Wednesday Night Fights Season 4.2 MvC3/SSF4 Replays

By on May 23, 2011 at 5:20 am

Thanks to Level|Up, the replays from Wednesday Night Fights Season 4.2 are now available.  Hours of top level Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter 4 are waiting for you below.

  • Noob-856


  • sebiel

    For those interested, I’ve split apart and labeled all the individual matches on my website!
    MVC3 (21 vids) :
    MK9 (5 vids) :
    SSF4 (LF and GF only) :

  • LuMaLo

    Cool!!!! Thanks guys, heres hoping clockwork has worked on his jill 🙂

  • DoomCanoe

    Jesus who ever the douchbag is on the commentary the first video should NEVER be allowed to do commentary again.

    nearly killed my self

  • DoomCanoe

    that LLND vs. Mike Ross match was the greatest thing ever.

    Viscant may have taken it, but LLND was the real winner

    • Kei_

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  • NyuBomber

    LLND is my favorite WNF player, and that match against Mike Ross was awesome.

    And just want to say, nifty new layout, though now I really need to get an avatar.

  • Canti.

    This week had some of the best WNF matches ever, LLND v Mike Ross was great, good to see Mike improving. His Hulk is GODLIKE

  • .Singe

    Mike Ross made top 3?

    That boy deserves it.

  • Red XIII

    Godlike commentary, believe in Mike Ross, special guest: Seth Killian, LLND… this WNF was THE HYPE

  • sprflyspdrguy

    I need a frakkin tutor. I need to learn how to combo with Maggy.

  • dancingphlower

    Mike Ross has gotten a lot better, it seems. Also, Viscant does some pretty good commentary, very insightful.

    • Canti.

      I completely agree, it’s nice to here strategy aside from what’s going on on screen. Outside perspective to someone’s approach to the game is helpful.

  • Obanye

    Mike Ross utlra against warhawk in the corner literally made me gasp out loud.

  • roosterIllusion

    I think we can all agree LLND has the best goofy team ever. Never wouldve imagined putting those three together but he makes it work. Mike Ross, and LLND hands down the most fun players to watch.

  • VX Zone

    There where some very entertaining matches for this set. It is always fun to watch and learn a few things along the way.

  • Weecho

    Really enjoyed LLND’s matches. Good stuff.

  • d3f1anc3

    Best WNF in recent memory. Between Viscant commentary and Mike Ross.. yea. More of that in the future please.

  • Orochi Ganon

    LLND is one of the reasons why mvc3 is so fun to watch

  • LimeGreenPatato

    wow, really good week this week. I was really entertained with Viscant and Seth on commentary. Ultra David is good to, but i really enjoyed this weeks cast. some sick shit out of the guys using teams you don’t see that often this week too.

  • Kei_

    This week as usual was a great WNF…but I have to say that the LLND v Mike Ross match may have been the most epic thing I’ve ever seen. 0_____0

    LLND and Chris are my hero, with Viscant and Wesker taking a close second.