Super Battle Opera US Qualifiers Announced – Let’s Go USA!

By on May 26, 2011 at 4:39 pm

Tougeki, also known as the Super Battle Opera here in the United States, is approaching in just a few months, and more importantly, your opportunity to compete in one of the world’s most prestigious tournaments is right around the corner. The U.S. Super Battle Opera U.S. Qualifiers have been announced and are taking place in Nashville, Los Angeles, and New York City, covering both the classic Super Street Fighter II Turbo and the new Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.

The SBO Qualifier tour starts off in Nashville, TN (more precisely, Antioch) hitting the Midwest Championships Tournament located at the Game Galaxy Arcade in Hickory Hollow Mall. The tournament, taking place on June 24-26, 2011, features a full roster of SSFIV: AE, MK9, MvC3, and more, but the highlight of this event is the Super Street Fighter II: Turbo tournaments which will be determining the U.S. representatives in Japan later this year. There will be three individual tournaments for ST, with each winner taking a coveted spot. Expect fierce competition from OGs and new school players in this one. For more information, visit the Midwest Championship 2011 thread here.

The second stop on the tour heads to sunny Los Angeles for the first Super Battle Opera qualifier for SSSFIV: Arcade Edition, taking place at Round 1 Bowling & Amusement in the City of Industry, CA on July 16, 2011. Southern California has long been viewed as the competitive zone with the highest level Street Fighter players in the U.S., so expect a full-on brawl. This 2v2 tournament will be in the “Waseda” style and will be capped at 32 teams, so be sure to sign up early! Hit up the Round 1 Level | Up thread for more details.

Finally, SBO qualifiers head to the east to make their appearance for the first time ever in the Big Apple, taking place at Next Level Arcade on August 6, 2011. The second SSFIV: Arcade Edition SBO qualifying event will be two separate tournaments with the winner of each tournament qualifying for a spot on the team. As the last leg of the SBO tour, it marks the last opportunity for players to make their way to represent the US in Japan this year. Get all the details for the SBO SSF4:AE Qualifier at Next Level Arcade in this thread here.

One more thing – as an added bonus, each of the tournament winners will have 50% of airfare expenses to travel to Japan covered (with additional sponsorship pending), so if you’re looking to make your mark on one of the world’s biggest stages for Street Fighter, start practicing and mark your calendars.

I’d like to send a big thank you to Jason Wilson (Midwest), Alex Valle & Round 1(West Siiide), Henry Cen (East Coast) and John Choi for collaborating and putting these events together to send our best to Japan! Let the Bruce Springsteen commence!!!

  • clue2025

    Awesome, no PZ involvement. Good luck to everyone who enters!

  • HAV

    This is great.. and it’s about time this made the front page. Good shit yooooooooon. Norcal stays winning.

  • nothingxs

    Thank God PZ didn’t get a spot this time.

    • Surenio

      ^check bounced

    • Noct3rn3

      What was so bad about PZ?

      • Jakelin

        Google it. They have had repeated problems/scandals/accusations with SBO in the past.

    • Hellfromabove

      PZ always gets a spot but they never announce it. Reason being is because they want to keep their SBO quals inside their arcade group. Even if you win the spot you’re not guaranteed to go (according to PZ rules).

      -Tha Hindu

    • Megiddo aka ILLWIL

      Some of the bullsh*t your saying about PZ is getting really old about the past affairs and dealing players had with PZ, get over it..there r two sides to every story I personally spoke to the owner n the past on what went wrong…look things have changed for the better, PZ has already went out to makes a mends w/this bullsh*t community of sh%ttalkers..about checks bouncing the only thing that I know of is the way their account is set up and verified etc.etc. (it may take some time) that may cause this, but did they pay them still?…really go get a life and down someone else’s scene…really players get over it and come out to tx & compete when we have tournament events..TX needs to get on the map again like the past

  • JohnnyChimpo

    this is all fine and good but… how is kensou going to get in?

  • FunkQue

    SBO quals legit now?

  • Doromac

    TN represent

  • rebound

    The Boss? Good stuff yooooooon, but I believe this may be better:

    • yoooooon

      Lol hahhahahaha nice one

  • Sav1xx

    Does anyone even care about SBO anymore? SBO = opposite of hype lately and US teams are always more like the guys that bothered to show up to random-ass qualifiers instead of good players. A bowling alley? Tenessee? Henry Cens closet with arcade machines? Goooo usa!

    • Beastfeast

      Sometimes, hype doesn’t mean shit.

  • DaFeetLee

    Hey I love Henry Cen’s closet.

  • othartheom

    Not hype about SBO? I’m more hype about SBO than I could ever be about EVO until they bring ST back.

  • de BLOO

    Didn’t USA make top 8 in ST last year?

    Hopefully they sneak a camera in for some footage again.

  • jellytooth

    Im more hype for SBO than any other tournament.

    And I’m definitely going to be stream monster The Next Level qualifiers.

  • randomjohn

    U.S. will be eliminated early just like year. U.S. relies too much on 2/3 matches rule to win tournaments. They’ll use the first match to download (win or lose) and possibly win it all later. In SBO, you downloand your opponent in the first round. After that, you better know what your opponent will throw out or you’re just going random shit and hope it hits.

    • fokkusuhaundo

      There’s a reason why Daigo prefer’s the double elimination 2/3 tournament structure.

      Besides, these SBO quals is a chance for a free trip to Japan. Why pass up on that if you and your team are good enough to win and qualify?

      And let’s not forget that there were years where team USA did make it past the first round (ie: 2008 3rd Strike with J. Wong, Combofiend, and Gootecks).

      • clue2025

        ST team last year made it further than them

        • fokkusuhaundo

          Awesome. Also, I believe team USA made it pretty far in 3s in 2004 before being embarrassed by Kuroda.

      • randomjohn

        I’m not saying you or anyone should pass up an opportunity to go to Japan for the event and have a great time. I’m just saying talking about the tourney itself and how I predict U.S. isn’t going to get far like last year.

  • 0ShinAkuma0

    LOL… PZ haters in the house.

    • Winchester

      There’s always more behind the scenes than it seems.

      • 0ShinAkuma0

        Huh? lol

  • SF4iA

    US players hype for SBO = Stream Monsters

  • Logia

    Why is there no ‘Stay Free US’ comments yet?!?!

    • TooItchy

      Stay Free US

  • ShugotenshiIsTaken

    No news on SBO qualifiers for the other games?

  • Speed Learning

    This is a great event and tournament. How I wish same event will also be held here in UK.

  • tataki

    Can someone explain to me what’s up with the roster of SBO2011?

  • DanDan

    Kinda disappointed that a qualifier isn’t in NorCal this time around. Well this is awesome, and I’m definitely watching the action at The Next Level. East Coast, here we go!

  • rukawa_kaede

    kinda boring this sbo is gonna be with no kof games

  • MWisk_2

    TNL? Nice, I’m definitely looking forward to see which players are going to make it. Rooting for EC representation. o/

  • Sao

    Make sure to run a SBO qualifier at UFO so that the owners can fix the tournament and go to Japan.

    • The_Third

      If you’re going to be a useless frontpage monster, at least do it right. Planet Zero did that, not Arcade UFO.

  • Newkidcj9990

    An SBO loss will break your heart.

  • tender_lov3r

    tennessee is atrocious.


    I was hoping for some XIII, 98UMFE or 2k2UM, bleh.

  • ihira

    blah single match single elim
    No streaming either (because they get their money back by selling DVDs, lol)

    get with the times SBO

  • DreamTR

    Gotta love people expecting streams for nothing, LOL…when streams are finally pay per view, we’ll see how much you guys enjoy it.

  • abkallday

    no KOF?