-re-re-release.

  • DevilJin 01

    You realize the 90’s presentation was done on purpose right?

    They dont have to do much to let you know that one of the most historic fighting games of all time is getting a re release. You either want it or you dont, simple as that. Capcom already made there money off Money Fighter IV and Box Office Hits vs. Capcom 3.

  • SF4iA

    @179 – and do u know how to counter a person trying counter ur parry with a grab? its called option-selects.sorry but all parry does is make the game even more random with all the guessing going on from having to be cautious of every atk/special/super it destroys the usefulness of anything that even remotely resembles a ranged game.what’s the point of charge partitioning L.O.V.’s with remy to keep ppl out if u can just parry them all?there’s no variety in the way u can fight.u either play footsies or ur done.and certain chars footsies are FAAAAR superior to others.3s isn’t sf.its something else entirely. its just a fg with ryu,ken,akuma and chun as special guests.

  • Diernes

    I kinda always suspected this was coming out with ggpo so isn’t much a surprise. Easier to code in for 2d, capcom have the license and simply it would have been moronic to release on consoles with their standard crappy netcode when the current GGPO system on PC has a flawed version implemented, it’s still better than anything capcom has in their fighting games.

    and you know 3rd strike is taken off regardless when this goes live.

    Everyone needs ot buy this to send a statement to capcom that in this day in age we need lagless netplay.

  • Diernes

    Type your message here…

  • SF4iA

    @224 – u do know that the only reason this rererererelease even exists is cuz of “money fighter 4” as u call it.purposely or not it was lame.the game looks good,but it always did filters or not. but ggpo and utube sharing is hardly anything to get wet over.ggpo was pretty much confirmed looong ago and 3s had a record feature in most of its releases so utube sharing isn’t new either. but lack of old stages from NG/2I, and color edit mode is inexcusable for a game that was claimed to make me “wet myself”.hardly worth yet ANOTHER purchase.

    • Thancruz

      Yes color edit mode is the most prominent feature to fighting games, what will we ever do without facing someone’s tie dye Ibuki?

  • Travis Epic

    Do you know how long it took me to scroll down to the “Quick Reply Box” ?

    • MWisk_2

      It certainly wasn’t “quick” enough.

  • BurstZX

    Lets go πŸ˜€

  • ha-dou-ken

    5,4,3,2,1 πŸ™‚

  • Zenme

    Am i missing something or is it for XBL only, because that’s the only logo that appears a t the end.

  • Tikimoe

    SF 3rd Strike Announcer: Alright Thats Cool!!!!
    Cant wait for this x3


    Put your game face on, this is the Real Deal.

  • SH4M3

    Is it going to be xbox exclusive?

  • DevilJin 01

    No it’s not Xbox exclusive.

  • Dont Jump

    You know whats awesome? This is going to be great because they are taking an older game and not giving it SF4 shortcuts, mashy insane damaging “ultras” or touching it at all other than graphics. Good to know those of us who dont want to play Dive Kick Edition can play this great game!

    • Obanye

      Oh the irony.

    • Tebbo

      AHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAAH. Either you’re being sarcastic which is funny or you’re not which is even funnier! win win!


    I’m pretty hype for a game I’ve been playing over a decade that has remained 100% the same.

    Oh wait, it has online play. Whooptie fuckin’ doo.

  • YabukiStyle

    So hype for this! Sad part is when everyone complains about Yun again. You think Yun is bad in AE? Wait til you get hit with Genei-jin twice within 15 seconds (losing 40%+ health each time), activated mashing cr. short hit confirms and activated anti-air st. strong all day. All us 3S players have accepted it and found out ways to fight him but all the new school players are gonna get VERY salty.

  • Branh0913

    I’m no longer to big on 3s. But I think I can dust off my old turtle Chun for some good ol online trolling.

  • Missing Person

    For you guys, the day all this was announced was the most important day of your lives.

    For me, it was Tuesday.

    I’m honestly hyped for this.

  • Missing Person

    Also, I want an MP3 of this song. Redrapper just got called out by the quality of this song.

    I want to see him come back with something just as hype.

  • NG1313

    where is the info on the pc release????????????

  • SF4iA

    @234 – no dick, color edit mode isn’t super important but considering just how old this game is and what has already been confirmed its all lackluster and doesn’t change the fact that an assload of ppl will be forced to pay for a lazy ass port of a game over 10 yrs old that they were already enjoying online for years.things like the old stages from the previous games and color edit mode are really good extras to breath some life in what is already a dead game.

  • Endboss

    2 Words: Arcade P, P, P, Perf, passed out…

  • DevilJin 01

    What do you mean by dead? In the sense that people aren’t buying the game left and right to play it for an hour then go back to Halo?

  • BBQ

    FINALLY!!!!!!! I can now enjoy the fighting game genre again! There is still hope! WOO HOO!!!!!!!

  • pvp.tW34k


    I honestly did not see this kind of trailer coming. Can’t wait!

  • Dao

    awesome trailer but is this the new 3s music? its garbage

  • ch3micalboy

    I didn’t see the PSN logo in conjunction with the LIVE one… Um… πŸ™

  • SVN4


    look how bad they put the new in-game portraits

    • Taito

      Yeah I’m guessing the Ikeno portraits will stay in the character select/VS screens and the Artgerm stuff will be for the victory/result screens. Keep it as arcade perfect as humanly possible. That rap better just be for the trailer

    • Affliction

      ur dumb. Its in HD. Its the same fucking pic but just filtered or improved. Its like comparing a 2009 dodge charger to a 2010 dodge charger. Its still a charger, just more added to it. Capcom should definitely can the game because u hate the in-game portraits.

  • King Sky

    I know you pros are practiced up in this shit, so i’m going to have to dust off my SF Anniversary collection for PS2 to get ready LoL

  • thejohnsonrock

    GGPO needs a new logo STAT. i volunteer

    • DiscoCokkroach

      Hey, man, I know this is random and all, but how the heck did you change your picture for front-page commenting? LOL

      Also, I like the GGPO logo the way it is. Although if it changed while still keeping the stick+glove in some form, I would be down. (o_o)-b

  • Kyomaa

    Visuals don’t matter to me, I’m sure it will look fine. All I care about is being able to play online with some decent netcode. So help me vishnu, if Capcom messes this up, I will consume this planet in my rage.

  • SpitfireUTLD

    IM SO FUCKING HYPED RIGHT NOW….ill bust anyt of u punk ass muthafuckaz…daigo and jwong included……LETS GET IT ON NOW!!!!!

  • SpitfireUTLD

    and that dude spitting on that weak ass track sounded like FLOrida….garbage…have INFINITE remaster his 3 tracks on there….remixes with the rest of Ghetto Concept

  • CLU 2

    It really is too bad that Sirlin Style β„’ Chaos theory wasn’t apply to this.

    Given that ST > HDR, perhaps with 3S, the converse might have been true.

  • lunarhostility

    I swear nothing will make you people happy. Sounds like a fantastic release.

  • OMG its a duck

    Hype as shit, can’t wait to abuse Makoto’s dash up throw online πŸ˜€

  • MetalNeverDies

    Looks great, This gives me a chance to actually play SF3(played it a few times at the arcade)

  • 818Jin


  • KaelDarkblade

    lol if it rly ends up being an xbox live exclusive, than thats gonna be one of the best boner killers this summer.

  • DiscoCokkroach

    I remember the first time I played 3S. It was weird but beautiful seeing it at 60 FPS for the first time πŸ˜€

    I hope it gets released on 6/21/2011. It says, “Summer 2011,” and that’s the first day of Summer LOL. It’s also a Tuesday, aka Media Release Day, so it’s perfect.

  • Endless

    Goodbye SSF4 for me πŸ˜€

  • MarceloAbans

    I’m gonna give this another shot. Maybe with a stick I can get into it now..

  • aznctguy00


    i came.. 5 times

  • SF4iA

    @260 – that, and the fact that the game hasn’t been in evo since what…08? 3s is only “alive” in its just the small patch groups of ppl that can’t move on from the whole “I win cuz I can do this and u can’t” style of fg.even with this game comin out,nothing will change.especially if the online ends up being ass (which is a healthy possibility).it may squeeze 1 more year at evo to celebrate its release but once grand finals ends up being a mixture of chun vs yun or mirror matches of those 2 that’ll be it.same fate as mvc2.

    • Good Game Player

      “β€œI win cuz I can do this and u can’t” style of fg.”

      fucking retard

  • Sadistic Masochist

    are these retards really releasing this game with no balance changes? it can ba balancex out easily as fuck in a single fucking minute, wtf are they smoking these crapcom whores? chun & yun need to change, 1 super bar for sa2 for chun, longer sa3 bar for yun but it depletes as fast as the normal one would. there, game balanced. a lil improvement on sean wouldnt hurt either. these fuckers. im still thinking of getting it though, but not too sure with a chun and yun thats soo fucking powerful.

  • Missing Person
  • Valaris

    For those excited for 3s returning to evo, don’t hold your breath. Pretty damn sure Wiz already said it’s not coming back.

  • Harle

    Noob question: if this GGPO is so awesome to the max, why don’t they use it as standard for all fighting games?

  • Takahashi

    The PlayStation Network logo is in the trailer on the official website, also on the website itself.

  • Lane

    refer to my sig

  • DoctorWho3k

    I’m not sure why people are incredulous that the game will come out this summer. They aren’t doing much of anything to the game, why would it get delayed?

  • 6ixx

    I’m so fucking happy right now, words can’t even explain it. 3rd strike, less pixely, and GGPO?!?!?!?!?!

    Give me this game right now.

  • Wicho3mil
  • Wicho3mil

    SO HYPE!!!


    HELL YEAH, will buy a 360 on release day to play this

  • clue2025

    Best part is how much stuff is in this game, and how much of it is missing or lacking in their AAA title MvC3

  • Mackdaddi

    Hmmm, uploading videos direct from the console-Nice!! surprised it took so long for somebody to implement this. Youtube better get bigger servers…….

  • Soplox

    Hope they use GGPO and Youtube Sharing for SFXT too

  • Dime_x

    that is the sickest streetfighter trailer i have ever seen… remy even did a bboy pose at the end. it was all in rythm… capcom is stepping there marketing game up… its about time.


  • ha-dou-ken


  • Son of a Gun

    So many SF3S veterans means I’m basically buying this to get my ass kicked, but:
    “The game will cost $14.99” and it’s 3S…in HD….Online…….

  • Naruto Uzumaki

    Best fighting game ever

  • DatMangoSentinel

    Take me now, my ready. This soundtrack is so omg. The editing has me mad hype. *repeats*

  • RindoukanKarateMan

    Why is everybody worried that it won’t come out for ps3? its coming out for both systems. at the same time. For the same price. Capcom wouldn’t shaft such a valuable market. Plus watch all the videos they say its coming out for both.