Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Location Test Footage 5/23/11

By on May 23, 2011 at 8:05 pm

Aris, being the good man that he is, compiled a huge group of youtube videos of recent Tekken Tag Tournament 2 location test footage. Hours and hours of test footage await you below. The game is looking great, and you can let us know what you think in the comments.

[via AvoidingThePuddle]
  • BattleMage


  • skipperxyz

    this game will pwn noob fighter 4.

    • denshuu

      Kid, by the time this hits consoles, SFxT will be out and no one will be playing SSF4. But it’ll still never be as big as either of those games, because it’s just a rehash of T6, which sucks balls.

      • Robo-mitsu

        Which is why TTT was so unpopular for being a rehash of Tekken 3 right?

      • AgumonKid

        Um kid TTT2 is coming out late 2011 it will be years before SFxTK comes out
        And by the time it does people will still be playing TTT2. You know how many people are still playing TK6, a lot.
        But I do hate the original TTT

    • Zenoburningstar

      is it me or do people on this website forget tht tekken is more popular than street fighter? lol i love sf dont get me wrong but tekken been more popular than sf years years now. street fighter is the number 1 fighter in a america. not the world. tekken has it beat. lol

      • Kuvio

        Same thing with the KOF series being very popular outside of the US (in most countries more so than SF). I mean we are on SRK, people are gonna love SF and be ignorant of other games lol. I say bring on all kinds of fighting games. The scene will only get bigger.

        • Zenoburningstar

          exactly. Im surprised as fighting gamers they dont know this. lol

  • NyuBomber

    Gotta love the shot of the one guy’s expression around 15:46 int he first vid.

  • Kageromaru Sho

    Wow! That’s a loooot of video footage. Nice!

  • Kuvio

    I wonder if this game will have individual stamina rankings for each character like in TTT1. It probably won’t considering the past few Tekken games didn’t take that route, but it would be kind of interesting.

  • AAK

    How much I’m missing arcades right about now 🙁

  • Cyric

    Im not a Tekken fan at all but the team aspect makes the games seem interesting.

  • Deddjay

    Damn I can’t wait for this to drop on consoles. All this video footage is just increasing the anticipation.

  • DeathandGrim

    Why does this “Jaycee” have Julia’s exact moveset?

  • bojack13

    Damn, no Christie in these vids.