UFGT Results (updated!)

By on May 29, 2011 at 2:40 pm

Results for UFGT7 are rolling in. Some crazy matches have come and gone and those that were left standing are collecting their money! Here’s what we have so far!

Stream Link: UFGT7 Stream (courtesy of Level Up)

Full Results can be found in the UFGT7 Results Thread

Marvel vs Capcom 3

1: EG Justin Wong (She-Hulk, Wolverine, Akuma)
2: Rex0r (Magneto, Wolverine, Sentinel)
3: KeraHime~<3 (Tron Bonne, Dante, Sentinel)
4: fLoE (She-Hulk, Dante, Dormammu)
5: DMG PR Balrog (Dante, Wolverine, Tron Bonne)
5: Frankie G (Dante, Trish, Doctor Doom)
7: TS NerdJosh (She-Hulk, Taskmaster, Tron Bonne)
7: Omg ITZ Andre (Magneto, Amaterasu, Wesker)

Super Street Fighter 4

1: EG Justin Wong (Rufus, Adon)
2: Alex Valle (Ryu)
3: DMG PR Rog (Balrog)
4: EG Ricky Ortiz (Rufus)
5: BLG JuiceBox Abel (Abel)
5: TFA BananaKen (Ken)
7: Wolfkrone (Viper)
7: fLoE (Rufus)

Mortal Kombat 9

1: Perfect Legend (Kung Lao)
2: DMG PR Rog (Raiden)
3: EG Justin Wong (Kung Lao)
4: Michaelangelo (Kabal)
5: KTH (Cyrax)
5: Alex Valle (Shang Tsung)
7: Playing To W1n (Raiden)
7: Limbo (Reptile)



Image courtesy of nevUh

  • roq

    Valle choked bad near the end, he should’ve won. ggs all around, great stream. And yeah, it was pretty hard to watch Mortal Kombat.

  • DanDan


  • Mecha-Heretic

    I really hope someone makes a video out of the Juicebox ultra dance combined with Floe’s face. Something along the lines of Pyree owning with the Ume Head-turn.

  • Number1ricky

    great tournament, great experience!

  • vStrife

    EQ Ricky Ortiz should be EG Ricky Ortiz, =]

    • whodatninja

      Evil Queenius?

  • ShinGouki00

    word on the streets is wolfkrone likes to mash burn kick on wake up

    stay free asskrone

    • ShinOwen

      LOL why do you hate wolfkrone so much? Not that I care just wonderfing.

    • TerraZero

      Why DO you hate Wolfkrone?

    • Zenme

      Word on the street is that you’re a scrub and nobody cares about what you think.

  • obscura9

    Mortal Kombat 9 blows, will die soon.

    • xStingy


    • darth_nevermore

      shut up troll

  • IronMan42

    Could you post the BBCS2 results and characters?

  • Good guy

    At least Wong didn’t took MK as well, congratulation to PL. But i gotta say that Valle Shang Tsung is sick. And for those who don’t like to watch MK, don’t watch it, simple as that. Can’t wait for the patches to futher improve the game.

  • Mecha-Heretic

    Congrats to Rex0r. He put on one hell of a show, and i hope to see more from him in the future. I really wish he would’ve given Jwong a better run for his money, but the quarters and semis were hype as hell. Great matches from him.

  • DTJB

    Shout out to Murphagator and Hogosha because I know who they are. Rock on.

  • anzhar

    any 1 got the latest on the super turbo tourney??

    • ploftkaploft

      From what I can remember:

      1. Damdai (T. Hawk)
      2. Alex Valle (Ryu)
      3. Justin Wong (Don’t remember)
      4. DSP (Dee Jay, Vega)

      This was a great major. I enjoyed the way it was broadcasted, with mystery games popping between events, everything on schedule and stream running smooth.

      The MvC3 auction tournament was really fun to watch, hope other tournaments feature that sort of action.

      Good stuff from everyone involved.

      • Xyshin

        Justin Wong (O.Sagat) from what i saw when he played Damdai and Valle

  • alphaqsilly

    Can someone tell me the timestamps for the Super Turbo and SF4 finals?

  • natural_ice

    Is there any video of Super Turbo???

  • Panda Bowl

    Rex reppin’ the STL scene!!

  • The Electrifying One

    what happened to Tom Brady?

    • King Rizz

      He was at another event in Texas.

  • truendymion

    i eat MK hate for breakfast. Muahahaha

  • Karasa_cl

    Damdai used a sick strategy with T.Hawk on SSF2T! Crazy games!

    Great Tournament, great experience! SSF4 with a lot of variety of chars, nice matches, smooth stream.

    • Mecha-Heretic

      “lot of variety of chars” until the top 8, you mean? From then on, it was straight Rufus.

      • TerraZero

        Yeah, because 3 out of 8 totatlly means “straight Rufus.”

  • Carbon

    k so to be honest lol im kinda a jwong fanboy for mvc3 so i copied his original team but took storm out for shehulk lol just so i could vary the team a little bit from his … guess thats thrown out the window <__<

  • Carbon

    jwong nigga stole my bike =(

  • Tessius

    This was a great tournament, fun to watch games beside the big 3 as well (SF4, MVC, MK). Vampire Saviour was hype as hell!

    Shoutout to everyone that worked on the event, you could tell alot of thought and heart went in to making it happen.

    Great tournament, great experience 🙂

  • Luigi-Bo 87

    Just got home from this, shit was so fun! Keits’ tournaments are always fun and the Focus Fire guys know how to party!

  • P. Gorath

    I don’t understand, no phoenix in top 8? I thought she was OP/clear top tier/broke the game/etc?

    • ironboy89

      Haters gonna hater, Gorath.

      Haters gonna hate.

    • Zenme

      She just seems OP because people are too lazy to figure out how to beat her.

      • Xyshin

        Funny how every single major so far hasn’t had a single Phoenix come out either winning or even 2nd. Winter Brawl, Final Round, Power Up, and now UFGT7.

        • King Rizz

          Didn’t BLG Filipino Champ win something using Phoenix?

    • SaBrE

      the problem is with her is shes a silly gamble. its a random luck, roll of the dice match. d.phx play doesnt win with skill/strategy. and the opposing person that manages to beat d.phx doesnt win with skill/strategy either. its just a bunch of overly dominant attacks vs a lucky guess(that normally has no strategic value) that kills. No one enjoys it. that’s her problem in this game. Everyone knows that she can random out any player at any given time. But she also gets randomed out by stupid guessing.

      • P. Gorath

        What’s random about NO phoenix’s in top 8, or as the other guy said, in the top spots at any major?

    • Xenogenesis

      I know you’re trolling, but what top Phoenix players showed up?

  • Immaculate

    It’s nice to see some new blood on the top 8

    • Immaculate

      (no edit button ftl)

      I mean for mvc3. I am hoping for a bunch of upsets in AE come evo

    • Xyshin

      Rex0r played extremely well. And him being a pad player just made it even more entertaining to watch as I find it personally hard to do Magneto Hypergrav loop the way he effectively used it for the most part during Top 8 MvC3 especially on pad.

  • famz

    does anybody know who won the marvel character auction?

  • Stanmanpan

    all games were good but balrog ball was the best!

  • feralwolf72

    watched off and on throughout the weekend, the mvc3 auction tourney was my favorite though…really fun/funny

  • Rioting Soul

    I have to get that Deadliest Warrior game now.

  • Luigi-Bo 87

    People wondering about Phoenix, the Midwest doesn’t really play Phoenix. We like Wesker lol. And this is actually the first time I’ve seen Rex use a pad. I always knew his as a stick player before. Either way people were hella hype for Rex. Bout time he made it to another event!

    • Mune

      I’ve seen Rex play on stick and pad, off and on. I normally see him playing on a 360 pad, however.

  • sprflyspdrguy

    Your not gonna see Phoenix players in Top 8 untill thy figure out how to use her proprly. Defend, zone, run. Most Phoenix players are free cuz the she is high risk. I have seen few good ones, the rest just mash some weak ass rush and get bodied.
    Anyway, great stream. EVO season is great so far.

  • Keranata

    lol 3rd place

  • AKA

    Rex is mad oldschool, and I am super proud of him! Way to get in there BIG REX!


    my brutal paws of fury skills were on stream lolol

  • anzhar

    damdai is a beast

  • soda

    No one ever wants to give levelup or Keits props so I will, the multistation stream was incredible. Actually airing the mystery tournament was hype as hell. Auctions were a great idea and I hope every tournament does it instead of fucking teams for 6 hours.

    I have one suggestion though you might as well pull randoms instead of letting two people that don’t know anything about a game try to commentate on it. Other than that great stream great experience. Seriously.

    • Meiz

      I’ll throw in a second mention to Keits, Keits’ pop, levelup and the staff they had on hand there. It was really organized from what I could see. Auctions were and awesome idea so props to inkblot for that idea. At least that’s what I heard on the stream. Also, thanks to the fact that they allowed non streamed content to be recorded, there’s a nice amount of bonus content available to see.

  • Son of a Gun

    I have a lot of cathing up to do. Anyone Blazblue links?
    lol @ Pong Next Generation btw.

    • Rabbit360

      Don’t think they streamed any BB. They almost did Sunday, but then they lost the disc or something.

      • Son of a Gun

        Wow, that’s embarassing..

        • King Rizz

          I know, its a shame. The MvC3 and MK fanboys keep complaining about views and whats better, but in all that hype for just TWO games, a lot of other communities are getting dirt shoveled in their faces. I <3 MK more than MvC3, but I think it would be fair to give other games some spotlight too.

  • starmine92

    the mystery tournaments this year was godlike, except hokuto no ken

  • Last Dragon

    My 1st tourney and I got blown up, but it’s all good. I had a lot of fun

  • Minerva_SC

    thanks for not streaming blaz blue, assholes.

  • Hippie_Genocide

    the skill level disparity between JWong and whoever else was in GF for MvC3 was embarrassing. he went through him like a hot knife through butter. at least Marn and Combofiend give Justin a game. but whatever, they weren’t in it and he has to play who’s there.

    • Hogosha

      Know who was in it? PR Rog, Floe, Ortiz, KBeast.

      And they didn’t get top 3. Midwest held it down against some of the best names in the nation. So no hate.

      • Hippie_Genocide

        uh, sure. big ups to Midwest for making GF then getting ran out the building.


    The UFAGOT7 stream was great. Loved watching Noel Brown get carried in teams.

  • roq

    Almost forgot, thank you for streaming a ball rolling around a table instead of BBCS.

    • Phreakazoid187

      Balrog Ball is a better game than BBCS2 can ever hope to be.

      Good shit to everyone running UFGT7, fantastic tournament… can’t wait to go back and watch the archived stream.

  • GoddessBracelet

    Your mad about Balrog Ball? I’m sorry but do you actually like being a gamer? They were doing that for fun.

  • Eileithyia

    lol @ J wong made fun of the salty Chicago Bulls fans on stream.

  • 2-ScoopIceCream

    Please stream BBCS2 next time!

    • Son of a Gun

      Yeah, they better not…….forget the disc next time omfg..

  • Nybb

    No offense to the MVC3 entrants, but it still seems like Justin is leagues above 99% of players, especially at this tourney. The grand finals was painful to watch.

    And to people asking about BBCS2…they said on the stream at some point that they almost didn’t run the event at all because there were literally zero entrants. Then apparently a few people showed up last minute. You aren’t missing anything from the lack of BB from this event, lol.

    • GoldenGlove

      Pro tip: If your sentence begins with “No offense, but…”, don’t say it.

  • YanDaMan

    Guys give Rexor some credit. Just because he seemingly got bodied in the grand finals, so what? its MvC3, its not unusual at all for the matches to be completely one sided, its the nature of the game. Rexor did defeat quite a few big names and that alone warrants respect.

  • 8minsfromsol

    Of course life would make it so I work during this tournament stream. Glad to see new names in the top 8. Well– at least new to me.

  • Keranata

    The people running BBCS2 didn’t bring a disk, they asked me and I went to get mine, I went to the bathroom then came back to see if they were done and they didn’t have a console with the CS2 save on it, so I went and got my console with CS2. By that time it was way past the time to stream it. I don’t even play Blazblue, next time if they want it streamed they should bring their own stuff on time.

    • Momotaro

      Wooow… that’s pretty embarrassing.

    • Keits

      This isnt entirely accurate. The main issue is that we had problems on friday getting systems updated due to Playstation store issues and hotel internet issues. A few players donated their systems+saves so that we could run the pool for BBCS, so they really saved the day for us. The problem on sunday is that those players had taken their systems+saves back, and even though you (keranata) were able to produce a disc for us, we realized we no longer had a system+save to use.

      The rest of the story stands. It just took too long to resolve the issue so we had to have them finish off-stream.

      • Keranata

        When I say “they asked me” I mean the dude out in the hall who came up to me and asked me if I had a copy of Blazblue, I didn’t mean Keits or all of the people in charge of running the UFGT event, who did an amazing job running everything and it made for an amazing tournament. Also I just meant Sunday for the finals not on Friday night when they ran the pool for Blazblue, I wasn’t involved at all in that. Also when we got to my room and I asked if they needed my PS3 because I was pretty sure it had CS2 on it he said it was probably fine, if he knew at the time he needed a PS3 he should have spoken up about it.

        This is just how I remember things I don’t intend to mislead anyone, people like #64 were upset at Keits or the Level|Up guys, for not streaming Blazblue I just wanted to get what I remember actually happened out there, they intended to stream Blazblue, but it didn’t work out. It might have been the same for Arcana but I had a copy of the game and was one of the contestants so Keits gave me some time to go get it, and as a result me getting blown up by BananaKen was streamed.

  • papi170

    EQ Ricky Ortiz ??????

  • D-Proto

    Doesnt matter anyways, BBCS2 is a dead game.
    Balrog Ball would get more entrants than bb,

    • Keits

      Balrog Ball did, in fact, get over twice as many entries as BBCS2 when we announced we’d be running a tournament for it.

      • Rabbit360

        Can’t argue about it’s popularity when there are so few entries. Though I would have watched BBCS over balrog ball or indeed MVC3. Enjoyed the MK and SSF4 matches though.

  • Syxx573

    shoutouts to tekken, arcana heart, super turbo, and vampire savior

  • Mrb20025

    Wow. J. Wong uses Adon now? After Gamerbee gave him that beating at EVO 2010, I guess that’s all he needed was a lesson in karma.

    • KaiiZY

      What do you mean by karma?

    • King Rizz

      Someone tell me if that match is online! I have GOT to see that! Haha!

  • thejohnsonrock

    man i remember when rex0r used to bring the new infinite loops to MVC2 back in the Tilt Arcade days. him and Dat Boi STL had crazy good tactics that highly influence how i play to this day. i hadn’t seen them in years and it’s great to know that Midwest players can compete against the best in the nation and do so well. and OH GOD JJJ’s was game serious.

    it was such a proud moment for me but more than anything it made me want to go out to support the local tourney scene. i’ll practice hard and see if i can make it out to a good major.