Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2011 Screenshot Gallery

By on May 22, 2011 at 9:24 pm

Dragon Ball

Andriasang has a gallery of screenshots availablefrom the upcoming “Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2011” title due this year for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. They feature Goku and Vegeta slugging it out in typical DBZ fashion. Lets hope this game breaks the mold a little bit when we find out more about it in the coming months.

  • free

    I’m a sucker for DBZ games, and despite how bad they may be perceived as, I have fun with them.


  • Adnan199X

    It looks like a Tenkaichi/Raging Blast game with better graphics. The characters are most likely going to be fairly samey again, and it’ll feel pretty mindless, but I’ll probably buy it anyway D:

  • Stuart Hayden

    Hopefully it’ll be 2.5D with over the top cinema scenes for the special moves.

  • Agoat

    I’d rather have a Burst Limit 2. :/

  • Asaid AieezyOle Falah

    wat a piece of shit this game turned out to be

  • Testing