Wakeup, Shoryuken E060 – Large Scale Tournament Planning with CEO Jebailey and Keits

By on May 22, 2011 at 9:14 pm

This week’s episode of WSRK is another special. Have you ever been curious about what goes on behind the scenes to pull a large scale tournament together? The directors of Evo Qualifiers Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 7 and Community Effort Orlando 2011 have come together to share tons of details on the show. Learn all about these two mega-events, and get an idea of where to start when trying to plan your own.

Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 7 Web Page
Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 7 Registration
Community Effort Orlando 2011 Web Page
Community Effort Orlando 2011 Registration

Timestamp Guide by GDLKscrub

[0:00] intro and news recap
[6:25] Guest Introduction
[7:40] Why Run a Major Tournament?
[16:45] The Difficulties of Planning a Large Scale Major (part 1)
[22:35] Obtaining Setups for a Major.
[25:50] Ensuring a Large Turnout at a Major
[32:05] How to Make Sure Your Major Runs Smooth
[36:25] How to Attract Sponsors.
[45:30] The Difficulties of Planning a Large Scale Major (part 2)
[54:45] How Do You Properly Seed a Tournament
[59:45] Providing Sticks at Tournaments.
[1:03:42] Alternatives to the Evo Monitor.
[1:08:15] Extra Tidbits on Putting Together a Major.
[1:14:40] Comments and Closing

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