MvC3: A Crash Course on Jill

By on May 30, 2011 at 7:14 pm

Here is a sweet new Jill crash-course combo video by pulsr! Some of you may know him from BB, others may remember him from his sweet beard. At any rate, he has put together some really nice information into this video so check it out and be sure to leave him some comments. Don’t mind the ghetto editing… just concentrate on the content! Thanks pulsr!

MVC3: A Crash Course on Jill

  • Kyrie

    That “Alpha Counter” tip was awesome!

  • piskooooo

    Very nice.

  • Shadow VII

    that last part almost convinced me of buyin her

    • neroiscariot

      Really? Just…really?

  • Llama985

    Nice. I just need to have a better eye on seeing when she is in feral or not.

  • janoDX

    Im about to change wesker over Jill. And have my Zero-Jill-Dormammu…

  • Luigi-Bo 87

    Good stuff on putting the alpha counter part in.You already knew I thought it was the best counter in the game and now others can see what I was talking about. Pulsr for Pres!

  • Entourage

    Very nice stuff.

  • MrMazz

    wow that alpha counter tip bit at the end was cool

  • Cyrus

    Thanks for the info. I’m gonna go to the lab and re-watch this.

  • Deddjay

    Damn. This is some excellent knowledge to have. The Bullet storm uses were a no-brainer, but the untech time on jumping S I didn’t know.

  • Motorack

    Damn, there was some good info there. Back into the lab I go.

    • Basic_Complex

      me as well

  • Darksteel

    That last bit was insane

  • Meiz

    Nice to see what is considered a low tier character having her options opened up. She still suffers from what appears to be a gimmicky level 3.

    • LuMaLo

      Are u kidding me? How in the world is Jill low tier? Her options are awesome, she is not easy to play, not easy at all and she requires a LOT OF TIME PUT INTO HER, but once u start getting her shit down, good luck blocking her, team her up with a dhc glitch capable team n u got a beast… in my opinion she is (with the RIGHT ASSISTS AND RIGHT TEAM) better than regular phoenix… which is saying A LOT. Ofcourse… to be good with jill theres much more time involved as in to be good with phoenix, but jill is no way in hell low tier 0_0

      • Meiz

        I said “what is considered a low tier”. People never really took a liking to her due to her lack of assists, dhc glitch potential, no guaranteed level 3 damage, low health and better options to throw on point. What’s displayed here will likely bump her up a few pegs.

  • Sol Badguy

    Amazing. I feel like trying her out again.

  • Kimicario

    Huh, I guess I was kinda fooled by the headline. I thought ‘Crash Course’ would be some kind of…basics video. Huh.

  • LeeRockU

    Y hasn’t anyone else pick up on this technology in the tourney scene.

  • Feywolf

    Very nice. If you do a followup, some Mad Beast tips & tricks would be awesome.

    Also, nice sounds 😀 Always a fan of DtB music.

  • Deddjay

    Damn…just noticed that last combo was about 3 mil in damage.

  • P1d40n3

    Are there any other Alpha counters like Jill’s?

  • abacus

    Sentinel can Hard Drive for invincible frames when he ACs in other than that I do no know.

  • limya Antony
  • Raj

    Great. Informative post. Thanks