Topanga TV – Tokido and Mago Play MvC3

By on May 22, 2011 at 11:04 pm

Want to scout the Japanese competition in Marvel vs Capcom 3 for the upcoming Evo World Finals in Las Vegas? Of course you do. That must be why Topanga TV released a good thirty minutes of Tokido and Mago playing the game online. Check it out and let us know how you think they stack up.

[via SMOAI Youtube]
  • Dan CiTi


  • itsMTGyo

    They look free to me. Is this meant to just downplay them so we think they’re terrible?

  • Daigo

    Japan will win Evo

  • Crabcakes410

    This shows how powerful Dark phoenix is, even though everyone knows. Also, if this is the best they got that are gonna get blown up at evo(only at mvc3)

    So many adds everywhere!

  • Hilikus707

    Hey look it’s the Japanese marvelous adventures! Whenever tokido is talking I just fill in the translation as “THERE YOU GO MAGOOO”

  • Skkra

    It’s oddly hard to judge them after a short period, considering that I’ve watched a ridiculous number of hours of Americans playing on WNF and Break Weekly streams.

  • Deddjay

    It felt….like I was watching Gootechs and Mike Ross…

  • Shin Ryan

    They look as good as anyone else I’ve ever seen play this game. They can get randomed out just like everyone else.

  • Noob-856

    LOL! :rock:

  • cvs2fan

    First i always wnated to do that >_<

  • cvs2fan

    hello i think i know why theres is no comments yet …

  • Noob-856


  • K2theB

    We already know Tokido is pretty good since he made top 8 at one of the majors about a month or two back. When he plays his primary team, he is pretty solid and I’m sure he has only gotten better and will only get better until evo.

    Mago though sucks. LOL. I honestly dont think Daigo will be a whole lot better then what Mago is demonstrating here either. Jwong and Combo are completely on a different level than everyone else in MvC3.

  • shox

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    • alvare

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  • Cavernas

    Man, japanese marvelous adventures aren’t nearly as funny as the originals.

  • Mana_boy

    Hmm, is tokido playing on pad? at 4:25, he’s def not holding a stick.

  • King Sky

    Damn their probably gonna be super good by EVO

  • DRE

    It’s hilarious hearing armchair quarterbacks/stream monsters on SRK (and elsewhere) dismissing these guys as “free” so quickly. You guys act as if skills don’t transfer from game to game, especially when it comes to good players. This game is too insane to completely count someone out. Nobody is guaranteed to win at MVC3. I wouldn’t be shocked if these guys exposed a few people at EVO.

  • Streye

    Mago needs more time to adjust. He’s still playing street fighter. Someone show that man the rom combo video.

  • sprflyspdrguy

    Come on man. I can do those Wolverine combos and I picked him up on the fly last saturday. It’s not about the character, it’s about the player!!

  • Kharisma Kid


  • NyuBomber

    Flipping LOL when they started imitating the sound FX of Okami Shuffle. 😀

  • jonnitti

    this is lookin kinda FREE!! watching guys in the US and watching these guys are like 2 totally different leagues. i even think a lot of local randoms can beat these guys. they seem to have no defense.

  • Doc Strange

    I hope this is some sort of ninja mind game, otherwise I don’t expect Japan to make it too far at Evo. That includes Umehara btw, what little he’s shown doean’t seem very impressive.

  • Kuvio

    The people in the chat are calling the game trash the whole time lol.

  • Eileithyia

    consider Tokido make top 8 at American Major. He trashed most of the Americans when he came over last time and bodied Mike Ross.
    Tokido also bodied all the EU couple weeks ago.

    If you guys said tokido is not good then you guys probably mean other than few good players, Americans are not that good at mvc3. and EU has no good player.

    • ironboy89


      Where in that video did Tokido proven that EU are free? Tokido had fucking Phoenix, and EU still managed to hold their own.

      Let’s not pretend that Mike Ross isn’t overshaodw by a few other players in America.

      Nobody is free in this tournament.

  • LordJim

    I liked the use of Sword Amy for main combos. Most people seem to use very little of what she has to offer

  • NerdJosh

    I want to play Mago in mvc3! :3

  • striderzer0

    lol the Marvelous Adventures of Mago Ross and Tokidotecks.

  • Mrjoemama

    Far Freeeeeeeast Coast….well at least Mago.

  • Lionx

    So freez

  • charlie88

    yea im gonna say free to our top players they seem like there ok and just gettin the hang of the fighting mechanics, i think jwong combo and everyone else is at that next level

  • Windsagio

    Yeah its just about ‘they’re approximately as good as other pretty good players’. Excepting a few spikes, skill levels in MvC3 are strangely flat.

    It is kinda interesting seeing them play in a pretty different style tho’

  • Graphic

    Too early for predictions, but I’m sure they are taking the game seriously enough to compete.

  • CaLiSwEEPeR

    haha they are watev we don’t need to worry about them that much at evo =)

  • SVN4

    Its a game which is not that much played in Japan, only more than mvc2. So you shouldnt even care about it.

    Btw, i would be interesting if the Shadaloo Showdown asian guest lineup + 3 or 4 more fundamental beasts from Japan could travel to EVO.

    But Srk is always like that. The japanese could hardly send a group of 5 people (iirc, they never did it in 5-6 years), so the american players defeat some Ryus and some Akumas and began to brag immediately about “upping their game” and making japan look free.
    Justin has given us a fantastic image of this competitive spirit at EVO2k8, something to be remembered… (along with “Adon is one the worst characters” of course)

  • Oguz286

    The Marvelous adventures of Tokidecks and Mago Ross – part 1

  • Madskizophrenik

    Gooteks and Mike would smoke this two no problem…unless Daigo brings some serious business I dont see Japan winning MVC3…there is no way…

  • Pinion

    This, and footage from this years Final Round, are the only times I’ve seen Tokido play MvC3. I’m really curious to see how he places in MvC3 at CEO 2011 come June.

  • ShinkuGadoken

    Tokido seems like he’ll be decent. Mago? Not so much.

  • Freakmasta

    So much hate on the JP chatroom. 3/4 of them are sayin’ it’s a “crap game LOL”.

    • UnknownEnemyZero

      Even though Japan specializes in playing shitty games on a regular basis that no one else in the world will play.

      • YanDaMan

        Right….considering Japan and Korea are probably some of the most hardcore competitive fighting gamers out there. The fact that they dont take MvC2 (and 3) seriously, speaks alot about those 2 glitchfests that only Americans enjoy.

        Get over yourself.

        The people in the chat are calling the game crap for just that reason lol. Its fun and pretty to watch but its just not that good as a competitive game like SF, GG, KoF, Tekken or AH3.